Affordable Communications Mobility Solutions with multichannel cellular gateway
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Affordable Communications Mobility Solutions with multichannel cellular gateway



Avaya mobility solutions using Unified Communications Servers and usnetserve multichannel cellular gateway the aGATE

Avaya mobility solutions using Unified Communications Servers and usnetserve multichannel cellular gateway the aGATE



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  • Points of this slide: Determine audience definition of “mobile worker”. Broaden audience definition of “mobile worker”, if necessary. (Provides opportunity to define mobile worker types existing within this audience’s enterprise. Introduce idea that mobile workers need productive communications tools because in the coming years more and more workers will be mobile. )
  • Point of this slide: Look! This really happened.
  • Point of this slide: Get very granular with your audience. Turn your conversation to business issues the customer (you are in front of right now) is facing right now. Their answers to these questions will help you get specific.
  • Mobility solutions require an ecosystem. For campus nomad solutions, access point vendors like Meru and Aruba are particularly important. Spectralink, DeTeWe, Symbol, RIM, are all vendors our solutions work with or are based on.
  • Point of this slide: Provide broad overview of the business value Avaya mobility solutions deliver. (Detail follows in remaining slides in this SECTION.) (The things business values do not change. Businesses value: increasing productivity, increasing revenue, lowering costs, and delighting customers. These are the themes of THIS slide: THIS slide introduces biz value of Avaya’s mobility solutions. It is a general discussion slide. Slides that follow later in this SECTION provide DETAIL regarding HOW Avaya’s mobility solutions increase productivity and revenue and what kind of solutions are involved.)
  • Point of this slide: While still in overview mode, get more specific about HOW (i.e. single number for inbound/outbound despite location, etc.) mobility delivers business value BEFORE you go into greater detail. The remaining slides in this SECTION discuss CAPABILITIES in greater detail. Capability DETAILS are grouped logically. For example, “single number for inbound and outbound calling” is dealt with on a SINGLE slide; “one touch calling” is dealt with on a SINGLE slide; “conferencing” is dealt with on a single slide. “ Grouping” RETAINS discussion of ALL benefits and ALL capabilities, however. For example, on a single “conferencing” slide the following CAPABILITIES are covered: speech access to conferencing, WEB conferencing, video conferencing. (The things business values do not change. Businesses value: increasing productivity, increasing revenue, lowering costs, and delighting customers. These are the themes of THIS slide: THIS slide introduces biz value of Avaya’s mobility solutions. This is a general discussion slide however the following slides provide DETAIL regarding HOW Avaya’s mobility solutions increase productivity and revenue.)
  • Point of this slide: single number increases productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, customer satisfaction. Benefits: Single number access: avoid frustration, save time, be more efficient, be more productive by (1) needing ONE number only, and (2) being able to retrieve messages from a single mailbox. Increase odds that associate will answer. Customers see, need, and use your business extension number no matter what number you are actually reached at. Also, increased efficiency and productivity lower costs . Improved communication and customer delight : (1) Increase odds that parties (“calling party” could be a customer or an associate) will reach one another, (2) solve issues (could be a customer issue), (3) extension dialing shortens call set up <( increase revenue + customer delight ) Fewer voice mails to manage: (1) Raises productivity (less time wasted lowers costs ), and (2) Speeds biz because associate or customer reaches you (or you reach associate) on first try. Phone tag is avoided. Customer retention : (1) when associate moves on customer continues to contact YOUR biz (not your former employee’s mobile phone number) and (2) employees can keep their mobile phone number private. Increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness because employees: (1) use the tool available at the moment. Up to five devices can signal (incoming) simultaneously.) (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Avaya one-X Portal, or Extension to Cellular)
  • Point of this slide: One-touch calling increases productivity, fosters faster (more efficient) business flow (process flow), increases customer sat, and enables fully-loaded communication while on-the-go. Calls are logged and logs are available regardless of on / off status of mobile / soft phone when call received. This frees users to turn off communication devices as needed. Calls to the device will still be logged. This increases efficiency which lowers costs . Calling from contacts increases productivity : Choose a contact. Click to call. Increasing productivity lowers costs . Optional speech interface increases productivity : Speech commands enable hands-free navigation for communication (calls, conference calls), calendaring (including tasks), email + voicemail message management.) Hands-free navigation keeps you in touch with customers and associates and makes customer-issue resolution communication easier. In addition, customer emails and voice messages (also associate emails and voice messages) are handled in a more timely fashion. These capabilities create customer delight and streamline business. Happy customers and streamlining business (processes of any type) can increase revenue and lower costs respectively. (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Avaya one-X Portal, UCC Speech Access)
  • Point of this slide: Avaya conferencing solutions increase productivity and speed issue resolution. Speedier issue resolution delights customers and fosters faster (more efficient) business process flow. Both managing customer escalations (despite your location) and closing deals more quickly require input from others ergo “conference”. Easy access to conferencing (via speech or WEB) can speed customer issue or other issue resolution and enhance the flow of business. Quick resolution of customer issues delights customers and can increase sales. Enhanced business flow can increase productivity which lowers costs . (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Portal, UCC Speech Access, Avaya WEB conferencing)
  • Point of this slide is: Productivity , customer delight (which can increase sales) , and enhanced business process flow (which can lower cost ) are potential outcomes when voice mail is accessible and can be managed flexibly (via various means and devices) by mobile workers. The “various means” include: (1) speech commands, (2) reading voicemail (using speech-to-text), (3) having email read to you (using text-to-speech), (4) reading VM on a mobile device or (5) viewing headers on a mobile device then clicking to listen to the selected message. Listen to business voice messages through a PC or mobile phone: Receive voicemail as email attachment then manage via a PC or mobile phone. Spinvox: Read voice mail as text using speech-to-text tech. Messages are played through the mobile device’s data channel. Graphic Depicts: Listening to new and saved voice messages directly from the mobile device. 1 View an email-like inbox of received corporate voicemail messages: includes contact information, length of message, and time of message. 2 Select one or more messages within the inbox to save, delete, or hear. 3 Hear message(s) immediately without dialing into the enterprise voicemail platform (because data channel was used to download messaged to mobile device). (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Avaya one-X Portal, Modular Messaging, Spinvox, UCC Speech Access)
  • Points of this slide is: By controlling their availability, workers can be more productive and efficient. They can increase sales by using their time (time=a business resource) more effectively. Controlling availability can contribute to customer delight and to increasing business process flow. Use VIP list to filter; Change caller priority status easily; Screen calls (find me) feature; Message notification is automatic via email or SMS Most profitable or urgent business get priority because best/most important customers get through. Teamwork is promoted because staff is just a phone call away from team leaders and key project members. (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Extension-to-Cellular, Avaya one-X Portal)
  • Point of this slide: Discuss the “disaster recovery” benefits of a mobility solution. Make the point that, “Just because you have no mobile workers, does not mean you do not need mobility solutions.” (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Avaya one-X Portal)
  • Point of this slide: Avaya mobility solutions lower costs by maximizing resources. Business lowers cost by making efficient use of resources. Mobile minutes are a business resource. Mobile minutes are paid for when a business reimburses an employee for mobile minutes used. It follows that: (1) All calls, including mobile calls, should be routed through the corporate PBX. PBX-routed calls that move across carrier networks using a Vierling gateway do not incur additional service provider charges therefore corporate PBX routing plus Vierling gateways lowers mobile-phone reimbursement costs. (2) With Avaya you get Call Detail Recording (CDR). CDR makes it possible to purchase smaller mobile-minute bundles because CDR tracks total minutes used by each employee. Based on this data, you can purchase smaller minute bundles from cellular service providers which lowers costs. (3) International calls can be routed through the corporate network. Corporate international and long distance rates are FAR lower than wireless carrier rates thus reducing costs. <(using Avaya one-X Mobile and/or Avaya one-X Portal). (7) Using a voice messaging system (Modular Messaging) uses data network to transport messages. This adds nothing to existing network cost depending upon traffic. (Solutions covered on this slide: Avaya one-X Mobile, Vierling Gateway, Modular Messaging)
  • Point of this slide: Provide an overview of the mobile worker solution components included in this section. Component One: Avaya Products Component Two: Avaya Global Services (AGS) AGS provides full surround support for Avaya’s mobile worker solution. AGS support begins with a comprehensive Mobile Worker Assessment. The mobile worker assessment is a collaborative consulting engagement that looks at the Current State, Future State and Solution design needs based on specific business needs and goals. (Detailed in subsequent slides.) This engagement is customized and can range from a mini engagement workshop session (1-2 days) to a fuller engagement lasting 4-6 weeks. Within our Consulting & System Integration (CSI) practice we provide the final design and integration support services along with full solution deployment. This may also involve 3 rd parties as part of the integration requirements. The AGS Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support staff provides technical assistance and remote trouble shooting to isolate problems for covered software. Our Software Support Plus Upgrades offers provide software updates for the covered applications – to keep them current and to protect a customer’s investment. Component Three: DevConnect Mutare provides messaging applications. Nuance provides speech applications.
  • Point of this slide: Place mobility solutions in context and introduce solution descriptions that follow on next couple of slides. UC for Mobile Worker 5.0
  • GSM gateways can do this because they contain SIM cards from various cellular service providers.

Affordable Communications Mobility Solutions with multichannel cellular gateway Affordable Communications Mobility Solutions with multichannel cellular gateway Presentation Transcript

  • Avaya UC for Mobile Workers with free mobile to mobile minutes
  • Agenda Mobile Workers Today Business Value Solution Overview
  • Mobile Workers Go Everywhere!
    • Almost 800 million mobile workers globally
    • 120 million mobile workers by 2011 in the U.S.
    • 6.7% annual growth rate
    • Being productive away from the office: on the road, in a hotel or airport, commuting, and anywhere else!
    • Sales People
    • Field Personnel
    • Executives and Management
    • Business Continuity Enabled Employees
    Source: Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2007-2011 Forecast, Dec. 2007: IDC; World at Work Report, Feb. 2007: Teleworker Forecast; Gartner
  • Day in the Life of a Mobile Worker Airport Customer Site Remote Office Hotel Home
  • Regional Office Remote Employees Customers Office Voice Mail Email Calendar Corporate Directory & Applications Project Team Members
    • Collaboration between
    • Virtual Teams
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    Mobile Voice Mail
    • Multiple Devices
    • Multiple Interfaces
    • Constant Multitasking
    • Quick Response Required
    • Different Communication Mediums
    • Information Overload
    • Work / Life Balance Struggle
  • Case Study Company Global Insurance Company Business Issue
    • Rising mobile phone costs due to international conference calling
      • The telecom manager’s monthly mobile phone bill often exceeded 1,000 USD. Whenever this happened he would be asked to explain all charges.
    • Avaya Extension to Cellular
      • A device agnostic solution
    Result 80% reduction in mobile phone costs: Mobile phone calls route through corporate PBX versus cellular networks. Mobile workers use mobile phones to make and receive calls in exactly the same way as they did prior to Extension to Cellular. NO learning curve!
  • Mobility Drivers in Your Enterprise How high are reimbursement costs for personal phone use? How many different contact numbers do your mobile workers have? If disaster strikes, how will associates communicate and collaborate with one another and continue serving customers? How effectively do your mobile workers respond to email, voice mail, phone calls? When a customer or supplier must reach an associate in real time, how easy is it?
  • Mobility Solution Targets: Campus Nomad and the road warrior IP Telephony Contact Center SIP Messaging Conferencing Road Warrior Campus Nomad
  • Target Worker Needs
    • Campus Nomad
      • Improve customers satisfaction by increasing my responsiveness
      • Give me access to office voice and data capabilities
      • Help me control who can call reach me when away from my desk
      • Reduce the number of devices I have to carry
    • Road Warrior
      • Easy to reach with single number access
      • More productive outside the office, simplify voice mail access
      • Increase customer satisfaction via improved responsiveness
      • Access to corporate directories and easy dialing
      • Help me control who can call reach me when away from my desk
      • Help me manage my cell phone bill
  • Agenda Mobile Workers Today Business Value Solution Overview
  • Delivering Business Value Mobility Solutions
    • Increasing productivity
    • Enhancing revenue
    • Lowering costs
    • Delighting customers
  • Controlling Communication
    • Customers and co-workers call a single number
    • UC capabilities on the road
      • Instantly access contacts, directory and central call logs
      • Conduct conference calls from anywhere
      • Streamline voicemail management
    • Outbound calls display business number
    • Users control who, when and how they are reached
    • Business continuity preparedness
  • Single Number for Inbound & Outbound Calling
    • Capabilities
    • Simultaneous (or sequential) ringing on mobile phone, office phone, others
    • Change destination numbers any time online or via mobile device
    • Outbound calls display work number
    • Benefits
    • Single number access
    • Improved communication
    • Faster resolution / turn-around
    • Fewer voice messages to manage
    • Retain business contact number
    No matter which “reach” number you select 1 Callers always dial your work number 2 And you can take the call on a variety of devices 3 Office Extension Mobile Phone Home Office Enterprise Voicemail * using Avaya one-X ® Mobile, Avaya one-X ® Portal or Extension to Cellular Simultaneous ringing
  • One-Touch Calling Contact Lists, Directories, Call Logs
    • Capabilities
    • Access contacts, corporate directory and central call log via mobile phone, PC or laptop
    • Calls are logged and logs are available no matter the status (on-off) of mobile or soft phone
    • One-touch calling from contact list
    • Speech interface provides hands-free calling, calendaring, message management
    • Benefits
    • No wasted time searching for contact information
    • Comprehensive communication “to go”
    • Rapid response to customers, co-workers, vendors
    • Faster business flow
    • How?
    • Avaya one-X ® Mobile
    • Avaya one-X ® Portal
    • Avaya one-X ® Speech
  • Ad Hoc Conferencing
    • How?
    • Avaya one-X ® Portal
    • Avaya one-X Speech ®
    • Avaya WEB conferencing
    • Benefits
    • Coordinate team conference calls when you’re on the road
    • Manage customer escalations from any location
    • Close deals more quickly
    • Capabilities
    • Hands-free conference via speech commands
    • Web-based conference initiation and management:
    • view participants
    • mute individuals
    • dial out to add participants
    • share documents, desktops, control
    • and more
  • Managing Voice Mail Speech, Text, and Visual Access
    • Capabilities
    • Listen to & manage voice mail on mobile device
    • Read voice messages using speech-to-text (Spinvox)
    • Receive voicemail as email attachment on a PC
    • Broadcast voice mail messages
    • Benefits
    • Access voice mail anywhere from any device
    • Manage voice mail & email from a single in-box
    • Sort & store voice mail like email
    • Save cellular minutes. Listen to voice mail on data channel
    • Share messages within enterprise
    Press 0 for coverage 1 2 3
  • Streamline Voicemail Management
    • Capabilities
    • Receive voicemail as email attachment on a PC or cell phone
    • Speech-to-text to receive voice mail as text in an email (Spinvox)
    • Visual voicemail on mobile device
    • Benefits
    • Access voice mail anywhere, from any device
    • Manage voice mail and email from a single mailbox. Sort and store voice mail just like email
    • Limit cellular minute usage by listening to voice mail on mobile phone data channel
    • How?
    • Avaya one-X ® Mobile
    • Avaya one-X ® Portal
    • Modular Messaging
    • Avaya one-X ® Speech
  • The Speech to Text Experience
    • Benefits
    • Instant: at a glance see who called and what they said
    • Easy: you no longer have to dial-in and listen to messages, or remember who to call back
    • In touch: with a simple push of a button, you’ve quickly replied by text or returned the call
    • Trusted: you can always listen to the original voicemail recording
  • Controlling Availability
    • Capabilities
    • Filter Calls with VIP List
    • Screen Calls add
    • Call Notification add
    • Benefits
    • Most profitable or urgent business gets priority
    • Speeds business flow
    • Improves time management
    Non-VIP calls go directly to voicemail 2 VIP client … your phone rings 1
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Capabilities
    • Backup servers/gateways provide or enable:
    • same comprehensive applications as main communication servers
    • access to same contact lists, directories and call logs
    • use of same communication devices
    • Benefits
    • Business continues without a hitch
    • Staff is productive immediately using same familiar communication:
      • Interfaces
      • Contact lists, corporate directories, call logs
    • Customer service is not disrupted
    • Solutions
    • Avaya one-X ® Mobile
    • Avaya one-X ® Portal
  • Lowering Costs by Maximizing Resources
    • Capabilities
    • Extend callers to mobile phone selectively
    • Track and audit mobile minutes used for business through call detail recording
    • Direct traffic to a landline phone while managing calls with a mobile device
    • Keep cellular minutes in network (Cellular Gateway)
    • Use voice messaging
    • Benefits
    • Reduce international calling costs
    • Lower costs by extending only high-value or priority calls to a mobile phone
    • Smaller, less costly, minute bundles are required
    • Save money when traveling globally
    IP Call Desk phone Caller ID Avaya Communication Manager (ACM) Avaya one-X ® Mobile Avaya one-X ® Portal
  • Keep Cellular Minutes In-network
    • Capabilities
    • Handle all cellular calls as though they are in-network, across carriers
    • Benefits
    • Purchase smaller minute bundles from cellular service providers
    • Staff is more comfortable using mobile phones because “going over” minutes is less of an issue
    Service Provider “C” SIM Card GSM Gateway (Service Provider “C” SIM Card) On-Network Call Corporate Office ACM Mobile Network IP Call
  • Agenda Business Value Solution Overview Mobile Workers Today
  • Mobile Worker Solution Components
    • Mobile Worker Assessment
    • Design, Integration & Deployment
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Technical Support
    • SS+Upgrades
    • UC Standard Edition
    • - Extension to Cellular
    • - Avaya one-X ® Mobile
    • - Avaya one-X ® Portal
    • Modular Messaging
    • Avaya one-X ® Speech
    • Enterprise Mobility User
    Avaya Products
    • Cellular/GSM Gateways Keeps mobile calls in the network
    • Divitas Networks
    • Mutare Applications
    • Nuance Applications
  • Unifying Communications for Mobile Workers Home and Hotels Corporate Office Avaya one-X ® Portal 1.1* (*UC Standard Edition) Mobile Extension to Cellular 8.0* Avaya one-X ® Mobile 1.1* (*UC Standard Edition) Avaya one-X ® Speech 4.0 Modular Messaging 4.0 Remote Office Enterprise Mobility User Communication Manager 5.0 AES 4.2.1 Cellular Internet
  • Solution Overview
    • Avaya one-X ® Portal
      • Web-based software solution that gives users control of telephony, conferencing, messaging, mobility administration, contacts and presence
    • Avaya one-X ® Mobile
      • Family of software clients that provides mobile device access to advanced features via an integrated GUI
        • RIM, iPhone, Palm, J2ME, WAP, Symbian & Windows Mobile 5
    • Avaya one-X ® Speech
      • Provides access to real-time calling and conferencing via speech commands. Avaya one-X ® Speech enables mobile employees to: listen to and return voice mail and email; access contacts then click-to-call, schedule appointments, manage tasks, etc. Software licenses are included with Modular Messaging R4 and above.
  • Solution Overview (continues) …
    • Extension to Cellular (EC500)
      • Delivers one-number access by enabling calls bound for an employee’s business number to ring simultaneously on both their office phone and up to four mobile (or home) phones or devices.
    • Modular Messaging
      • Modular Messaging is a powerful IP- and standards-based unified messaging platform designed for single- or multi-site global enterprises. Provides exceptional scalability and a superior feature package of call answering, voice messaging, and speech capabilities. Messages are accessible any time, anywhere from a wide array of access devices including telephones, fax machines, or PC graphical user interfaces.
    • Enterprise Mobility User
      • An Avaya Communication Manage feature allowing a user turn a remote corporate desk phone into their own phone by logging into it. Once logged into, the remote phone assumes the personality of the users actual desk phone displaying the same phone number and providing the same feature buttons.
  • Ecosystem Partners
    • USNetserve
      • GSM Gateway provider. GSM gateways tie a corporate PBX to cellular service providers. These gateways cause service providers to see corporate calls made from or received by employees to be seen as “in-network”.
    • Nuance
      • Nuance applications transform the way people interact with businesses, information and each other. Through their preeminent portfolio of speech technologies, expertise and solutions they make the user experience more compelling and expand business potential.
    • Mutare Software
      • Mutare Software is the leading developer of Avaya messaging application solutions for Octel, Intuity, and Modular Messaging. Mutare delivers 100s of advanced software applications including mobilePath and Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) which are our best selling applications to date.
    • Divitas Networks
      • DiVitas mobilizes business voice and messaging applications and provides single number reach and visual voicemail through mobile deskphone capabilities. DiVitas unifies these applications and mobilizes them under IT control, making them available on mobile devices for convenient access anytime, anywhere, over any network.