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Leedo Building Solutions

  1. 1. Your Professional Partner FOR MULTIFAMILY CONSTRUCTION
  2. 2. Leedo is the leading kitchen supplier to the multifamily industry.We build more than 500,000 cabinets every year, 90% of whichare installed in multifamily housing. Leedo furnishes more than25,000 apartments annually, utiizing more than 100 mies ofcountertops. We specialize in turnkey contracts, installing themajority of the materials we manufacture in projects all over theUnited States.Leedo has concentrated on serving multifamily builders fromour first day in business, more than 30 years ago. We have haddecades to improve and refine our capabilities to meet buildersneeds.We understand that apartment development and contracting canbe a narrow margin business, and that low prices are requiredfrom any kitchen supplier. But we also understand that manyother factors determine the total cost and final value of a kitchensupplier. Let Leedo show you how a partnership can workfor you. We deliver on the three points multifamily builders need for a successful project. • Skillful design services eliminate waste and increase value. • The right products attract renters at an affordable price and minimize future maintenance. • Reliable installation services drive on-time completion and a smooth, profitable job. We are building solutions, partnering for success.
  3. 3. Skillful Design Services Leedo understands that a skillful, clear, and complete design package is essential to successful kitchen installations. The shop submittals and supporting documents drive clarity in communicating the defined scope with our customers and instruct our installers how to execute the plan at the job site. In order to maximize on-time delivery, installation, and final punch, all parties must agree on all aspects of the plan to allow proper execution the first time. We work with our customers to produce agreed shop submittals, making it as easy and painless for our customers as possible. Streamlining this process for our customers is a key goal of our design department. CONSULTATIVE APPROACH The first step in design is to validate the scope of the project. We start our shop drawing submittal process with a conversation where all the decision-makers can come together to share their concerns and questions, including the developer, GC, designer, architect, and Leedo’s design manager. This conversation can eliminate a surprising amount of paperwork and wasted time on everybody’s part. One item on the agenda for this design meeting is to discuss and clarify applicable building codes. We discuss and agree on the submittal approval process. VALUE AND FUNCTIONALITY Leedo has a methodical process where we review every component of your kitchen design to maximize value for the developer and the renter. We scrutinize every door, drawer, cabinet placement, and appliance placement – looking for opportunities to deliver a better looking, more functional, and less expensive kitchen. Part of our review process includes analysis of countertop installation, appliance installation, and mechanicals trim. We plan to make the whole project successful, not just ourselves. Leedo provides skillful, professional, and easy to work with design services as an essential first step toward a successful project and a happy customer.
  4. 4. The Right Products SELECTION VARIETY Leedo offers a wide selection of mid-priced, best quality products. We offer cabinets in more than 40 door styles and 10 different colors. Every door style is available in more than 1,000 different cabinet models. Leedo will engineer new cabinet configurations where they reduce costs or improve your kitchens. Andover Buckingham Oakview Paloma Blanco Radisson Brookshire Midland Shaker Princeton
  5. 5. LAMINATE, MARBLE AND GRANITELeedo also offers the full spectrum of top materials used inmultifamily projects – laminate tops in multiple styles andcolors, cultured marble vanity tops, and granite. Buyingyour tops and cabinets from the same supplier – no matterwhat material – simplifies your trade coordination and jobmanagement requirements.HARDWARETo complement our cabinets and tops we offer a widevariety of knobs, pulls, and trim options. There are manyways to upgrade your multifamily project – deluxe doorstyles, crown moldings, cabinet pull-outs, enanced topprofiles, and lots of other options. Leedo can help youdeliver an attractive product at an affordable cost.
  6. 6. Reliable Installation Services Multifamily builders require on-time delivery, installation, and final punch. Leedo has installed more than 7 million cabinets since our founding in 1971. We complete more than 25,000 kitchens every year. Leedo understands that a successful project is one that installs on time, the first time. Leedo’s installation services team focuses on three goals: preventing problems, completing units on-time, and tracking & communicating our progress. PREVENT PROBLEMS Leedo carefully screens installers’ experience, skills, background, and references. Then we train and certify those that we select. Leedo evaluates the design of every unit and compares it with as-built conditions on your job site to prevent design errors or installation problems caused by framing, electrical, plumbing, trim, or other trade interference. We schedule a pre-construction meeting (PCM) to agree on the work flow process and your expectations, gaining insight that makes this partnership successful. Leedo installs an example unit and inspects it with the GC and the developer to make sure we know what is required to meet everyone’s standards. COMPLETE UNITS ON-TIME More than 98% of our orders from our factory are completed, shipped and delivered on-time. Leedo inspects and inventories every order upon delivery, so we know early if there were any damages in transit or any missing items. This allows a faster replacement order and a more seamless unit completion. Every jobsite has an inventory of often required repair and replacement items – including countertop blanks, trim, accessories, splashes, and repair materials. When needed, our factory produces replacement parts in three days.
  7. 7. TRACK AND COMMUNICATE OUR PROGRESSLeedo sets our measuring, manufacturing, and installation schedule tomeet your delivery requirements. We’ll be there whenever you want us.We have a formal schedule of job-site visits for our field managers, and weset an agenda for each visit. On this schedule, our field managers measure,inspect installation, inspect punch and schedule deliveries. Leedo tracksthe status of every unit in a centralized, on-line database. At any moment,we know the status of every measurement, order, delivery, installation, andRFI.Leedo believes that precision in installation management is the best routeto customer success, customer satisfaction, and eliminating waste. Wethink of ourselves as a provider of installed, complete kitchens. We haveinvested more money and more top management focus on installation thanany other cabinet company. We have hired a great team, worked out aneffective plan, and built great management systems to set ourselves and ourcustomers up for success. Let us show you our installation servicesteam in action.
  8. 8. 866.Go.Leedo to MeetCallYour Professional Partner FOR MULTIFAMILY CONSTRUCTION10707 Corporate Drive, Suite 250 Stafford, Texas 77477 866.GO.LEEDO www.Leedo.com