Microwave (Gelombang Mikro)


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Microwave (Gelombang Mikro)

  1. 1.  Annisa Indah Pratiwi Maghfira Firstia MulyawanMuhammad RamadhanNurul Maulida Rizka
  2. 2. MECHANIC Mechanical wave is a wave propagation requires a medium in which the energies AL WAVE for the purpose of propagation of a wave process. ON THE ROPE WATER SURFACE SEISMIC TENSION ACOUSTIC INFRASONIC SOUND ULTRASONIC
  3. 3. ELECTROMA Electromagnetic waves are a form GNETIC of energy, usually produced by WAVE electrons that had been vibrating. RADIO MICRO INFRARED RAY ULTRAVIOLET RAY X RAY SINAR LASER SINAR GAMA VISIBLE LIGHT
  4. 4. Microwave is wave with a super highfrequency (SHF). It’s a radio wave withthe highest frequency, more than 3Ghzup 300Ghz. The wavelength is between7.8 x 10-4 mm (7800 Å) or 1mm until 1m.If a microwave is absorbed bysomething, then it will show the effectof the heat on it
  5. 5. The Wavelength Frequency Area Microwave with a wavelengthbetween 1 millimeter to 1 meter. Orhas frequency between 300 MHz (0.3GHz) up to 300GHz. Microwave
  6. 6. e Inventor of Microwave Recognized by some people as the father of modern physics, James Clerk Maxwell was a very influential figure in the field of electricity, thermodynamics, photography, nuclear energy, and others. Invention of the electromagnetic spectrum that affect the development of television, radio, the microwave, and help in the development of radio and infrared. Equations on electromagnetic field is very important for the theory of special relativity, by Albert Einstein. He also produced the first color photograph. His work really marks advances of the work of another great scientist Isaac Newton, and help to inform the science behind many of the technological developments of modern times.
  7. 7. The Occurrence of Microwave If the microwave absorbed by anobject, it will appear warmingeffect on the object. If the foodabsorb the microwave radiation,then the food becomes hot in a veryshort time interval. This process isused in a microwave oven to cookfood quickly and economically.
  8. 8. 1. Warming.2. Telecommunications3.Radar and navigation For are certainly uses to take advantage We those whofamiliar microwaves to a Radar also love with the name of detect an object. certainly dailywithto of hotspots that weAccordance life microwave oven are use in the familiar its the food. Microwave oven use those andin with name And alsodetection heat WiFi. radio for microwave who fond of using bluetooth to transfer ranging, radar utilizing the wave the frequency of about 2.45 GHz reflection from mobileobject for files between the phones or mobile phone with a computer detection.
  9. 9. Microwave OvenConcept Radiation Wave a. Microwave oven use 2.5 GHz of frequency of the radio waves to heat the food. The wave propagate by radiation.b. Dielectric Heating The phenomenon where radio waves heat the dielectric material
  10. 10. How A Microwave System Work? Magnetron that located in the microwave oven emits Reflected to the microwaves microwaves in a microwave wall that made from metal oven. And forwarded to the and absorbed by food stirrer moleculesAs the electromagnetic If the molecule exposed thewaves, the microwaves that microwaves, the microwavepropagate bring enough energy will be absorbed byenergy to heat the molecule the molecule so the foodin the foods. could be mature enough in a short time
  11. 11. The Question ExampleHow much the frequency andwavelength of the microwaves?The frequency is 3GHz until 300GHz,while the wavelength is 1mm until1m
  12. 12. Conclusion Microwave is one of the example of thespectrum of electromagnetic waves, which havethe wavelength 1m-1 mm with the frequency3GHz until 300GHz. Widely used in warming,communication systems and radar systems.Where one of the example is the microwaveoven.
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