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Reaching Younger Distance Learners through Technology & Social Media, Indonesia Case Study
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Reaching Younger Distance Learners through Technology & Social Media, Indonesia Case Study


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Presented in The 5th Partners Meeting of the "Academic of ICT Essential fo Goverment Leaders" held by APCICT-ESCAP …

Presented in The 5th Partners Meeting of the "Academic of ICT Essential fo Goverment Leaders" held by APCICT-ESCAP‎

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Tian Belawati & Dimas Agung Prasetyo The 5th Partners Meeting, APCICT-ESCAP 27-29 Nov 2013
  • 2. 3,500 miles (1,919,440 sq km) – 17,000 islands
  • 3.  The Sleeping Giant  240 Millions population living in more than 17 thousands island  60% of populations are productive (young people)  Predicted as World Economic Power  Rich in natural resources  Abundant man power  Stable economic growth rate
  • 4.  Struggling just like another developing countries:  Preparing young group of people to become productive people  Providing access to education services  Success in compulsory education program  95% of children population joining basic education program  Shift focus from 6 to 9 year basic education (including elementary and junior school)  165 thousand elementary, 43 thousand junior and 25 thousand senior schools  Need to provide more access to higher level of education  Indonesia only have 3070 higher institution (University and college level)  Need to widen access to higher education service  Distance Education might be a good alternative solutions
  • 5.  Has long history  Started in 1950 education radio program  Diploma program for teacher upgrade using correspondence letter in 1955  Halted due political condition  Continued in 1970 by „New Order‟ government  Radio program for primary teacher (1970)  1975 Palapa Satelite launced, enabled tv broadcast for education  Shifted focus to upgrade junior level teacher, junior lecturer started in 1980  1984 , UT was established
  • 6.  Emphasized in employees upgrade program  Teacher  Lecturer  Civil cervants  Widening access to education
  • 7.  Distance Education has been proven effective to widen access to education  Many developing use implement this system to address their problem in providing access to education But:  DE requires special characteristics  Independence  Flexible  Sometime resulting higher drop out rate especially for younger learner
  • 8.  Somewhat difficult in the past, but thanks to:  The coming of Web 2.0  Affordable access to technology  Shifting focus to user‟s creation and creativity  Using Social media and technology to help learner (younger learner)  The key : “Reaching students using their ways”  Create social community  Provide supportive and constructive environment  Teacher repositioning; to be a facilitator  Supported by affordable internet price and mobile phone penetration
  • 9. Operator Package Price (IDR) IDR1=USD11,000 Quota Max Speed Esia Super Deal 30,000 1 GB 153,6 Kbps Axis Axis Axis Pro Axis Pro 24,900 49,000 750 MB 1,5 GB 7,2 Mbps 7,2 Mbps Esia Super Mega 50,000 2 GB 3,1 Mbps Indosat Super 3G+ 50,000 1,2 GB 7,2 Mbps Indosat Super 3G+ 25,000 500 MB 3,6 Mbps Kartu As Ultima 50,000 300 MB 3,6 Mbps Kartu Halo Ultima 50,000 1 GB 14,4 Mbps Simpati Simpati Ultima Ultima 25,000 50,000 150 Mb 600 Mb 7,2 Mbps 7,2 Mbps SmartFren Connex 50,000 2 GB 14,7 Mbps SmartFren Connex 20,000 600 MB 3,1 Mbps SmartFren Connex 49,000 2 GB 512 Mbps Three Internet 50,000 1 GB 7,2 Mbps XL Hotrot 3G+ 49,000 500 MB 7,2 Mbps XL Hotrot 3G+ 25,000 200 MB 7,2 Mbps
  • 10. Established in 1984, single mode university, the only tertiary institution using exclusively distance education mode of delivery. A mega university  500 thousand students  6th place mega university Main missions: To up-grade primary and secondary school teacher qualification up to full-teacher training degree  To widen access to higher education 
  • 11.  Growing number of young students (high-school graduated) recently  65% of total student population are below 35 years old  Young students consider DE to continue their study  Face similar problem with another DE institutions -> Higher Drop Out Rate  DE advantages might be disadvantage for certain of students  Openness and Flexibility requires Self-regulate and self motivated  Need way to help and touch students
  • 12.  The Key is personalization service in mass education program  How to maintain student motivation and spirit especially when having problems  Using various tools:  Doesn‟t have to be sophisticated  Must be affordable from institution and students pov  Ready masses service  Simple and easy to use
  • 13.  Old technology but proven effective  Simple,cheap, reaching a lot of students  Regulary send personalized message, academic reminder, etc  Student‟s can send their respond back to us directly  From student‟s feedback:  felt happy and appreciated  felt guided during their study  felt being treated as human being (not just a number of students)
  • 14.  UT created official pages in Facebook and twitter where students can follow and can be updated with the latest info from the university  Promoting the creation of online community through social media  Student can interact, share information within online community  Also provide social interaction between students  Created online forum for student interaction  Student doesn‟t have to come to regional office to seek an information-> Now the information come to them  UT can harvest valuable information, input, complaint using agregator
  • 15.  1 official UT page  More than 1000 community group based on  Prgram study  Interest  Hobby  All linked together
  • 16. 100,000 members online
  • 17.  Recently UT launched OFFICE 365 services  Integrated communication  Email, Chat, Video conference, Desktop share, Document processor  Enhance communication , collaboration and productivity  Mobile ready  Conduct webinar session regularly  Disseminate info  Training some new skills  Problem sharing
  • 18.  Final result is not yet shown but promising:  For example: Campaign to reintroduce Digital Textbooks Library to students using social media  Statistic result is impressive:  Students who accessed textbook was 1084% increased within the same period (50000 user compare to 4255 users in the last year)
  • 19.  Increased number in returning students in online tutorial  Indicated that more student‟s retained in the online classes  Student‟s willingness to finish the course are increased
  • 20.  DE migh be a good ansver to widen acces to higher education  Younger generations consider DE as viable alternative to continue their study  Young students‟ characteristic may hold them finishing de classes  Using social media technology may help young students to develop adults characteristic needed for distance education, provide social interactions and  Also maintain and enhance motivation to continue their study  The technique used can also be used for older students