Rise of Mobile and Web Runtimes - for Standards-Next


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Presentation slides for Standards.next event (http://standards-next.org) on June 12, 2010. These slides cover a number of topics related to Web standards on mobile, including widgets, device APIs, HTML5, and geolocation.

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  • Rise of Mobile and Web Runtimes - for Standards-Next

    1. 1. It’s the Web (but not as we know it) The Rise of Mobile, Web Run-Times and APIs Daniel Appelquist (@torgo)
    2. 2. Who am I? • Web standards guy (W3C Advisory Committee Rep) at Vodafone • Co-chair of Mobile Web Best Practices, Social Web Incubator Groups • Member of the TAG
    3. 3. The (mobile) Web Today • 28.6% of (U.S.) mobile subscribers using the mobile browser (Comscore) • Developers defecting from App Store to HTML5 (ZDNet) • Apple: 40%, Nokia: 16%, Samsung: 10%, Motorola: 7.6%, HTC: 5%... (AdMob) • “Mobile Touch Web” Growing:(Taptu)
    4. 4. but...
    5. 5. • You can’t access device information (location, contacts, camera, etc...) • You can’t build rich interactivity • User needs to be connected in order to get to the Web • User interface is clunky (launch browser, go to bookmarks, etc...) • No (easy) way to monetize webapps
    6. 6. “HTML5” on Mobile • HTML5 is a buzzword, and that’s OK • Canvas, SVG, Video, Audio • Off-line operation (appcache) • Web storage • Gestures (iGesture jquery plugin)
    7. 7. W3C Widgets • Package up a web application using a well-known format (“P&C”) • Download and install (“install event”) • Specify required permissions (“WARP”) • Run in a “web runtime” environment • Automatic Updates (“Widgets Update”) • Cool open source implementation (Apache Wookie - http://getwookie.org) • Real deployment environments: Vodafone 360; Nokia widgets; Opera
    8. 8. Widgets and HTML5 • Widgets can use HTML5 • Widgets is a different take on off-line from HTML5 Appcache • “HTML5 Apps”* WebApps written in HTML5 packaged up as Widgets • Use Phonegap to package these as iPhone apps (for legacy purposes) *Peter-Paul Koch (http://www.quirksmode.org): http://bit.ly/bFEeZz
    9. 9. APIs
    10. 10. APIs (are sexy)
    11. 11. Web Location: the W3C Geo API • Based on original input from Google, working group also included Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft and Vodafone • Work is complete, already embedded in shipping browsers • Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Android • 21 Commerical services identified using it • Examples: Google Maps, Local Search, Flickr, Travelocity, Identi.ca, etc... • Many other sites using Gears Geo API
    12. 12. Why is Location Sexy? • Because you can find Burger King • Refine search • Add location to any Web App • Mobile Web Apps like Gowalla are already on the Web (m.gowalla.com)
    13. 13. CycleStreets!
    14. 14. W3C Device APIs • Contact Book • Device Interface • Calendar • System Info & Events • Filesystem • Gallery • Capture Audio / Video • Tasks • Messaging • App Launcher
    15. 15. Privacy Who gets to use all this data and for what purposes?
    16. 16. • Appropriateness: Is the collection of information appropriate to the app? • User Control: How much control does the user have over how their info is used? • Notice: Is the user getting enough notice that information is being collected? • Consent: Is the user in control of decisions to disclose information? • Secondary Use: Is user consent required for secondary use? (e.g. ad targetting) • Distribution: Is information being re-transmitted to other parties? • Retention: How long is data retained? • Transparency and Feedback
    17. 17. W3C Workshop on “Privacy for Advanced Web APIs” • Mid-July in London • novel approaches and architectures toward privacy on the Web • implementation experience with current generation device APIs • deployment experience of current generation device APIs • implementation and deployment experience from a public policy perspective • policy considerations for the future development of the Web platform in general, and advanced APIs in particular • user experience and service design issues and approaches • social or regulatory issues relating to privacy as they potentially impact any of the above
    18. 18. What about Augmented Reality? • W3C Workshop on AR and the Web - next week in Barcelona • How does the Web relate to AR? • Can Web browsers become AR platforms? • Content Display + Style + Script + GPS + Sensors + Camera Access • What’s the relationship between AR and linked data? • W3C Augmented Reality Incubator Group? Watch this space...
    19. 19. Mobile Web Application Best Practices • Good advice on how to build great mobile WebApps now from W3C • We need “implementation reports” and feedback • http://www.w3.org/TR/mwabp/
    20. 20. OneSocialWeb • Open source, distributed platform for social networking • Based on XMPP and ActivityStreams + extensions • Enables social interactions, with access control, between social systems with no a priori knowledge of each other • Debuted at FOSDEM, lots of demos at Google I/O • http://onesocialweb.org • If you’re passionate about the social web, come join our community
    21. 21. The Web is Evolving
    22. 22. Thanks! Daniel Appelquist (@torgo) #riseofmobileplatforms http://bit.ly/riseofmobileplatforms