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Ideas for Cloud Atlas movie : promotion & communication operations

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Dossier Cloud Atlas movie

  1. 1.                                                     JOIN THE RIDE   Join The Ride
  2. 2. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui                           Margaux Fairfort Daphné Lala Donavan Siron Sarra tadlaoui     Page 2 sur 20
  3. 3. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiSommaireCloud atlas..............................................................p.04Our target................................................................P.05Our campaign...........................................................P.08 P&A..............................................................P.09 Comic con & Press junket........................P.11 Matrix operation .....................................P.12 Augmented reality trailer.....................P.13 Street marketing.....................................P.14 Digital tools..............................................P.15 Join the ride...............................................P.16Budget & planning...................................................P.18 Page 3 sur 20
  4. 4. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui     Cloud atlasThis adventure film, mixing sci-fi drama and mystery, is an exploration of how the actions ofindividual lives impact one another in the past, present and future. The story presentsdifferent destinies : an 1849 diary of a journey across the Pacific ; letters from a disowned composer tohis friend; a thriller about a murder at a nuclear power plant ; a publisher in a nursing home ; a rebelliousclone in futuristic Korea ; and a tribe living in post-apocalyptic Hawaii ; showing slowly how everythingis connected.Cloud Atlas is a movie coming out on the 22nd of February 2013. This film is from the directors ofMatrix, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, and the director of Run Lola Run, Tom Tykwer.Featuring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, and much more, this movie is, to date,the biggest and more expensive independant production, with an estimated budgetof $100,000,000. Produced by Cloud Atlas Production and co produced by seven other independentproduction companies, the film is being distributed in the UK by Warner Bros. Cloud Atlas has beenRated R(forbidden to under 15) because of the scenes of violence, language abuse, sexuality/nudity andsome drug use. Page 4 sur 20
  5. 5. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui Our targetMain Target v Men-Women, 15-30 y.o, movie goers, sci-fi/blockbuster/epic film fans (Lord of the Rings, Avatar)Core target v Men-Women, 20-25 y.o, living in urban areas, grew up with The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Narnia v Used to seeing big FX movies like Avatar, have higher standards v Play RPG (Final Fantasy) v Generation Y (new technologies, social media) v Students and/or working (part time) Very outgoing, movie goers Page 5 sur 20
  6. 6. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiMain Target planning – Felicja FELICJA,.Bazaar…,!,.like."The.Golden.Compass",.moreover,.she.knows.her.boyfriend.likes.the.big.adventure.movies.,.nostalgia… writing/testing/meeting TV sports friends Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 73to38 she.wakes.up.and.goes. she.wakes.up.and.goes. she.wakes.up.and.goes. she.wakes.up.and.goes. she.wakes.up.and.goes. 83to39 jogging jogging jogging jogging jogging have.a.shower..Share. have.a.shower..Share. have.a.shower..Share. have.a.shower..Share. have.a.shower..Share. 93to310 breakfast.with.her.boyfriend breakfast.with.her.boyfriend breakfast.with.her.boyfriend breakfast.with.her.boyfriend breakfast.with.her.boyfriend She.starts.writting.some. She.starts.writting.some. she.wakes.up.and.goes. 103to311 articles a.meeting articles jogging 113to312 writing meeting shopping shopping writing have.breakfast She.wakes.up.and.have.breakfast She.eats.boiled.vegetables. 123to313 Have.a.luch.with.colleagues Have.a.salad.with.colleagues watches.the.News.on.BBC.News 133to314 climbing watches.the.News shops.for.her.articles The.Sun.for.a.meeting shops.for.her.articles reads.some. 143to315 writing writing meeting they.have.lunch.outside newspapers(times)/magazines(Gl shops.for.her.articles shops.for.her.articles amour.or.She.or.Cosmo) 153to316 writing writing meeting have.lunch shops.for.her.articles shops.for.her.articles 163to317 writing writing exibition shops.for.her.articles shops.for.her.articles boyfriend.maybe.riding.bycicle goes.back.home.and.try.a. 173to318 writing nap park new.recipe have.a.drink friends goes.for.a.drink.with.her. 183to319 cooking writing mother 193to320 Eating eating blogs restaurant Eating while.watching.replay.of. while.watching.Beginners.on. 203to321 she.blogs eats party Doctor.Who.on.BBC1 "indie".sky312 FACTOR.on.itv1 while.watching.replay.of. while.watching.Beginners.on. watches.Superman.2.on.Sky. 213to322 party cinema Doctor.Who.on.BBC1 "indie".sky313 305."action" sky309."" FACTOR.on.itv2 watches.Superman.2.on.Sky. 223to323 party 305."action" sky309."" 233to324 she.goes.back.home they.go.back.home 243to31 Page 6 sur 20
  7. 7. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiCore Target planning – Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey&is&23,&he&is&a&student&in&architecture.&He&lives&is&a&shared&flat&with&4&people&in&the&suburbs,&one&hour&far&from&school.&He&works&at&his&local&Burger&King.&He&likes&playing&RPG&like&Kingdom&of&Heaven&and&Final&Fantasy.& He&likes&to&go&to&cinema&to&see&adventure&films,&he&went&to&see&the&Lord&of&The&Rings,&the&last&Spiderman,&and&Avatar. class games friend&time work&at&Burger&King TV Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 75to58 he&wakes&up 85to59 he&wakes&up goes&to&school wakes&up&and&go&to&work 95to510 his&class&begins his&class&begins class&begins work class&begins 105to511 but&he&sleeps goes&to&school class work but&he&plays&COD wakes&up&and&goes&to&central& 115to512 class class work plays&COD london lunch&witch&classmates,&goes&to& 125to513 he&wakes&up goes&back&home goes&back&home&to&eat goes&to&school have&lunch&with&friends tesco 135to514 and&go&to&class afternoon&lecture works&on&a&project goes&to&school afternoon&lecture have&lunch&with&friends watches&the&replay&of&Doctor& go&to&see&a&movie&or&goes& 145to515 class&begins class afternoon&lecture class he&wakes&up Who&on&BBC1 shopping&to&HMV watches&the&replay&of&Doctor& go&to&see&a&movie&or&goes& watches&The&Last&airbender&on&& 155to516 class class class class Who&on&BBC1 shopping&to&HMV "Family"&Sky&305 watches&the&replay&of&Doctor& go&to&see&a&movie&or&goes& watches&The&Last&airbender&on&& 165to517 have&a&pint&with&his&friends class class class Who&on&BBC1 shopping&to&HMV "Family"&Sky&306 175to518 goes&back&home goes&back&home eats goes&back&home goes&back&home goes&back&home goes&to&tesco&to&buy&food buys&his&"SCI&FI&Magazine"&and& 185to519 begins&work&at&BK begins&work begins&work begins&work Begins&work plays&Final&Fantasy "games&TM" 195to520 work work work Read&his&magazines work work plays&Final&Fantasy Watches&Harry&Potter7&on& 205to521 work work work work work plays&Final&Fantasy "Familly"&Sky&307 Watches&Harry&Potter7&on& watches&Super&8&on&"Sci&Fi"&Sky& 215to522 work work work work work "Familly"&Sky&308 309 watches&an&episode&of&Family& Watches&Green&Lantern&on& goes&back&home&to&quikly&get& watches&Super&8&on&"Sci&Fi"&Sky& 225to523 goes&back&home&with&free&meal goes&back&home&and&eat plays&Call&of&duty Guy&on&"FX"&Sky&124 "Action"&Sky&305 ready,&and&leave 310 watches&an&episode&of& while&watching&The&Green& Watches&Green&Lantern&on& find&some&friends&in&a&bar/night& watches&Super&8&on&"Sci&Fi"&Sky& 235to524 plays&Call&of&duty plays&Call&of&duty American&Dad&on&"FX"&Sky&124 Hornet&on&"Thriller"&Sky&307 "Action"&Sky&305 club 311 while&watching&The&Green& 245to51 plays&Call&of&duty plays&Call&of&duty party plays&Call&of&duty Hornet&on&"Thriller"&Sky&307 15to52 plays&Call&of&duty plays&Call&of&duty party plays&Call&of&duty watches&an&episode&of&Dexter& 25to53 party plays&Call&of&duty on&"FX"&Sky&124 35to54 party 45to55 goes&back&home Page 7 sur 20
  8. 8. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui     Our campaignAfter seeing the six minutes trailer and doing some research, we thought that the factor of the travelwas a really important point in the movie. Always on the move, the characters are all in a journey, literallyand figuratively, to find out something about themselves an others. Most of the travel are eitherdone on the Pacific ocean, or linked to the sky (in the mountains or in kind of spaceships); this is why wedecided to turn our campaign to the experience of a journey. The catchphrase "Join the ride"is linked to this experience of a personnal quest through the different elements. This is how wewill try to involve our target into the films world. Such as Matrix, explaining the story of this film isnt asimple task through usual materials such as trailers and posters. That is why it was important to makeparticipate the audience to incredible and mysterious experiences that could give them thewill to go to see the movie. Page 8 sur 20
  9. 9. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiP&A  Outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising will be used to promote the movie on a national scale for a total of 6 weeksleading to the release date, and will include:- Bus advertising- London Underground : Digital escalator panels and 4 Sheets in busy corridors and platforms Format Period Cost Bus advertising (National 2 weeks (Jan 28th - Feb supersides) 653mm x 6108mm £720,042 10th) Digital escalator panels (HD portrait LCD 23” 2 weeks (Feb 4th - 17th) £9096 screens) 4 Sheets 2 weeks (Feb 11th - 381mm x 254mm £104,100 24th) TOTAL £833,238Print adThe movie will be advertised in free newspapers in order to effectively reach our core target = youngadults, urbanites who commute everyday for studies or for work and who can’t necessarily afford high-end newspapers- The London Evening Standard- Metro (London only) Newspaper Format Period Cost The London Evening Full page, color Opening week (Feb 18th £285,600 Standard - 22nd) Page 9 sur 20
  10. 10. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui Newspaper Format Period Cost Metro (London only) Full page, color Previous week (Feb 11th £150,890 - 15th) TOTAL £436,490Magazine covers and interviews for- Halle Berry on Glamour (February 2013 issue)- Tom Hanks on Esquire (February 2013 issue)- Hugh Grant on GQ (February 2013 issue)TVThe 30s movie trailer will run for a total of 5 weeks on primetime and later on- ITV1 and Sky1 for general audience- SyFy and FX for core and main target audience Channel Period Airing time Cost ITV1 2 weeks (Jan 14th - Early evening news and £950,740 27th) primetime Sky1 2 weeks (Jan 21st - Feb Early peak and late peak £122500 3rd) SyFy 2 weeks (Jan 28th - Feb Late peak and night time £3920 10th) FX 2 weeks (Feb 4th - 17th) Late peak and night time £9940 TOTAL £1,087,100Talk show interviews during the opening week for- Halle Berry on The Graham Norton Show- Tom Hanks on The Jonathan Ross Show- Hugh Grant on Alan Carr: Chatty Man Page 10 sur 20
  11. 11. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiComic Con To market the film, we think it would be important and interesting for Cloud Atlas to take part in the San Diego Comic-Con’s session (11th to 15th July 2012). The Comic-Con event is the perfect place to promote the film directly to its target audience, Cloud Atlas being a Sci-Fi and adventure themed movie. Plus its worldwide coverage will get the name of the movie mentioned all around the world and thus generate interest among movie goers long before the movie comes out.Press junketThe press junket will consist of a 3-day trip to Morroco, just a week before Christmas, for renownedjournalists from newspapers to magazines specialised in cinema, lifestyle, and for men and women. Themain aim of this operation is to make the film gain notoriety by press coverage, which is why we’regoing to give the journalists a real treat.During this trip, they will have the opportunity to get a special screening of the movie andinterview individually members of the cast (Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, etc.) and the filmcrew.A welcoming party will be organised during the 1st night at the 5 star hotel where they will be staying.On the last day, they will individually get to experience a 3D mapping that will make them dive intoworld of Cloud Atlas, where they will travel through time and space just like the main characters.They will first travel through natural landscapes such as mountains and forests, and then discoverfuturistic landscapes and cities. Their experience will be filmed and given to them as a gift to gohome with so that they could share it with their family and friends and generate word of mouth.   Page 11 sur 20
  12. 12. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiMatrix operation  As part of the 10 year anniversary of the Matrix trilogy (from the same directors than CloudAtlas), we will arrange a partnership between these two Warner Bros films.A special edition of the Matrix DVD box set will be released for the occasion and will include a goldenticket offering the opportunity for fans to attend the premiere of Cloud Atlas along with the cast ofthe film.Owners of the DVDs will have to go to the Cloud Atlas’ website to register and enter the numberinscribed on their ticket. Only 10 tickets will possess the winning code for 2 persons to attend the moviepremiere on February 15th 2013.In addition of getting media coverage for both movies, we will create traffic on Cloud Atlas’website.To promote this operation, in-store marketing will be placed in several DVD stores such as HMV.This operation will take place before the launch of the trailer and the beginning of the movie’s campaignallowing us to create mystery around this movie and encourage people to enquire it. Example of in-store marketing       Page 12 sur 20
  13. 13. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiAugmented reality Trailer   Trailers of Cloud Atlas will be projected as usual in chosen cinemas, around one month before the release of the film. But more than that, trailers in augmented reality will be broadcasted before movies targeting the same kind of audience and coming out in january 2013 :- NEMO 3D (movie in 3D version)- Riddick: Dead Man Stalking (Riddick 3)- Django Unchained (last tarantino)- The Man With The Iron Fists (adventure film with Russell Crowe,Lucy Liu) This trailer will show the room, filming in live. People will see on the screen iconic characters from the movie going down the aisles. Then the « spaceships » from the movie wil appear from a corner and race aroud the room as the exhilarating music will play. After the augmented reality part, the short version of the normal trailer will appear on screen, so that the audience could remember the film linked to the experience they just lived. Example of the augmented reality Trailer     Page 13 sur 20
  14. 14. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiStreet marketing  Hot-air balloonAn aerial event will be used to promote the movie, with a hot airballoon in the heart of London, in a Thames side location. Theair balloon will be customized with the movie’s title written onthe balloon for people across London to see it from far away.Pedestrians walking by will be able to fly over London for freeto live the Cloud Atlas experience and go home with moviethemed merchandise. The idea is to make them feel what it feelslike to be traveling in the air like the movie characters, and the aim is to create buzz with word of mouthfrom both the passengers and those who saw the hot air balloon up in the sky, and thus gainawareness.Ship Parade In addition to the aerial event, there will also be a ship parade on the Thames. Pedestrians strolling alongside the Thames will have the chance to see a large ship with pirates on its board pretending to fight. ‘Cloud Atlas’ will be carved on the ship’s hull to make the movie gain awareness and generate word of mouth. These 2 events are meant to remind of the movie’s theme, which is traveling through space and time, and of the elements that are conveyed through the movie’s title itself (air and water).     Page 14 sur 20
  15. 15. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiDigital tools  Cloud Atlas AppDuring the campaign, an app for smartphones will be launched. The app will offer basicinformations about the movie, such as the trailer, latest news, exclusive interviews. The appwill also have a part where people can get informations to go through the Contest, like the articlesin which they have to look for to find out the code. Finally, the app will have an exclusive game, thatwill be released later on, on Facebook. Example of the Cloud Atlas AppCloud Atlas GameThanks to the application, people will be allowed to play an « old school » game. Also displayed onthe Facebook app, the game capitalize on the look of old geeky games of the 80’s, as the actualtrend tends to use it more and more this year. The « nerd » audience will be delighted to see a gamewith an old look, but pictures of the movie in the background. The game is simple and alternates,regarding the levels, between a spaceships race (left), and a Cloud Atlas version of Space invader (right). Example of the App’s exclusive game     Page 15 sur 20
  16. 16. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiJOin the ride  We’re going to launch a contest for fans to win tickets for a private event under the name ofJoin The Ride, prior to the movie premiere.The contest will consist of 3 spaceships (the ones that appear in the movie trailer) placed in 3different locations in London where people are very likely to come across: Hyde Park, TrafalgarSquare and Camden Town. They will be installed on January 19th (same day as the ship and the balloon)and start counting down to January 21th, where they will start giving out clues for thecontest on their screens for 3 weeks. They will also serve as an attraction, to get peopletalking and wondering what they are and why they’re there.Apart from being a complement to the air balloon and the pirate ship, these spaceships will also be usedto give clues for the contest : clues will be generated on a screen and will consist of numbers. Inorder to find out what they need to do with these numbers, the contestants will have to follow themovie’s Twitter account, which will give clues about what the numbers refer to (number of article,page, line etc.). The contestants will have to find the 3 words that form «Everything isconnected» (the movie’s tagline) which will be randomly placed throughout different articles on themovie’s official website. The contestants will then have to like the movie’s Facebook page inorder to enter the 3 words as well as their personal information (name, age, address, telephone number)to enter the drawing. Their liking the movie’s Page will also help promote it on Facebook. The contestwill end on February 10th.Of those who have correctly entered the name of the event, 250 will be randomly picked out to attend itwith a person of their choice.The Join The Ride event is a place where fans can exclusively experience and explore thethemes of the movie before it comes out: travelling through different worlds, travelling through time,travelling through the elements. The event will take place on February 16th at the Tate Modern, where the winners can : - enjoy a buffet and an open bar (disguised person = one free drink) - go through the different universes that can be seen in the movie (we’ll recreate some of the movie sets) and have the possibility to check in to each universe and take pictures without having to use their mobile Page 16 sur 20
  17. 17. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui phones (they will be given wristbands synchronized to their Facebook account which will be used to swipe across sensors on Facebook pillars) in order to share their experience with their friends- experience awesome 3D mappings that recreate the magic of the film- travel the world and the universe in a mini spaceship for 2 (much like Star Tours the motion simulator attraction at Disneyland), guests can create their own itinerary- play games and and go home with limited edition merchandisesThe contest will be promoted through the website and the movie’s UK Facebook page. Example of 3D mapping’s universes Example of the introduction for the minispaceship attraction       Page 17 sur 20
  18. 18. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui Budget  Comic con : - 80 000 £ for 4 days, including the stand, the personnel, and the exhibition’s spacePress junket - 50 000 £ for 3 days and 20 journalists, including the travel, the luxury hotel, the journalist’s activities (3D Mapping) & meals.Matrix operation - 10 000 £ for all the UK operations, including instore marketing and printed golden tickets.P&A- 2 356 828 £ including TV, print ad and outdoor advertising.Augmented reality trailer- 100 000 £ including development and broadcasting.Street marketing - 230 000 £ including ship parade and hot air balloon attraction. Page 18 sur 20
  19. 19. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra TadlaouiDigital tools - 10 000 £ including the app and the game.Join the ride Event & contest - 700 000 £ for 500 persons, including rent for the event’s place, activities, personnel, buffet and open-bar, event’s digital tools (facebook links…), place embellishment setting up of the contest, spaceships in street creation, community management for all this operationTOTAL COST : 3 536 828 £     Page 19 sur 20
  20. 20. Cloud Atlas – MediaplanningMargaux Fairfort – Daphné Lala – Donavan Siron - Sarra Tadlaoui Planning P&A PUBLIC#RELATIONS STREET TRAILER DIGITAL PRESS MARKETING JOIN THE RIDE CLUES FOR COMIC CON P&A DVD Matrix Augmented APP ADVERTGAME PREMIERE EVENT RELEASE JOIN#THE#RIDE#CONTEST JUNKET (Boat+hot air CONTEST THE CONTEST Reality PROMOTIONAL#OFFER baloon) RELEASE Week 1 Week 2 12#to#15#July JULY Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 AUGUST Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 SEPTEMBRE Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 OCTOBER Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 NOVEMBER Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 DECEMBRE Week 3 17#to#19#Dec Week 4 Week 1 Week 2 101Jan 101Jan 101Jan JANUARY Week 3 191Jan 19#to#20#Jan Week 4 211Jan Week 1 021Feb 091Feb Week 2 101Feb 111Jan 151Feb 161Feb FEBRUARY Week 3 221Feb Week 4 Week 1 11Mar Week 2 MARCH Week 3 221Feb Week 4 Page 20 sur 20