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Idea of App creation

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  • ConcoctShare

    1. 1. Concoct-ShareDaphné Lala & Alannah RothMon. 22th October 2012
    2. 2. Love food, hate waste✤ Our company Not-for-profit organization A team work with partners, (community organizations, chefs, UK businesses, trade bodies, local authorities, and individuals)✤ Our objectives Inform the public about the dangers of waste Help people who looking for practical advices about Food Waste✤ Our goal Create citizen & environmental habits BECAUSE, less wasted food, will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too
    3. 3. Issues & Opportunities✤ 1st fact : WASTE - in statics 50% of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK comes from our homes We throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year, costing us £12bn - more than half could have eaten. Wasting this food costs the average household £480 a year, rising to £680 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £50 a month.✤ More stats :
    4. 4. Issues & Opportunity✤ 2nd fact : Emergency food aid - in statics In the world, 5 million of dead hunger children every year. A child dies of hunger every six seconds. 850 million undernourished people in the world. 6 million deaths due to malnutrition in the world each year In UK, today : 172 food banks and currently 91 additional (under development across the UK) 109,294 adults and children in the UK received at least days of emergency food aid between April and September 2012, this figure expected to rise to over 200,000 by April 2013 However, almost a third of total people referred for emergency help are waiting for accessing to benefits. SO...
    5. 5. Our solution✤ Why don’t we try to link these two facts to... Create an app which has 2 aims : First, help people to reduce their food waste to feel responsible and to save And finally, create some citizens’ habits by sharing food with needy persons ... to ease our conscience !!
    6. 6. Our App : Concoct-Share✤ What is that ? « Concoct-Share » : Concoction to share Make an inventory of your use-by-date’s products (by character recognition software) The app creates a schedule including an alarm will switch on before the use-by-date At this time, the software suggests you recipes to use your different products that will be out-of-date NOW, Make a choice : - You will eat these products or.... - Give its to some food banks or similar organization (Kitchen Soup, British Red Cross, ...) Thanks to a geolocation service included in the app, you find the nearest Kitchen Soup from you !✤ So Concoct-Share is : #1 Combine ingredients for you #2 Share, with a food donation !
    7. 7. Target audience✤ Main target Men & Women, 25-60 y.o, urban persons, C1 (Middle Class), who have smartphone✤ Core target Single woman, 25-45 y.o, C1, urban person, digital savvy She feels concern by environmental and social issues, and she is ready to provide assistance to needy people, but doesn’t know how
    8. 8. Conclusion✤ This app is free but to develop it and to keep it working we need financial help. That’s why sponsoring could be the best way to make this product a reality.✤ It’s a progressive app which could be extended (for instance : collect food soon out-of-date directly at home)✤ The main fact is that app is a sustainable and fair solution for everybody.
    9. 9. Concoct-Share App✤ Thank you !