British Brand : Cadbury


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Personal work creation about Cadbury's british brand and its evolvution in the time.

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British Brand : Cadbury

  1. 1. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12Let’s talk about Cadbury. First, a little introduction about this confectionery company ownedby Kraft Foods until 2010, which is the 1 of the Top 5 global confectionery companies.So John Cadbury founded Cadbury in 1824. This grocer’s shop opened in Birmingham andallowed to sale some cocoa & drinking chocolate, tea or coffee. Seven years later, in 1831,John Cadbury decided to start producing and opened his factory. Contrary to the habits ofthat time, it was a good idea to produce locally in Great Britain. More years later, Cadburywas selling no less than 16 varieties of drinking chocolate and 11 different cocoas. In 1861Richard and George Cadbury, John Cadbury’s sons took over the firm and tried to keep it« alive ». The company exists since 188 years now with no less than 33 products creationsand we will see how this company has succeeded to continueFirst, Cadbury is still a huge and well known company thanks to its surrounding strategy.The Cadbury’s brothers, Richard and George, had early begun to think about how to stay inthe market full of competition and they always worked harder to preserve their family firm.Thus, they created lots of tools allowing keeping the Cadbury’s confectionery in peopleminds. Innovation is the first word to use. Indeed, they had seen every potentialsopportunities to expand the firm. In 1866, they introduced a new innovative processingtechnique to press the cocoa. It was a huge and risky investment for the company but thisoperation allowed to create a new product: “Cocoa Essence”. It was the first product withless cocoa butter and any starches (which were used to mask the butter’s taste and texture).The brothers understood the importance of an “Absolutely Pure” product with theadvantage to be better. The marketing around the Cocoa Essence increased dramaticallysales, transforming this small business into a worldwide company. I think that this first stepshows the spirit of the brand as at its beginning, we can see that the Cadbury’s ownersunderstood the preoccupations and worries which are still in current affairs. Moreover, 142years after that, Cadbury has shown that these preoccupations are still in the company’sheart by fairtrade with cocoa farmers in Ghana, India, Indonesia… and by creating organicproducts. The origin view was relevant and remains a real force.Secondly, creation allows keeping this company in our mind. We know that the businesscreated at least 33 products since its creation but its products keep always an innovativespirit and answer to consumers’ demands. The Cadbury’s Brothers always saw theopportunities to use for their products. That’s why we can assure that they were greatbusinessmen. First, they thought about add milk to their recipe to make milk chocolate barin the middle 1800’s. With the creation of the famous Cadbury Dairy Milk they developed itlike the chocolate bar with more milk than anything else on the market. It was Cadbury’sbiggest seller by the beginning of the First World War. Nowadays, this product is still wellknown and hugely popular all over the world with many different varieties of it.They also created alkalised cocoa in the 1906. They were not enthusiast to create Bournvillecocoa, a less bitter chocolate drink, but they chose to do it thinking that it could be thefuture. One more example of this innovative creation, took place in 1915. The company sawthe opportunity to create a popular product and they increased their target audience by Page 1 sur 11
  2. 2. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12creating Milk Tray : a chocolate assortment affordable which will become a famous Cadburyproduct with 8 million boxes sold every year. Despite the fact that this product is cheaper, itsfamous came from TV commercials in the 1980’s : The Milk Tray Man which has introduced ahero who pilots helicopters through storms and speed boats over waterfalls with thecatchphrase : “All because the lady loves Milk Tray”.Moreover, in 1938, the confectionery firm introduced Cadbury Roses to develop the twistwrapped assortment market. Later, in 1967 the Aztec Bar was launched. It was a hugesuccess in its launch and created some innovation in the sector. We can see that innovation& creation are in the heart of the Cadbury’s spirit since its founding.The Cadbury’s brother: Richard & George were real visionaries further than productscreation and strategy development. Indeed, they were innovative in other domains likebusiness and perception of their working force. Bournville is a great example.Before the creation of Bournville, the two brothers thought : « Why should an industrial areabe squalid and depressing? ». In 1878, they decided to create a company town in the southside of Birmingham. This town was created for production but this was a place to live too.Workers when they arrived in this village found some houses for them, a field to play cricketand football, gardens, playgrounds for their family. This approach was a social innovation forthe welfare of the workers. For example workers could heat up their meals in a huge kitchenand they could also get changed in dressing rooms. The town itself has gradually developedlike including swimming pools, schools. With prayers, daily bible readings were integrated.Moreover, the Cadbury brothers negotiated special offers with Railway Company for theirworkers who didn’t live in Bournville.This little town became famous and still shows how the two brothers were ahead of theirtime about social conditions for their workforce.Some years later, in 1990 the creation of Bournville became an attraction allowing to visitorsto discover the Cadbury’s world. The factory tours was a real investment costed £6million tobuild but fact unexpected, this site had a huge success attracting 350,000 visitors in its firstyear.Even after the WWII, the company was still innovative and make good strategic decisions bykeeping a direct distribution system, expanding its biscuit range and working on promotionaltools.In 1969 Cadbury merged with Schweppes allowing to the brand to develop its range ofproducts and to reach some other geographic markets. Moreover this merger has increasedfinancial resources to the brand. Another merger was initiated in 2003 with Adams, the gummanufacturer, allowing to Cadbury to become the World’s leading Confectionery Company.And in 2012, in Bournville was launched the Chocolate Centre of Excellence : a new globalresearch and development centre. Bournville is an entertainment park too which is veryimportant for the brand’s image too.We just can see that Cadbury is a strategic brand that knows how to manage theopportunities and the threats, knowing its weaknesses and its strengthsIts emblematic leaders like its creator John Cadbury and his sons were able to give to thiscompany its entire dimension allowing to develop this family business on international well-known and appreciated firm all over the world.But beyond the strategic aspect implemented by innovation and creation, advertisingenabled the company to remain on the forefront since 1824. Page 2 sur 11
  3. 3. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12What I have noticed when I worked on Cadbury’s advertising is that all its campaigns wereahead on one’s time or really dealt with some subjects linked to the period when thecampaigns were created. I think that this could explain the closeness with the target.Cadbury is a lovely brand that everybody loves because of its attractive characteristic. Thereis a link between the customer and this powerful brand. I chose some examples todemonstrate that.First, it’s important to notice that Cadbury created ads in the early time. The brand alreadyknew that advertising would help to increase its sales and create awareness around itsproducts. The company used some at that time’s media like outdoor and press ads. Indeed,it was in 1900 that the first Cadbury’s ads were produced. They were some of the finestexamples of posters and press ads during this period. Cecil Aldin illustrated these them forCadbury. Cecil Aldin illustrationsBut it was in 1867 with the launch of the Cocoa Essence that advertising began with thecreation of the slogan : “Absolutely pure, therefore before” which insists on purity and onnatural of this product. Cocoa essence “Absolutely pure” Page 3 sur 11
  4. 4. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12In 1905 the first logo was designed. This is the first step for the creation of the brandidentity. William Cadbury commissioned this creation to the famous designer GeorgesAuriol, (designer of the Paris Metro’s sign). The logo was a stylised cocoa tree with theCadbury name. It will be register in 1911 and was used for presentation boxes, catalogues,promotional items, and printed onto the aluminium that was used to wrap the chocolatebars. This logo was use until 1939 and after the WWII. First Cadbury logoIn 1914 Frys Turkish Delight is Launched and it will be a great advertising history. Theproduct’s ads will play on the travel desire. And all along the product’s history, Cadbury willplay on it while playing on the luxury. With the establishing of the rules about holidays anddays off and the development of travelling systems like airplane etc… Cadbury chose toillustrate it on the Fry’s Turkish Delight’s advertising. The slogan “Full of Eastern Promise”has been used since the end of the 1950’s and was well known through popular TVadvertising which showed mysterious ladies setting in exotic deserts. TV commercial for Fry’s Turkish DelightIt was in the 1920’s that Cadbury introduced its real owned brand identity.First, Cadbury Dairy Milk goes purple. Started out in pale mauve with red script, it becamepurple and gold in 1920, the beginning of the brand identity. Dairy Milk packaging over time Page 4 sur 11
  5. 5. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12In 1921, the Cadbury script logo appeared. This logo was the signature of William Cadburyand was simplified all over the years. It is still used across major products of the brand. Cadbury signatureIn 1928, the “Glass and a Half’ symbol was used. Originally showed on press and posters, itwill be present in TV commercials and all over brand’s communications. First it was justintroduced on Dairy Milk but nowadays it’s the “image” of the company and it is used for allproducts. This symbol represents the brand all over the world and is very famous.Moreover, in the same time, investment was put on Cadbury Dairy Milk Ads. Variousmessages were used to introduced the product “rich nutty falvour”, “rich in cream”… Butdespite these incoherent different messages, Dairy Milk was the biggest selling chocolateproduct in Britain. From 1928, high milk content was promoted for this product and theychosen to using the “glass and a half” food value combined with the enjoyable eating tobecome the ad message on TV commercials and wrappers. “Glass and a half”, Dairy Milk Chocolate’s ad message Page 5 sur 11
  6. 6. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12An important fact made the brand famous. George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited thecompany in Bournville. Indeed, in 1939, the 10,000 factory’s employees welcomed the RoyalCouple in their firm. It was a great distinction and recognition for all the employees. Withthat event, Cadbury became a true English value. It will be a part of the British culture and anational pride, which will create a strong relationship with the British population.! Visit of the Majesties in Bournville factoryIn 1955 Cadbury launched its first TV commercial. Its drinking chocolate was one of the 24ads that were shown on ITV’s launch night. The advert was based on the popular game“Twenty Questions” First TV commercialIn 1959-60’s the TV advertising for Flake products began. It used the subject of a womansensually enjoying a bar of chocolate on her own. This TV ad shows an important historicaland social change : the women’s liberation movement. Here too, the brand deals with socialissues and is aware about society evolutions and movements by supporting them.Again, in 1960’s Skippy product is launched. The milk chocolate bar with a caramel and wafercentre was create with the slogan “It’s got a crunch in the biscuit and a munch in themiddle”. The TV ad showed a swinging London couple getting off their scooter and goinginto a trendy coffee bar to pick up their Skippys. Again, this TV ad shows the way of life atthis time with the evolution of the couple perception. Now they are modern, they drivescooter and are really trendy. They have hobbies and seem like real free citizens, they arethe new middle-class who emerges from the working class.Nowadays we can see Cadbury brand like a huge band which has been successful in its ownmanagement. Since 1824, Cadbury has evolved with its time and it is always true. The Gorilla Page 6 sur 11
  7. 7. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12Advert in 2007, which was a great success, shows how the brand tried to reach andunderstand its target. It plays with lots of actual tools to reach its aim, gain awareness andkeep success. Advanced technologies were used to push the brand in the heart of the targetaudience. TV commercial 1988 by Gold Greenlees Trott agencyAs it was in the 1988’s Cadbury advertising, by using the cultural trends : Disco music,Cadbury nowadays uses digital media and tries to be an innovative brand by using newtechnologies.There are different topics which are trendy at this time and which are also run for lots ofCadbury’s campaigns :Viral videos :  This viral video campaign following the famous Gorilla campaign was a continuity of the previous positioning : “A glass and a half of joy”. Here again, Cadbury didn’t sale their chocolate but rather, a value of their product or a way of life which is the Joy.  By using unexpected advertising standards to its campaign : Dogs in a Purple Lamborghini, Cadbury made a dangerous bet. They break the regular standards to sell chocolate as usual. They are where we don’t except them. I think they can afford to do that because they’re the most successful confectionary company in the world. They don’t want to gain awareness but gain in popularity. In the same way another campaign was launched with the same slogan showing cloths dancing. Page 7 sur 11
  8. 8. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12  This campaign runs in Australia using the social network Youtube for this operation. The company has played with the video player’s shape of Youtube by creating one in circle shape. Inside, some short comic videos are played like an hamster in its wheel, a man in a gorilla costume running too in the wheel, or a dog and a bird playing basketball. We can see that Cadbury’s firm always tries to find some ways to show its innovative thinking. This campaign is the proof of a way to develop communication means & tools not exploited by other brands at this time.  Cadbuy made another viral video but this time it is not a promotion ad. It is a viral video to thank cadbury’s lovers in Facebook. Indeed for the 1 million likes of Cadbury they create a viral video which shows how to create a gigantic like button only with 3 tonnes of chocolate from Cadbury Dairy Milk. Moreover some fans participated to the creation of the like button. The brand thanks its likers but also likes them in return for their love and participation to the brand community. I think it is a good idea because fans feel specials for the brand. the facebook content is a good way to involve people in the brand. networks :  In 2009, Saatchi Saatchi London launched a really good campaign mixing social, local and mobile ways. This campaign is a “wild egg hunt” to promote the Cadbury’s Cream Egg Twisted. This game is, according to me, really well thinking because the campaign uses various tools to interact with people. After to be a CIA agent (Cadbury’s Intelligence Agency), the game takes you though Google Maps to find the missing egg. At the same time, some tips have been send by twitter to help players in their quest. Moreover, a great prize is the key : a luxurious trip in Morocco or a cash prize of $ 33,000. I think this campaign is a real example of the creative capacities of Cadbury. It’s a really intelligent and thoughtful way to promote by using several tools overlapping. Page 8 sur 11
  9. 9. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12 This campaign can create lots of word-of-mouth and it’s a very funny way to introduce a product to the target audience.  I can also say that Cadbury is a great brand in terms of social networks management. They always try to create some content for their Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts. Their covers and pages have always good design and I think, in this new context provided by social networking, it is a major advantage to manage different platforms and make them into complementary.  Cadbury also made a partnership with Shazam during Britain’s Got Talent to put special tag in their ads allowing to Shazam’s users to find out more about the music being played. Moreover they can participate to a competition to win prizes. With this campaign, Cadbury follows the current trend. Its philosophy of partnership with appeared brands with potential places Cadbury always in everyday life that you can see everywhere, even when you don’t expected it.  “Keep team GB pumped”: Cadbury was an important support for the Olympics 2012 in London. There was one famous campaign running on Facebook to get the Facebook user involved on the Olympics and UK teams. The principle was to connect your Facebook profile and support the UK team in a virtual parade to win tickets for Olympics and Paralympics by a draw. I think this campaign took place in the news and so people felt concerned. Page 9 sur 11
  10. 10. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12Interactivity & games:  Cadbury Crunchie Rockording Studio : Cadbury with this event creates interactivity with its target (young people). Indeed they place a Recording Studio at London which allows people to record their own song and take it with them.  Weather sensitive Chocolate Billboard. Cadbury in Toronto launched the unique interactive billboard that interacted with the city’s weather. Indeed the Saatchi Saatchi billboard has a long teeter-totter with a giant Cadbury Cream Egg on its end. Depends on the weather (rain, snow…), the egg will rise on the other end where is a lever which allows to meet a fan machine that will break the egg. This billboard is a real revolution and beyond of the product promotion, it shows that the brand is an advanced brand, innovative & creative.  Dairy Milk chocolate bar contest Cadbury has launched a contest allowing to create your own personalised chocolate bar. Beyond the creation, you can also win your personalised chocolate bar Dairy Milk. This contest is not very innovative but we can see that the brand plays again with the usual trend of the personalization. The personalisation allows people to be creative while playing and have some recognition feelings. I think it is a simple way to consolidate the relationship between the brand and the target audience while create some content around the brand and makes fun for people. Moreover the prize amplifies people feelings and shows them they are special.  Cadbury touchscreen bus shelter game : Another trend using by Cadbury is the touchscreen game. Indeed, they decided with Saatchi Saatchi agency to create a game to promote the Cadbury Cream Egg. It’s a simple game where you have to bash as many failing digital egg as you can in 20seconds. This is a simple and intelligent way to promote product. People who are bored while waiting the bus can play, Cadbury helps you to have fun and gives you a little time to relax and laugh. When buying some chocolate you remember that this product gives you a funny time when you were bored. This interactive experience can be share on social networks and create some buzz and popularity for the brand. s_shortfilms#.UKd6GIWvbug Page 10 sur 11
  11. 11. Daphné Lala – DMS British Ad – Cadbury’s company19/11/12  I think it’s important to mention that Cadbury, which always plays with some trends, used in a campaign the augmented reality for their products. The customers can play with various products of the brand, in the same way as the game on the touchscreen bus shelter. :  This campaign showing the flagship product of the brand allows to be in people’s thought and creates some buzz by using huge and massive billboard.ConclusionTo conclude with this brand, it is important to say that its success couldn’t be without thefamous visionaries of its founder John Cadbury and the other chairmen who have knownhow to manage and develop this company. Innovation and creation were always in theforefront of their minds. The way to organize the production and the importance of theproduct too are a great part of the brand’s success Despite the competitors like Swisscompanies, history events like WWI and WWII, the brand always saw the opportunitiesaround it. Taking risks was an important part of the Cadbury’s strategy and the strategicchoices led to the success. For me the most important for the success of the brand is itsintegration in people’s life.I noticed when I was working on this brand that it always tries to live in its time taking intoaccount both the current ideas and the technical means. Cadbury became a part of theBritish’s history, culture and way of life : The company was involved when rationing wasenforced in the WWII, was one of the first presented brands during the ITV launch, andinvolved to try to get a better world in terms of social & environmental issues.It is an innovative and creative brand that thinks always outside of the box. It is a brand thatdoesn’t feel the fear and always tries to repel the limits of the chocolate marketing andadvertising. It follows consumers’ behaviours and feelings and listen them to encouragesome movement and creation. Its creativity allows it to stay in people thought and heart.With its merger Kraft Food I think that the brand will be still here in few years thanks to thefinancial resources.Maybe I could worry because of the risk of too much creativity which could lost themessage. Indeed, the TV commercials don’t show anymore the product and are very farfrom the usual ways to sell confectionary products. Like the United Colors of Benetton case,Cadbury has to be careful not to go too far and to avoid the risk of disappointing itsconsumers. Success and buzz are important in marketing but while looking after anothersuccess campaign like the Gorilla one, they can loose themselves. Page 11 sur 11