Event Strategy: 3 Keys To An Event Strategy For More Profit


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http://eventstrategysolutions.com - Setting up your event strategy has a big impact not only on the planning of your seminar, but also on your overall profits. Before you even start thinking of setting a date and contracting a venue, you need to know the type of event and how many attendees you want. You also have to be clear on the transformation you take your audience through.

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Event Strategy: 3 Keys To An Event Strategy For More Profit

  1. 1. Setting Up Your Event Strategy By Daphne Bousquet, CMP
  2. 2. If hosting a workshop or seminar is one of your goals, you have much to do
  3. 3. Planning an event consists of many moving parts
  4. 4. It is easy for things tofall through the cracks
  5. 5. Before you evenstart thinking of setting a date and contracting a venue,
  6. 6. you need to ask yourself three questions
  7. 7. Question #1:What kind of event do I want?
  8. 8. What is the structure for your seminar?
  9. 9. Is this going to be anintensive training bootcamp,
  10. 10. or will you also have anoffer for your audience
  11. 11. Are you planning tohave speakers at your event
  12. 12. to complement your content?
  13. 13. Will the speakersmake an offer as well?
  14. 14. This changes your pricing structure
  15. 15. If you are not asking your attendees towork with you any further,
  16. 16. you will have to chargemore for your seminar
  17. 17. than if you are countingon back of the room sales
  18. 18. Question #2: How many people doI want to have at my seminar?
  19. 19. Not every lucrative seminarneeds to have 100 attendees
  20. 20. That is the biggest misconception I see among my clients
  21. 21. You can makehigh 5 figures or even six figures from a small audience
  22. 22. It all depends on your topic,
  23. 23. how your seminar willimprove your audience’s lives
  24. 24. and your revenue streams
  25. 25. Your ticket sales andthe back of the room sales
  26. 26. are not your onlyrevenue stream options
  27. 27. And it doesn’t take agenius to figure out that,
  28. 28. the more revenue streams you add to your seminar,
  29. 29. the more profitable it will be
  30. 30. Question #3: What is the transformationI will take my audience through?
  31. 31. How will your seminarimprove your audience’s life?
  32. 32. What is the big benefityou offer your attendees?
  33. 33. Your seminar is the solution to a problemthat your audience has
  34. 34. If you are a business coachit can be getting more clients
  35. 35. If you are a life coach or relationship coachyou can help people feel loved
  36. 36. You have a unique solution that your attendees want
  37. 37. Focus on your big benefit
  38. 38. in the name of your seminarand all your marketing materials.
  39. 39. When you ask these questionsbefore you start any planning
  40. 40. you will be in a better position to really be successful with your seminar
  41. 41. Many times,the difference between a six figure seminar
  42. 42. and one that barely breaks even,lays in the foundation of your event
  43. 43. Taking a couple of hours to set up the strategy of your event
  44. 44. has a big impact not only on theplanning of your seminar,
  45. 45. but also on your overall profits.
  46. 46. For strategies to fill your workshops and seminarswithout driving yourself crazy,
  47. 47. Pick up a copy of myFREE seminar marketing eBook at EventStrategySolutions.com