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Question 1

  1. 1. How are you usingmedia technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. • I used a range of media technologies throughout my process from the planning stage tothe post production stage. I began by taking my research from many different sources. Iused Google to research my genre,• For example I researched the genreconventions on Google which led me to a lotof external sites where I gained differentviews on different conventions. I usedGoogle to research because it is one of thebest search engines in the world. Thereforethe internet was a resource that I used tocheck my some of my research. I also took atrip to my local library and college library tofind out more about horror films and filmsin general. I found a book in where I wasable to find out different shot sizes andmovements which corresponded with thegenre of my film or which could be used tomake my trailer more successful.
  3. 3. • I used my blackberry note pad to write down a list of shots, angles ormovements which could be incorporated into my film trailer and as I could onlykeep the book for a period of time I was able to save it on my phone to referback to for future references. I also used my blackberry device as a channel toresearch on the internet finding out more information about my genre as I wason the go.
  4. 4. • To research more practical examples I went onto where Idiscovered a range of film trailers but it was better for me to research those ofthe genre I was making my film on. This allowed me to see more conventions ofmy film genre in particularly with a range from film to film so I made sure Inoted down the common conventions as well as the unique conventions in eachfilm. I continuously watched the film trailers so I was able to tell the exact effectthat the trailers had on me so it got to a point where I was on my phone andIPod touch watching film trailers so I even started to watch film trailers otherthan from my genre.
  5. 5. • Whilst researching this I saw that there must be a narrative structure in each of thesefilms or trailers, so I started researching the internet for more information on the narrativetheorists that I had heard about. I had researched into the theorists of the like of Todorov,Petrov and Levi-Strauss. My main interest was with Todorov’s structure as he decidedfilms can be often seen with the following structure. • I watched a video which describes the structure and a screen grab from the video is on the left. This breaks a film down into different sections and I thought my film should adapt to this structure even though it would be quite difficult to import into a film trailer. Taking my storyline and adapting it to this structure would go like this; Everybody is calm going about their daily business so my character Tobi is a gangster doing his day job of drug dealing which will be my equilibrium, then a disruption is caused which will be the murder of Tobi unexpectedly as it will come out from nowhere. Between the disruption stage and the resolution stage it will probably be the longest to transfer. So my resolution would be Tobi’s dad going after the killer and getting rid of him – either arresting him or killing him. Then the restored order is the killer being out of the way and a new equilibrium would be everything back to normal including his dad grieving. A film trailer often only shows the 1st equilibrium and the disruption rather than showing the resolution as that would be giving the film away.
  6. 6. • I used Microsoft word to create a brief questionnaire which I gave to a sample of mytarget audience. I had arranged these in number bullet points so it was easy for them tofollow and think about the question. Here is a list of the questions I asked.Who would you like to see as a main killer; male or female?What usually frightens you in horror?What colours have the most effect on you?What type of killer would you like to see?What do you think makes a horror film?•I used PowerPoint to process this information and then transferred it to a slide sharevideo which would make my information more interactive.•I used the blogger website to post my blog work. I have had experience using this in myAS work so nothing was really difficult for me to grasp.
  7. 7. • My research and planning for my magazine cover didn’t take on a lot of research due tothe fact that I took it on in my AS production work along with a contents page and doublepage spread which was all on last years blog. This meant that I was already aware of theconventions and codes of a magazine cover. However what I had to do in the prepreproduction was to do more research on magazines featured in the same genre as wellas being able to represent my target audience. I looked at well known magazineinstitutions that have produced magazines featuring films from the same genre as mine.Also having a sub genre meant that I will have to do more research on my audience. Ilooked at my AS production magazine and tried to follow the same or similar codes in myA2, however I had to step it up another level in order for me to get the grade that I wantwhich would mean more images etc.
  8. 8. • Creating a film poster is a job I have never taken on before so researching theconventions of one were new to me, however seeing them on a day to day basis I wasable to have an idea of what it contains of. I tried to research film posters of the particulargenre I was doing as well as my sub genre and I looked at the colours that they use as wellas the mise en scene they use to create effect.