Winners don't do different things...

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H2 Physics Presentation

H2 Physics Presentation

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  • 1. Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently… - Stephen Covey
  • 2. Don’t forget, you are in a race!
    • In a race, there are always winners and losers.
    • Your competitors are your classmates and all those who are sitting for the GCE A level exams all over Singapore.
    • Some will be big winners but unfortunately some will be left behind.
    • How do you emerge a winner?
  • 3. Start with an appreciation of how things work.
    • Pay attention to the laws of physics.
    • Understand the definitions and meaning of terms used in the context of that topic.
    • Use visual effects such as Java applets, videos and demos to create a mental picture.
  • 4. Have an eye for details and critically process information given.
    • Read carefully and critically process information as you read.
    • Underline important details so that you do not forget.
    • Pay attention to units, prefixes, etc.
    • When reading graphs, pay attention to axes used.
    • … many more
  • 5. Don’t memorize unless you have understood .
    • Anything that don’t make sense is nonsense.
    • The brain rejects it very fast.
      • If you’re Chinese, try sitting in a Tamil language class…(and vice versa)
      • Your brain shuts off in just less than 5 min if you do not comprehend.
    • Go slow when you are learning. You will gather speed when you begin to understand.
    • Remember, don’t memorize nonsense!
  • 6. Need for specific strategies !
    • When answering qualitative questions, always link one physical quantity to another physical quantity in your write up.
    • Use specific law of physics or definitions to support your argument.
    • Questions that relate to graphs, you must always state the feature of the graph and its relationship to the physical quantity.
    • … many more
  • 7. Need to build good habits.
    • Habits last you a life time. You build a habit, you build a destiny.
    • Habits take time to develop, so begin your training at an early stage.
    • When you develop good habits, you tend to be more efficient in your work!
  • 8. Winners in life…
    • Good physics is good thinking…the ability to gather information, process information and make good use of the information.
    • Many professions require people of such traits…
    • Do well in this subject…you can be a winner in life as well!