Tips and tricks for using wordpress as application platform.


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Tips and tricks for using WordPress as application platform. By Dan Westall a london based freelance WordPress developer see

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Tips and tricks for using wordpress as application platform.

  1. 1. Tips and tricks for using as a application platform. By Dan westall
  2. 2. /about-me ● ● ● ● ● Freelance based in london Work with WordPress for the last 6 years Also use php frameworks Yii and Laravel Can find me at Twitter @danwestall_
  3. 3. /wordpress-the-application-platform ● Official use of “wordPress as a application platform” was in the 3.5 release video in 2012 ● WordPress was referred to as a application platform by matt mullenweg in “state of wordPress” @ SF Wordcamp
  4. 4. /wp-as-application-platform ● ● ● ● Out the box CRUD (create, read, update and delete) Out of the box user permissions Pre-defined DB structure Large Library of plugins.
  5. 5. /key-plugins ● Posts 2 posts - by scribu Efficient many-to-many connections between posts, pages, custom post types, users. ● Advanced Custom Fields Fully customise WordPress edit screens with powerful fields. Boasting a professional interface and a powerfull API ● Custom post types to taxonomy - by cftp A WordPress plugin providing an API for plugin developers to sync specified a post type with a specified taxonomy, multiple pairs of post types and taxonomies can be synced.
  6. 6. /key-plugins-1 ● WP Frontend Pro Build forms that allow your users to edit posts from the front end of wordpress. ● Gravity Forms Build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes. No drudgery, just quick and easy form-building. Select your fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built-in tools. ● Taxonomy Metadata Infrastructure plugin which implements metadata functionality for taxonomy terms, including for tags and categories.
  7. 7. /tips-tricks ● ● ● ● Extending XML-RPC interface Shadowing users with a user custom post type Extending post meta with custom tables ○ URL endpoints
  8. 8. /examples ● ● Whos the boss Class Management
  9. 9. /whos-the-boss CEO Posts 2 posts - (reports_to) Finance Director CPT - Position p2p - (employee_position) + year meta CPT - Employee Bio Development Director 2007-2013 2003 - 2007 2001-2003 Ben Smith Jane Smith John Smith 1 USR CTP to Taxonomy Business Development Director Ben Smith Location Location Advanced Custom Fields 1. Shadow user Bio’s, with profiles author, set CTP author to user id, then limtt permissions to post they own.
  10. 10. /whos-the-boss-and-where-do-they-work CPT - Employee Bio Ben Smith Jane Smith John Smith Location CTP to Taxonomy - Taxonomy CTP to Taxonomy - CPT Location Notes: (Plugin) Taxonomy Metadata Advanced Custom Fields Tax-Meta-Class
  11. 11. CPT /class-management Plugins used ● Post to posts ● Advanced Custom Fields ● CTP to Tax ● Gravity Form Other notes ● Shadow users ● Roles ● Permissions CPT Document Library CPT Building Subject Advanced Custom Fields CPT Class Room TAX Subject CPT Gravity Forms Student Question Submission USR Student Class Comments USR Teacher Shadow user profiles CPT Teacher Profile Advanced Custom Fields
  12. 12. /the-class-hosted WordPress mu Extended XML RPC Billing platform
  13. 13. /Notes ● ● Taxonomy Meta, trac #10142 Posts relationships, Trac #14513,
  14. 14. /cons ● ● ● Wordpress admin Scaling. You cant do this without some code
  15. 15. Perception
  16. 16. Questions?