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Rt final

  1. 1. 1. The title of your program: Final Cut2. The concept of your program:This show will be a competition that will include 20 top film students from variousdifferent colleges who are competing for a job on Steven Spielberg’s next movie. Eachepisode will have a different event that will cover a specific aspect of filmmaking. Anew panel of Oscar award winning judges, as well as Youtube sensations, and othercelebrities will judge the competitors, according what the task is that week. For instance,if the challenge on week 5 is to direct, then Ang Lee will be amongst the judges alongwith Alexander Payne, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, and others. Producer, director,author, and publisher Michael Wiese will host the show. After reading his book Makingit Big in Shorts, I believe he knows what it takes to make it in the film industry. He hasseveral “how-to” books on screenwriting and filmmaking, which are used in over 600film courses. The contestants will be diverse in ethnicity, equal male and females, and allabout the same age. All contestants will be invited to stay in a penthouse on Hollywoodboulevard in Los Angeles. All activity during there stay will be recorded used on theshow so the audience can see how they interact outside of the competition.3. The log line of your program: Do you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood?Prove you can direct, produce, edit, write, cast, and more on Final Cut. Just don’t getcut!4. Themes: Reality TV, Filmmaking, Hollywood, Competition5. Format/Genre: Reality, Competition. The show films the lives of the contestants whilethey compete against each other. We see how their relationships develop at home andhow they interact and at the same time, they are rivals.6. In the first episode we will meet the host and have him explain the how the show willwork and give a tour of the house. He will announce all of the judges who will be on theshow throughout the season. Then we will see the all of the contestants in the limointroducing themselves to one another and conversing as they ride to the penthouse.They will meet the host outside in front of the building as he introduces himself and goesover the rules and lets them into their rooms.For the remained of the episode we will watch as they unpack and get aquainted. Theywill have dinner and then meet down in the lobby of their building where they will gettheir first project. Then we will watch as they make their videos until the end when theyare judged.Throughout the rest of the season that is pretty much how it will work. They meetdownstairs for their assignment, spend the rest of the episode working on them until it’stime to be judged. Then once someone loses, we will watch as they unpack and spendthe rest of the night with the cast before they leave.
  2. 2. 7. Episodes:Episode 1: The first week will introduce the host, Michael Wiese. He’ll tell a little abouthimself and what the competition is about. Then the contestants will arrive on a partybus together. And be introduced 1 by 1 as they come out. He will explain the rules to theguests and let them up into the penthouse to pick their rooms. Later that night, they willbe assigned their first team challenge. They will have to partner up and go to the dollarstore. Using 10 dollars they will have to buy materials to use to make a “how-to” videofor youtube. This will cause some drama in the house as people may for alliances withone another. The judges for this contest will be Jenna Marbles, Ray William Johnson,Chloe Saavedra from Smoosh on youtube, and the guys from Smoosh on youtube, andMartin Scorsese. The two groups who have the lowest points at the end, is eliminatedleaving 16 contestants left.Episode 2: In week two, the contestants will have to partner up with new partners thistime and are sent out to film a live band. Given a profession PA system and 4 high-endcameras they have to figure out how to mic up the bands equipment and record a song sothat all the levels are equal. Not only that, they must figure out where to place 2stationary cameras and must use the other 2 to walk around and film the liveperformance. Afterwards they will have to piece the performance together to come upwith a live music video. The 2 groups with the lowest scores at the end with areeliminated. This event will be judged by Aerosmith, William Goldenberg (film editor ofArgo), and Mark from Blink 182.Episode 3: Week three will be an individual challenge. The contestants will be given anabundance of footage from the show Modern Family. The footage will include variousdifferent shot angles of an entire episode. The contestants will be given one full day toedit the pieces together using whatever editing software they prefer to make the bestepisode possible. The two people with the lowest scores will be eliminated by judges,Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter (academy award winners for best film editing), Ty Burrell(Phil on Modern Family), and Ryan Case (editor of Modern Family).Episode 4: On week four contestants will have to go out of the streets of LA and holdcasting auditions for a deodorant commercial. Not only must the cast a person, but alsothey must come up with a concept for a commercial, set up microphones correctly, lookfor a location to shoot, film and edit the commercial in 2 days. Judges, Ringan Ledwidgeof Rattling Stick (who makes the AXE Deodorant commercials) will be judging, alongwith Mike Haneke (director of Armour), and David O. Russell (director of Silver LiningsPlaybook). The two with the lowest score will be eliminated.
  3. 3. Episode 5: In this week’s episode there contestants will have to produce a 50’s style adfor Coca-Cola. They’ have to cast people to be in it, and research the clothing style of thetime period so that the actors are dressed accordingly. This will be the main focus of thisepisode, hairstyle, and make up, fashion, and set. The set of the commercial and style asit should pertain to the 1950’s time period. They will be given 5 days to complete thetask. The panel of judges will consist of Jacqueline Durran (Oscar winner for costumedesign), fashion designer Stella McCartney, and Colleen Atwood (costume designer forAlice in Wonderland). The 2 people with the lowest score will be eliminated.Episode 6: This week the remaining 6 people will each have to pick a topic or person todo a documentary on. They will be given 10 days to do this. The length of the film mustbe 30 minutes. This will be judged by Kahlil Hudson and Tyler Hughen (directors ofLow and Clear), Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine (directors of Inocente). The contestantwith the lowest score will be eliminated.Episode 7: On this episode contestants will have to write short script for an argument.No more than 3 pages long. It can be about anything. They have to establish how theargument started, what occurred during the argument, and how it was resolved or ended.They will have four hours to complete this. Their scripts are being judged on content andformatting by Billy Wilder and Quentin Tarantino. The two contestants with the lowestscore will be eliminated.Episode 8: This is the final week before the finale. On this episode there are 3contestants left. Their job is to shoot a chase sequence. They will each be given thesame script and they necessary equipment to film with. They must cast their own actorsand film this project within one week. The judges from this week will be all of theformer cast members. The contestant with the lowest score will be eliminated.8. Final Episode:The final episode will be a 2 hours long special. The two remaining contestants will haveto write a script for a short film no more than twenty minutes. They will have to cast forit, find locations to shoot at, edit, and direct their short film. They will be given a crewand any necessary tools to complete the project over a 3-month period. The judges forthis one will be the TV viewers voting from their phones or online.9. Literature Review:My show will be successful for several reasons. In my show I will include severalcelebrities. In an article I read, The Appeal of Reality Television for Teen and PreteenAudiences, it says “connectedness is defined as the level of intensity of the relationship(s)that a viewer develops with the characters and contextual setting of a program in thepara-social television entertainment. The higher the connectedness, the more involved theviewer is with the program and characters. (Patino, P) Hopefully having celebrities thatmany people already know will invite more viewers to tune in. I struggled to find anyother“academic, scholarly, or peer review journals”, relating to my show. I searched“why we watch reality TV, why we watch TV shows with celebrities, why we watch TV
  4. 4. show competitions”, and so many more topics and found nothing other than the onearticle I mentioned which had little relevance to my topic. I ended up just searchinggoogle for reasons why people watch reality TV and found a someone’s blog whoresearched why people watch reality television and they had some sources at the end sothey had done so research. Their blog post says that people watch this type ofprogramming because we find comfort in connection. We don’t want to be alone andisolated so we tune into “reality” TV to see other peoples problems so that we can relateto them. This is called “common humanity”; this is when we realize things happen toeveryone, not just you. We find inspiration in reality TV to help us overcome obstaclesand motivate us to improve ourselves (upward social comparison). I believe current filmstudents will become more motivated to be better filmmakers after watching my show. Ialso believe that the show will inspire people to become filmmakers.On the blog it also says we watch reality TV for a self-esteem boost. We engage indownward social comparison, when we compare our situations to another who has itworse than we do. A viewer may watch a show to gain social information. Perhaps tosee the latest trends. Especially if the show has celebrities on it like mine does.10. Popular Examples:When comparing my show to a popular example, I’d say it’s closely related to ProjectRunway. Contestants competed for cash prizes, presenting at New York’s Fashion Weekand an editorial feature in Marie Clare, among others. Each week there is a newcompetition relating to different aspects of designing. This show was obviouslysuccessful because it has had 11 seasons. According to TV.com it has a rating of 8.6 of10. The show averages 2.7 million viewers. I believe my show will receive similarratings and success.11. Citations:Lastname, Firstinitial. (Year, Month Date). Title of the Blog Post Entry. [Web LogPost]. Retrieved from http://thewebsiteBreines, J. (2011, June 9) Why we watch reality TV. [Web Log Post]. Retrieved fromhttp://psych-your-mind.blogspot.com/2011/06/why-we-watch-reality-tv.htmlPatino, P., Kaltcheva, V. D., & Smith, M.F. (2011) The appeal of Reality Television ForTeen and Pre-Teen audiences, The Power of “Connectedness” and PsychoDemographics. Journal of Advertising Research. 45(04), 288-297. DOI: 10.2501/JAR-51-1-288-297Season Nine Debut of Lifetime’s ‘Project Runway’ Averages 2.7 Million Viewers. (2009,July, 29). In TV By the Numbers. Retrieved May 8, 2013, fromhttp://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/07/29/season-nine-debut-of-lifetimes-
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