Cyprus, Sunset Springs


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Cyprus, Sunset Springs

  1. 1. SunSet SpringS, CypruS priCeS Start from €254,000 Cyprus LimassoL The island of Cyprus is more than just a beautiful Limassol is the biggest port in the mediterranean place for vacationing; it is also a highly attractive transit trade. it has also become one of the most place for investors of every ilk looking for a solid important tourism, trade and service-providing place to invest their hard-earned money. centres in the area. Limassol is renowned for its long cultural tradition, and is home to the Cyprus The island has a fantastic tourist sector that university of Technology. continues to grow yearly. Cyprus also has an excellent business sector that has become a a wide spectrum of activities and a great popular off-shore haven for investors. The very number of museums and archaeological sites are location of the island is favourable for investing available to the interested visitor. Consequently, as it is strategically located at the crossroads of Limassol attracts a wide range of tourists all three continents. year round to be accommodated in its several luxurious hotels and apartments. CypruS in addition to the existing sights and attractions, a world class marina is currently being built, that Kyr Eni a will offer a wide range of services and attractions unsurpassed anywhere in Cyprus. far m agus Ta ni Cos i a Lar naCa papho s Li m as s oL Cyprus is also a member of the European union L imassoL and offers investors one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the Eu. The island’s economic stability is further enhanced by a very strong economic performance that has been bolstered not only by its tourist and business markets but also by its red m E d i T E r r a n E a n s E a hot property market. sunsET springs LimaSSoL waTEr parK Tiffany’s shopping maLL goLf rEsorT LaniTis harb ou r
  2. 2. sunsET springs sunset springs resort is luxury development, designed by one of the leading architectural firms in Cyprus, specialised in landscape architecture and contemporary designs. modern Elements, functionality, spacious rooms, easy access, privacy are a few of the main characteristics outlined in the project. The main idea was to develop a branded resort to set new standards in the real estate market in Limassol. sunset springs resort is located in Trachoni Village that is only 3-4 km away from the centre of Limassol. golfers, business people, holiday makers are the main target market of the resort, within walking distance from the new upcoming state of the art golf course of Lanitis. recently, a new brand in the retail market has announced in the press, its plans to build the biggest shopping mall `Tiffany` only 1500 meters from the resort. The mall will offer brand name retail products, business services, food courts, leisure and recreation facilities and other. The biggest water park in Cyprus is only 800 meters from the development and is an ideal place to spend your free time during the hot months of summer! purChasE proCEdurE purchasing property through property Clinic is straight forward. with availability changing on a daily basis we will help you decide the perfect unit for you, reserving the property in your name allowing you to review all necessary documents. once you are happy to proceed with your purchase you will need to make the following payments: • £7,000 reservation fee/acquisition cost • 1% mortgage fee KEy bEnEfiTs The mortgage is then agreed with the lender • five star resort (grace period of 2 years during construction and then the option to pay interest only for 5 • Completion early 2011 years after delivery). • 18 months (from completion) free maintenance • 30% bmV (agreed valuation from bank) • Legal fees paid • freehold • interest only rate (5 year initial period, subject to status) • all furniture, electrical appliances, white goods and air-condition units included • 1 year free health club membership • allocated parking space
  3. 3. uniT brEaKdown TypE a one bedroom apartments/one bathroom Two bedroom apartments/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 53-89sqm • Covered verandas from: 8 – 47sqm • uncovered verandas from: 11-56sqm TypE b Two bedrooms/two bathrooms • Living areas: 78sqm • Covered verandas: 7.5sqm • uncovered verandas: 6sqm TypE C Two bedrooms/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 78 – 84.5sqm • Covered verandas from: 8 - 16sqm • uncovered verandas from: 6 - 59sqm TypE d Two bedrooms/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 80.5 – 85sqm • Covered verandas from: 16 - 23sqm • uncovered verandas from: 7.5 – 19.5sqm TypE E Two bedrooms/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 80.5 – 85sqm • Covered verandas from: 4 - 23sqm • uncovered verandas from: 7.5 – 19.5sqm TypE f one bedroom apartments/one bathroom Two bedroom apartments/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 55 – 80sqm • Covered verandas from: 11.5 – 17.5sqm TypE g Two bedrooms/two bathrooms • Living areas from: 80 – 86sqm • Covered verandas from: 8 - 13sqm • uncovered verandas from: 10.5 – 12.5sqm property Clinic uK Ltd Tel +44 (0)20 8240 4485 fax +44 (0)20 8240 4486 south London southbridge house, southbridge place, Croydon Cr0 4ha Central London second floor, 145 - 157 st John street, London EC1V 4py registered in England and wales. no 06485430 second floor, 145 - 157 st John street, London EC1V 4py