Chapter 7 presentation skills


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Chapter 7 presentation skills

  1. 1. ME3101 / ME3102Mechanical Systems DesignChapter 7Presentation Skills
  2. 2. Presentation Skills•Anyone can present,but not everyone can doa good presentation.•For a goodpresentation to happen,it takes: •Preparation •Practiceand more Preparation.
  3. 3. Preparations – Before the PresentationAsk these questions:•What is the purpose of this presentation?•Who is my audience?•Where/When is my presentation?•What is the point I want to make?•Does the location have the equipments I need?•What attire is appropriate?
  4. 4. Preparations – Before the Presentation•Rehearse!•Try to keep to yourtimings duringpractice!•Avoid reading fromscripts if possible. Ifnot, cue cards wouldbe a better choice.•If time permits, dothe rehearsal on thepresentation groundsitself to getfamiliarized
  5. 5. During the PresentationRemember to do the following1. Greet the audience2. Introduce yourself3. Brief introduction about your presentation4. Use visual aids5. Practice good body language6. Clear verbal delivery
  6. 6. Tips for using visual aidsMicrosoft Powerpoint Prezi Google Docs Presentation
  7. 7. Tips for using visual aids•Limit the number of slides. If in doubt, 1 slide forevery 2 minutes is a good number to stick to.•Visuals are meant to enhance your presentation.Not take over it. Keep the slides uncluttered withjust enough text to illustrate your point.•Limit transitions and animations. Stayprofessional.•Make sure the slides can be seen clearly from theaudience’s point of view
  8. 8. Tips for using visual aids•Use diagrams to help the audience visualize your ideas.•Use a video simulator to help the audience see how exactly how youridea works! (An example of this is under the “Videos” tab on thewebsite•Or you could opt to perform an actual simulation with the audiencefor them to get an actual feel of it.
  9. 9. Tips for using visual aids 3D AutocadGoogle Sketchup
  10. 10. Body LanguageEye Contact:•Make eye contact with audience to engagetheir attention•Maintain eye contact for a few seconds atdifferent attention zones to prevent “fleetingeyes”•Be familiarized with content to preventconstant reference to notes
  11. 11. Body LanguagePosture•Stand straight with your shoulderspulled back.•Maintain an open body posture.•Face the audience•Use gestures to emphasize your point•Occasionally move about to establishpresence•Do not fidget.
  12. 12. Clear Verbal DeliveryVoice:•Project your voice to make sure thatyou can be heard.•Deliver your message slowly andclearly, this might be the first timethe audience heard about yourproject. Try to let them understandon the first delivery.•Use appropriate pauses.•Stay calm and be confident aboutyour content!
  13. 13. In ConclusionThe entirety of the project starts from the idea conception to the finalpresentation.No matter how good an idea is, it cannot be actualized if it cannot be sold toother people.