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Sport nav evolution 2011

  1. 1. A new Sport site with new navigation Dan Tallis, Information ArchitectFuture Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  2. 2. The following were key IA tasks during the redesign of the Sportsite:•Talking to domain experts – Sports Journalists to understand the hugevariety of Sports and Competitions.• Gathering requirements from Editorial stakeholders (Editor of the Sportsite) to find out their priorities.•Creation of Site Maps of the existing Sport site and the proposed site.• Competitor Analysis of navigation used on sites such as ESPN, Sky Sportsand The Guardian.•Creation of wireframes for the new navigation.•User research – statistic analysis and user testing of the new navigation. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  3. 3. Talking to Domain Experts enabled us to Identify Domain ObjectsAll Sports involve:An Event, for example, a Match,which take place at a certain Time,and at a certain Location.
  4. 4. The Domain Objects can be linked and a model can be created.
  5. 5. The model can be expanded.
  6. 6. A key IA task was to create a site map for the existingsite, so we knew which pages had to be redesignedand included in the new site. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  7. 7. The Site Map was approx. 5 metres long when printed out… The colours of the boxes indicate how the content is published… One of the aims here is show how the publishing system will change with the new site. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  8. 8. Focusing on the Football site map – as it is now: 182 CPS indexes Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  9. 9. This is how the Football site map could look in 2011: 2 CPS indexes Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  10. 10. Key IA Task: The Site Navigation Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  11. 11. The Current NavigationSome Reasons for change:• To match the rest of the BBC with a horizontalnav.• The current nav is very long.• It’s overwhelming and confusing. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  12. 12. CompetitorAnalysis Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  13. 13. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  14. 14. The Navigation had to satisfy Business requirements for the site:•Make users aware of the breadth of Live Sport content on the BBC.• Provide easy access to all Sports wherever the user is in the site.• Provide easy access to Tournaments wherever the user is in the site.• Give the user a sense of where they are within the site hierarchy.• Give the user multiple methods of navigating around to other pages.•Simplified navigation compared with the existing site. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  15. 15. An initial idea around what a horizontal Sport navigation couldlook likeRationaleTop Level: Most Popular Sports listed along with a link to the Olympics.All other Sports accessible via the Sports A-Z link.BBC Business links: Live Today, TV & Radio.Second Level: Major Tournaments. These change as tournaments come and go. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  16. 16. Three options were explored in first round of user testing1. Top level: Sports and BBC Business links. Second level: Tournaments.2. Top level: Just Sports. Second level: Tournaments. BBC Business content found in-page.3. Top level: Mix of Sports and Tournaments. Second level: BBC Business links. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  17. 17. Football Navigation work – Card SortA Card Sort was conducted.• Forty Cards were created – inspired by the range of contentavailable on the Football site.•Fixtures, Results, Live Scores, Post Match Reports, Post Match Audioand Video highlights and interviews were all included in the cards.• An online tool was used so that people couldcomplete the Card Sort in their own time.• 65 people completed 80% or more of thecard sort Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  18. 18. Football Navigation workCard Sort Analysis65 people meant a potential of 65 different category names for eachcard. And for some cards approx. 60 different category names weresuggested. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  19. 19. Card Sort ResultsDuring the analysis the most popular Category names becameevident for each card. Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  20. 20. Football Card Sort Results Most Popular Second Most Popular Third Most Popular Category Name Category Name Category Name Card detail 1Premier League Fixtures Premier League: 17% Fixtures and Results: 10% Stats: 9% 2Premier League Table Premier League: 16% Stats: 10% Fixtures and Results: 9% 3Spain receive raptuous homecoming News: 26% World Cup: 21% Football news: 9% 4Spain 1 - Holland 0 Match report Match reports: 20% World Cup: 14% Matches: 6% 5Watch the best goals of the World Cup World Cup: 19% Video Highlights: 7% 6Chelsea sign Titus Bramble News: 30% Football news: 11% Latest news: 9% 7Audio match report for Brighton v Swindon Match reports: 14% League One: 6% Matches: 6% 8Brighton Squad list 2010-2011 League One: 16% Team Info: 9% Squad list: 7% 9League One Results League One: 14% Fixtures and Results: 10% Stats: 9% Diego Forlan collects Golden Ball World Cup10 award News: 26% World Cup: 17% Football news: 9%11Alex Ferguson decides to retire at 80 News: 29% Football news: 13% Premier League: 4% Blackpools ground isnt ready for Premiership12 opener News: 29% Football news: 13% Premier League: 7%13West Ham rumoured to be signing Fabregas News: 14% Football news: 9% Gossip: 7%14Manchester United will sign Forlan says The Sun News: 14% Football news: 11% Gossip: 9% Kaka ponders Stoke City move says The Daily15 Mail News: 14% Football news: 10% Gossip: 9% Scottish Premier League:16Celtic 5 - Hearts 3 Match report Match reports: 17% Matches: 6% 4%17Rangers sign three goalkeepers News: 20% Football news: 10% Team news: 7% Read live text commentary on the Celtic v Hearts18 game - (37 mins gone) Live text: 7% Live: 7% Live Football: 7%19Celtic 2 - 2 live score (52 mins gone) Live: 7% Live Football: 7% Matches: 6% Tottenham 4 - Chelsea 1 live score (74 mins20 gone) Live: 7% Live Football: 7% Matches: 6% Most Suitable Category Name Asset type Category Names Future Media & Technology | Sport Refresh
  21. 21. The category names used by participants in the card sort matched up with our model whichis based on competitions, matches and teams.
  22. 22. The final solution:Permanent links to the most popular Sports.Temporary links to Tournaments and Competitions.Right hand link to More Sports allows user to access any Sport homepage fromwherever they are in the site
  23. 23. Crumb trail indicates sense of place within the hierarchy.A team page is a child of All Teams.Results and Fixtures are the child pages of the Team.
  24. 24. Contextual Navigation is crucial to encourage onward journeys.
  25. 25. Sport Mobile Site - IA TasksCompetitor analysisStats analysisAudit of existing siteUser researchTypical user journeysNavigation designCreation of site mapURL design
  26. 26. Sport Mobile Site
  27. 27. BBC Sport Web and Mobile sites both launching soon…