World War Ii Intro Causes
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World War Ii Intro Causes






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World War Ii Intro Causes World War Ii Intro Causes Presentation Transcript

  • World War II An overview of the Major Events and Key Players.
  • Key Players in the War
    • Axis Powers
    • Adolf Hitler
    • Benito Mussolini
    • Hideki Tojo
    • Allied Powers
    • Neville Chamberlain
    • Winston Churchill
    • Charles De Gaulle
    • Franklin Roosevelt
    • Harry Truman
    • Joseph Stalin
  • Background: The Aftermath of WWI
    • Treaty of Versailles (1919) - punishments set the foundation for WWII
    • League of Nations (1920) - lacked power or will to stop aggression
    • New Democracies - lacked stability
  • Background: Attempts at Peace
    • Washington Conference (1922) –agreement to limit navy buildup
    • Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928) – sixty-two nations agree to solve problems diplomatically
  • Background: Economic Depression Sets the Stage
    • Global Economic Depression 1930s
    • Struggling democracies in Japan and Germany could not maintain power
      • Weimar Republic crumbles under the pressure and the Nazis assume control under Adolph Hitler
      • Militarists in Japan seize power and establish Emperor Hirohito as the symbol of state power
    • Extreme Nationalists now control Italy, Germany and Japan
  • Short Term Causes: Aggression and Appeasement
    • Appeasement – Britain and France wanted to avoid war and therefore gave in to Axis Power demands
    • Western democracies would not act aggressively
      • Britain – Sympathetic towards Germany – knew Versailles Treaty too harsh, wanted to avoid war
      • France – Would not do anything without Britain
      • United States of America – Isolation from Europe
  • Short Term Causes: Aggression and Appeasement
    • Italian, Japanese, and German aggression not stopped by League of Nations
  • Short Term Causes: Aggression and Appeasement Timeline
    • 1931: Japan invades Manchuria
    • 1935: Italy invades Ethiopia to avenge 1890 defeat
    • 1935: Hitler announces Germany will no longer follow the conditions of the Versailles treaty
    • 1936: German troops reoccupy the Rhineland
    • 1936: Germany, Italy and Japan form the Axis Powers
    • 1937: Japan Invades China
  • Major Events of the War- The Onset of War
    • 1938 – Hitler unites Austria with Germany
    • 1938 – Signed Munich Pact to Gain control of Sudetenland (In Czechoslovakia)
    • 1939 – Hitler and USSR sign nonaggression pact (Agreed to divide Poland)
    • 1939- Blitzkrieg in Poland
    • September 1, 1939 – World War II official start