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Future conference talk for UCC about Augmented Reality
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Future conference talk for UCC about Augmented Reality


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Published in: Business

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  • Johannes “Gensfleisch zur Laden zum” Gutenberg  (  / joʊˌhɑːnɨs   ˈɡuːtənbɜrɡ /   yoh- HAH -nəs   GOO -tən-burɡ ; c. 1398 – February 3, 1468) was a  German   blacksmith ,  goldsmith ,  printer , and  publisher  who introduced  printing  to Europe. His invention of mechanical movable type  printing started the  Printing Revolution  and is widely regarded as the most important event of the  modern period . [1]  It played a key role in the development of the  Renaissance ,  Reformation , the  Age of Enlightenment  and the  Scientific Revolution  and laid the material basis for the modern  knowledge-based economy  and the  spread of learning to the masses . [2]
  • It helped make the modern world…
  • 1476, apparently, think, How old is twitter, how old is google, how old am I?
  • The Internet – depends when you think it started! Darpa – 1943…
  • Johannes “Gensfleisch zur Laden zum” Gutenberg  (  / joʊˌhɑːnɨs   ˈɡuːtənbɜrɡ /   yoh- HAH -nəs   GOO -tən-burɡ ; c. 1398 – February 3, 1468) was a  German   blacksmith , goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe. His invention of mechanicalmovable type printing started the Printing Revolution and is widely regarded as the most important event of the modern period. [1]  It played a key role in the development of the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution and laid the material basis for the modern knowledge-based economy and the spread of learning to the masses. [2]
  • Socrates 409 BC
  • Socrates BC 886..
  • Awards – Le Web, Start
  • Stat 1 - Read more at  Stat 3 Read more at  Stat 2 - Read more at 
  • Stat 1 – from (Mindjumpers) Stat 2 - — Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) January 24, 2012 Stat 3 -
  • Socrates 409 BC
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Visual DiscoveryThe power to unlock the physical world around us forinteractivity and engagement Updated January 2012
    • 2. What is blippar?A technology • Mobile visual discovery: uses the smart phone camera like an ‘eye’ to recognise and instantly unlock physical images for spontaneously pulled, interactive content experiences • Fastest tech in world today with broadest range of applications • Measurable to the very last blipp
    • 3. What is blippar?A game-changing new content medium • One platform. One app • One cumulative audience of ‘blippees’ – not an app-by-app approach • Content is king – reward and delight the customer with the right content• A behaviour • To blipp: a fun new verb, rapidly being adopted by consumers, brands and media-owner
    • 4. What is blippar?A strategic partner •Global leader in this space. • With 100s of paying clients. • Working with some of the most creative agencies in the world. • With international expansion, offices in America – a global vision. • Big name investors Qualcomm •Unlike an app developer/ SDK provider – our learnings are reinvested for continued conversion improvement
    • 5. Blippar is quite new…About a year or two….. Updated January 2012
    • 6. “I sell here, Sir, what all the world desires… to have POWER.”(Matthew Boulton 1776) Updated January 2012
    • 7. What he was talking about…
    • 8. “The Power to Revitalize Printand Supercharge Advertising” (Dan Sodergren 2012) Updated January 2012
    • 9. We are living in such times…
    • 10. What is it?
    • 11. What did it help happen?
    • 12. So hurrah for the printing press.
    • 13. But it’s old? How old?
    • 14. How old is …
    • 15. How old is ….
    • 16. How old is ….
    • 17. How old is ….
    • 18. How old?
    • 19. This for Print is long overdue.
    • 20. Why save print?
    • 21. Because consumers like it…
    • 22. But it is NOT… a QR code…• 3 reasons why this is NOT QR.• QR codes are to static experiences.• Blipp’s stream anything you want.• QR codes are not geo location tags.• Blipp’s are “culturally” tagged.• QR codes are ugly.• Blipp’s are not. They are beautiful..
    • 23. But it is NOT… a QR code…You can Blipp off Anything… We might just change the world…
    • 24. “Know thyself?” Who said this.First one to answer at endwith the right date wins a prize…. ;) Updated January 2012
    • 25. “Know myself?” Who said this. Me. Just now.So who do I work for? Updated January 2012
    • 26. A brief history of our time.
    • 27. Legend has it…In a pub… where the best ideas are made ;)
    • 28. In a year… Blippar has grown…from 3to 30 people…How do I know?I am the 30th.Full Disclosure Time.
    • 29. I do talks for:
    • 30. And I used to own / run:
    • 31. So that’s me…Why did I come to work with Blippar? As they are the Best. Best tech – won awards. Best ideas – won awards.Best company – not yet but will do.
    • 32. Why?• Why did I tell you all that?• Because I want you to know you can ask me any questions.• But I gotta go – so grab a card from me – or email me at dan@• And....• These slides show some of the traits that I believe we need in modern marketing…• It’s all about being specialists in what we know.• It’s all about being “social as standard”• It’s all about understanding the “importance of mobile.”
    • 33. Being… Social as standard
    • 34. Social stats attack…• 1. Nielsen estimates that social media and blogs reach 80% of all active US Internet users (There are 245 million).• 2. One in every seven minutes spent online is spent on Facebook.• 3. 94% of students are on social media platforms, I wonder who the other lot are?• Blippar is the bridge from print to social.
    • 35. “The importance of mobile…”• 1. 4.8 billion people now own mobile phones. Just 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.• 2. British schoolchildren are reported to be more confident using an iPhone than tying their shoelaces.• 3. In January 2012 - there were are more iPhones sold per day than people born in the World.• Blippar is the bridge from print to mobile.
    • 36. Mobile as a movement
    • 37. Mobile is motivating…
    • 38. Mobile is local
    • 39. Location Blipp
    • 40. Mobile as the hub point…
    • 41. Game Blipp
    • 42. But is mobile more than that?• 97% of us sleep with our smartphones within 3m’s or less of us.• Cindy Gallop said “Mobiles are an extension of ourselves”• She believes “We all love notifications because they make us feel loved and special.”• 30% of women would rather give us sex than their mobile phone – 13% of men…
    • 43. But…still…
    • 44. But remember blippar is the bridge.
    • 45. These brands get it…
    • 46. Important things to rememberBlippar is the bridge point…Between print and the mobile experience.Blippar is the platform…Which links experiences into social activation.Blippar is not augmenting all reality…We work with visual discovery - making print come alive.We are not AR.
    • 47. Why we don’t like the termAR… reality is clumsy and old fashioned.AugmentedMost people on the streets don’t understand it.Even when they do AR has many applications.We do mobile visual discovery… think…Print Magic. Print coming alive.The Harry Potterifaction of Print.Supercharging Print with Mobile.
    • 48. We are for right now!
    • 49. With Our Successes to date…. US Audience Size 385,000 OCTOBER 20121,300,000 93% 65% AVERAGE BLIPPS User GrowthDirect downloads The largest singleplatform, image-recognition/ AR audience globally 7% 35% 7.5x per first time user (OS breakdown) (85% active users)AVERAGE DWELL MANY CAMPAIGNS DATA TRACKING TOOL Unique / total blipps by date/ time, geo-2.5 mins 250,000+ mapping, % response by marker activity in blipp e.g. click through, downloads, photo- per blipp INTERACTIONS shares etc.
    • 50. What can blippar do?Any real-world image (no codesor watermarks)•Press page or image•Printed advertisement or flyer•Logo•Billboard•Product packaging in gaming.•Merchandise (CD, DVD)•Business card•Bank & travel cards•Web page image - on yourgame•& more…
    • 51. What can blippar do?•Blipp to view: Exclusive video/music/ sport/ fashion content•Blipp to play: 3D gaming,photo game e.g. virtual ‘try on’/celeb photo. 3D gaming•Blipp to discover: story telling(image turns into somethinge.g. before & after)••Blipp to cheat: revealsanswers (e.g. crossword, orcompetition answers)
    • 52. What can blippar do?Blipp to buy - instant m-commerce linking on anyimage – buying your game?•Blipp for directions- Neareststore GPS – part of a game?•Blipp to download:Downloads content to phonee.g. recipe file, lyric files, user-guides / games … ;) etc.•Blipp to win: Competitionopportunities….data collection.
    • 53. It’s all about effective story telling.
    • 54. Will it work in gaming?
    • 55. “The medium is Who saidthe message” it?
    • 56. It’s Just like ordinary reality Flickr: wvs
    • 57. Only more so Flickr: wvs
    • 58. What about the FUTURE? The future is everywhere. Just unevenly distributed. Make sure you are ahead of the curve. 62
    • 59. TerminatorVision +
    • 60. +OrdinaryReality
    • 61. =AugmentedReality
    • 62. It’s not been perfect – but it will be:Mobile Processing power Moore’s inexorable lawScreen size Tablets, new tech foldable/rollable?Human limitations: Better touch interfaces, naturaleyesight, thumb width gesturesGPS locating speed AGPS, other cues e.g. wifiNetwork bandwidth/latency 4G/LTE brings better speed/latencyTools/APIs Will comeBattery Power Moore’s law brings efficienciesInstalled base >60% by 2013 Ultimately the browser may displaceFragmented mobile platforms native appsM-commerce & monetization We’re working on it
    • 63. Biggest reason to do this new type of mobile marketing? Based on guerrilla marketing principles and the ideas of NLP 68
    • 64. Making a highly personal positive impact
    • 65. Creating that relationship.
    • 66. Your future?
    • 67. Social Augmented Reality
    • 68. Social Augmented RealityHold up your phone – or blink your eye and getThe knowledge of joining a crowd and knowing:• Who do I know here?• Where do I know them from?• Who should I get to know?• Who here is single?• Are there any naked pictures of them on the internet?
    • 69. Who really becomes empowered?
    • 70. Who also becomes empowered?
    • 71. As designers / creatives / developers you can choose sides
    • 72. Or will we? Project Glass
    • 73. Google Glasses – anyone?• Google’s Project Glass promises to be the biggest innovation within this sector in 2012, so we also wanted to gauge general consumer interest in Google’s glasses.• The results reveal that almost a third of consumers are still undecided on the merits of the technology and only one in six would be ready to buy a pair of glasses from Google if they were available today.• Interestingly, around a quarter of men are ready to don a pair Google Glasses versus just one in ten women, with many claiming they would feel self- conscious wearing them.
    • 74. The RIGHT NOW futureThe Behavior • User habitually ‘blipps’ the flat, static world around them • Content is developed with this medium specifically in mind • Media is bought according to how it converts • One app. One call-to-action. One cumulative audience acquired to the appThe Business • Series A investment this winter • International expansion - US Q3-4, 2012, ROW, Q1 2013 • ‘blipps’ built directly by brands & media owners around the world on an open self-service platformHow? blipp
    • 75. This is just the beginning. “The Best is Yet to Come.”Rather a cool speech wasn’t it.
    • 76. Thank you
    • 77. One more thing… starting Blipping TONIGHT’s Shortlist.• 20 greatest retro games feature, which readers can scan for free gaming apps allowing them to play the likes of Space Invaders and Outrun on their mobile devices.• 2013 new games preview, which readers can scan for exclusive trailers for GTA V, Tomb Raider and more.• Assassins Creed 3 feature, in which people can photograph themselves in the assassin’s hood.• So much cool stuff in there….
    • 78. Go for it.
    • 79. Go on Blipp some more  Updated January 2012
    • 80. The “Harry Pottification” of Print.
    • 81. An example of a Location Blipp
    • 82. Blipp’ing into a game
    • 83. A really cool interactive Blipp
    • 84. This could beespecially powerful in gaming.
    • 85. Contact me when you