Sap Business Analytics Services


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Sap Business Analytics Services

  2. 2. CONTENTS1 Overview2 Introduction3 BUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAP4 Enterprise performance management5 Services for performance analytics6 Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)OverviewYouve chosen the right solutions for business success. The SAP Services organizationwill help you maximize your success by providing the experts, certified partnermethodologies, and tools for an effective IT environment. We offer cutting-edge serviceprogram innovations and comprehensive, best-practice services that span all phases ofyour solution life cycle. These offerings can help you properly align your IT and businessstrategies, streamline software installation, and keep your IT systems and businessoperating at peak levels. 1
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONMEETING TODAYS IT CHALLENGESThe extensive array of tailored programs offered by SAP Services covers youthroughout the entire solution life cycle at a level of engagement that fits yourneeds. SAP divides the solution life cycle into three phases:• Planning -- The phase during which you define the business processes and IT road map related to your implementation, and SAP Services helps you set the stage for IT-powered business innovation• Building -- The phase during which you deploy or expand functionality, and SAP Services ensures the success of your project• Running -- The phase during which SAP Services helps you reduce TCO and sustain IT excellence as you operate and optimize your solutionWithin these three phases, there are four levels of engagement. The first iscomplete solution execution, where SAP Services delivers a comprehensiveoffering - from project management to implementation to ongoing operation. Thesecond is expert guidance, where SAP Services solves key challenges and helpsyou address specific business demands. The third is quality management, whereSAP Services ensures that your project is completed on time and within budgetthrough auditing for continuous improvement. The fourth is enablement, whereSAP Services delivers the knowledge, training, and certification to help you getthe most from your solutions. 2
  4. 4. BUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAPSERVICE MAPBUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAPTo compete during this time of economic uncertainty, organizations worldwide are investing inIT solutions that can help mitigate risk and facilitate quick and accurate data-based decisionmaking.In selecting business analytics services from SAP, you can gain the functionality and supportyou need to manage risk and make informed decisions. You can also align strategy andexecution, improve performance, leverage the value that our solutions can generate, andmaximize your return on your IT investments.Delivering Critical ServicesIn working with us, you gain the knowledge and support you need to quickly plan andimplement these categories of business analytics services from SAP: • Business intelligence – BI -- Helps organizations to quickly and cost-effectively enhance their strategies for information delivery, assisting them in identifying key performance drivers and providing them with data that is fully integrated and reliable -- and delivered in clear visual contexts, while also providing them with the capability required to gain the type of business insight that can improve and integrate decision making • Enterprise information management -- Provides organizations with the business processes that can help users accurately and comprehensively gather, cleanse, integrate, manage, and govern the trusted information used across the enterprise • Enterprise performance management -- Supports organizational initiatives to develop and implement SAP EPM solutions, helping them optimize performance by translating business strategies into operational objectives and metrics • Governance, risk, and compliance -- Provides expert guidance in using governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions to establish effective governance, manage related risks, and meet regulatory requirements - today, and in the uncertain market and economic environments of tomorrow • Performance and insight optimization services -- Provides organizations with direct access to our industry experts who can help organizations visualize and assess future performance, establish strategies, and manage the impact to the business, all by integrating the business and predictive intelligence capabilities that SAP BusinessObjects technology can provide 3
  5. 5. BUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAPENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTOur consultants can help you develop and implement a business analytics solution from SAP,one that can support your efforts to translate strategic objectives into realized outcomes.In working with us, you can fully integrate an EPM solution into all levels of your business.As a result, you can quickly realize the cost savings, compliance, and strategic advantagesthat are possible when you improve performance - throughout your enterprise - via theseactivities: • Identify the benefits of using your EPM solution - and the opportunities for improving your business and IT performance • Plan, build, and run your first comprehensive solution • Migrate your existing architecture • Assess your solutions capability to align your operations with your objectivesWith our help, you can transform your organization into a performance-oriented enterprisecapable of performing these critical functions: • Define your strategy for aligning your operations with your corporate goals and - detail and prioritize the activities involved • Plan, budget, forecast, and allocate the project resources you need to align your strategy with your objectives, all while easing demands - wherever possible - on your personnel and organization • Consolidate, monitor, and report your performance outcomes in ways that follow management, regulatory, and statutory requirements and maintain a fully documented audit trail, without disrupting adjacent business processes • Model and optimize those drivers of profitability that can help you accomplish your overall business goals • Use comprehensive, relevant, and flexible analytics in ways that help you improve operational performanceOur consultants can also drive your migration design for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, helping your organizationimplement these activities: • Migrate - quickly and easily - to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation • Mitigate key migration challenges • Develop tailored migration plans via our proven tools, processes, and methodologies 4
  6. 6. BUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAPSERVICES FOR PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS• Deploy dashboard analytics• Manage reporting deployment• Deploy operational reports 5
  7. 7. BUSINESS ANALYTICS SERVICES FROM SAPGOVERNANCE, RISK, AND COMPLIANCE (GRC)When organizations lack the tools and techniques to effectively manage - and efficientlyimplement - their governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives, they may encountersignificant difficulties in complying with industry standards and government regulations as wellas in protecting critical information, leveraging growth opportunities, and providingstakeholders with the value-generating outcomes they require.Our consultants can help you optimize your GRC solutions in ways that enable you tosuccessfully manage and implement your GRC initiatives. In working with us, you can reducethe costs involved in monitoring and strengthening the IT controls that are related to your keybusiness processes - without compromising the integrity of your GRC activities, and whileaccomplishing these business objectives:Transform GRC processes: • Gain insight into the processes and IT system that run an as-is GRC landscape • Identify the gaps preventing progression - and the opportunities offering improvement • Outline a road map showing the steps involved in improving GRC processesImprove internal controls for generating financial reports: • Develop more accurate and complete financial statements • Comply with financial controls legislation, such as the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act • Document, monitor, assess, and test internal controls for financial reporting • Monitor the financial control authorizations involved in using such business processes as order-to-cash and procure-to-payIdentify and manage risks • Leverage solutions to identify and manage IT risks • Identify the risk-relevant custom development objects within an SAP landscape - so as to effectively and efficiently remediate problems with custom codesComply with international trade regulations • Streamline existing processes for organizations competing globally • Implement targeted solutions designed to comply with established international regulations for licensing, customs control, and import and export tradingComply with environmental regulations • Implement targeted solutions designed to comply with established health, safety, and product safety standardsImprove internal controls for accessing IT systems • Control access to, and monitor the use of, IT landscapes via SAP systems 6
  8. 8. CONTACT SAPYOUR CHOICE OF FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENT MODELSThink ahead with SAP Services. Whether you need best-of-breed support for Contact usroutine operations or cutting-edge expertise to handle future business challenges,SAP Services can help. For more details on our offerings and the many ways you North Americacan use SAP Services to help your business, contact your local sales office. +1-800-872-1727 International +1-604-974-3629 Visit 7
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