Twitter and the Library at Queen's


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  • Twitter mentioned 13 times in the UK Broadsheets in March 2009. Twitter mentioned 2994 times in the UK Broadsheets so far in October 2012.
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  • Twitter and the Library at Queen's

    1. 1. Twitter and the Library at Queen’s Dan Holden @danrholden
    2. 2. At the Beginning Account launched in March 2009 to:  Inform staff and students about news and developments  Promote services and resources  Assist staff and students in using Library  Gather feedback Managed by two people May 2009:  22 tweets/retweets  3 replies
    3. 3. This Year May 2012:  144 tweets/retweets  181 replies Managed by Social Media Group Produced social media strategy using Creating a Social Media Strategy template at
    4. 4. @LibraryatQUB
    5. 5. Day-to-Day Social Media Group tweet during day but only four people respond to replies/mentions Evening cover provided by member of Social Media Group working late night Follow members of University plus users providing content of interest - do not limit number as akin to standing in a room talking without listening Monitor timeline and search for keywords relating to account
    6. 6. Day-to-Day Use hash tags whenever applicable Deal with complaints via email or DM Avoid contentious topics Block spammers and offensive users Do not feed trolls!
    7. 7. Communication Style Followed Phil Bradley’s ( recommendations for tweets:  Service updates e.g. opening hours  New resources e.g. launch of database  Events taking place in library  General information e.g. local events and ‘on this day’  News stories  Images of library
    8. 8. Example Tweets Seamus Heaney Library 24 hour opening for QUB students begins Sunday 26th April. Dont hassel the Hoff ( but do hassle the Library staff as were here to help! Today is W. B. Yeats birthday! Take a look at the NLIs online Yeats exhibition of his life and work: Happy Valentines Day everyone!
    9. 9. Example Replies and Mentions strange question, but where does the library get their books rebound? :) Are you open until 1am as per term-time usual tonight? Are we not subscribed to Athens anymore? Can I get off campus access to JSTOR? I want to make a complaint about terrible service I received from library staff, whats the official way to
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Integration Twitter account included in email signatures Tweets feed into library blog and subject pages Library homepage includes link to account Guides for new students include details about account Can tweet records from library catalogue Ran sessions for library staff
    12. 12. Recent Developments Introduced automated tweets (TweetDeck) Held prize draw at 2750 followers Aim to poll students using Twitter Have examined LinkedIn and Pinterest