Rock Magazine, Annotation and Research

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Rock Magazine, Annotation and Research

Rock Magazine, Annotation and Research

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  • 1. Rock Magazine Annotation Daniel Parker-Smith
  • 2. Main Image, Black and White to show a vintage and classic look Barcode Main Cover Line, anchorage text Masthead Selling Lines Jimi Hendrix, Iconic to classic rock music Cover Lines Flash, Button Banner Anchorage Text Flash, Button Subheading, selling line
  • 3. Classic Rock Magazine, Annotation
    • Images and Layout: The layout of the magazine is very eye catching with subtle colours across the banner and mainly black and white text and images makes it stand out among many other rock style magazines. They also include many selling lines that are quite bold to emphasise the key selling points of the magazine, “Free 16 track CD”. The main image is of Jimi Hendrix, and rock and roll icon. The image is in black and white to show the raw emotion of the photograph and to signify his death.
    • Font: The Masthead of the magazine is typically white and a bold retro font to make it stand out among the other cover lines and images. Under the masthead to the right is a small selling line, “High Voltage, Rock and Roll”. This shows the genre of the magazine to anyone who doesn’t recognize Jimi Hendrix, an iconic figure in rock music.
    • Design: The design is very but effective. It has a very formal approach in its design and shows its sophistication of the magazine and the genre. The overall mise en scene allows it to full fill its purpose and appeal to and audience of rock music.
    • USP (Unique Selling Point): Classic Rock magazines unique selling point is its established brand. It is one of the few rock magazines which focus on classic rock and have a good reputation in doing so. The magazine also have a website, .
    • Main Image, Artist representation: The main image of Jimi Hendrix infers him to be a rock musician that is very edgy. We know from the picture that the artist isn’t going to be a member of a pop group.
  • 4. Flash, Button Banner Masthead Image Main Image Main Cover Line, anchorage Text Banner Barcode Selling Lines Cover Line Subheading, selling line Anchorage Text, selling line Anchorage Text, Selling Lines Selling Line Main Artist
  • 5. NME Magazine, Annotation
    • Images and Layout: The layout of this front cover is very effective and relative to the punk/rock genre. The text “EXCLUSIVE GREEN DAY” grabs the audience’s attention, the image also serves this purpose. The front cover has two banners one at the top and one at the bottom, one offering a free gift and one giving more information on the magazine content. The images attract the audience as by having Greenday on the front will attract many fans and convince them to buy the magazine also by including an exclusive will persuade them further.
    • Font: The iconic NME masthead stands out against the other black and green text to attract the readers attention. Under the masthead is a small selling line showing the date, price and that NME stands for “New Musical Express”.
    • Design: The design is bold and eye-catching. It is quite informal which represents its punk/rock genre and appeals to its audience. The design does include a lot of anchorage text and selling lines to attract the audience to the magazine. Also the headlines are much bigger than on the classic rock magazine showing that NME are trying to get more exclusives and bigger and better headlines.
    • USP (Unique Selling Point): NME’s unique selling point would be there established brand identity, NME is very well known for being a reputable music magazine. They not only have a magazine but also have a website, radio, TV and NME tours to keep their brand name in the media.
    • Main Image, Artist representation: The main image represents the band by giving them a rock, punk feel. We know from the picture because of the way it is presented and the overall mise en scene that the band will not be a pop band.