Private Equity Data Roundup


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Presentation given by Matthew Toole of Thomson Reuters, during the Buyouts West conference in Los Angeles.

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Private Equity Data Roundup

  1. WEST COAST DATA ROUND UP Matthew Toole Buyouts West November 18, 2008
  2. Worldwide M&A Activity down 37% - Private Equity-backed M&A declines 75% over 2007
  3. US M&A Activity down nearly 40%; Private Equity-backed M&A declines 85% over 2007
  4. West Coast Buyout Investments up 18% over 2007; Number of West Coast Buyout Investments Decline
  5. Private Equity Slump is a Global Phenomenon -59% -81% -4% -51% -72%
  6. Measured decline in mid-market buyouts; less reliant on global debt financing
  7. Global Buyout Investments by Sector *Data through 9/30/2008
  8. PE Activity was a Key Driver of the M&A Market and Investment Banking Fees Imputed Fee Estimates by Freeman & Co Fees paid by Financial Sponsors
  9. Global Retraction in Credit Markets Slows Buyout Activity; HY Activity down 80% over 2007 *Data through 9/30/2008
  10. Frozen Exit Markets for Venture and Buyouts US Initial Public Offerings US Mergers & Acquisitions
  11. Global Private Equity Fundraising *Data through 9/30/2008
  12. West Coast Buyout Fundraising Down 38% from 2007 levels; Number of Funds on Par with Year-Ago
  13. <ul><li>All calculations are done at the fund level* by Thomson Reuters based on cash flows and NAVs reported by participating LPs and GPs </li></ul><ul><li>Cash flow database contains 1800+ US private equity funds (480+ buyout funds) </li></ul>Performance Methodology * net of management fees and carried interest <ul><li>Pooled IRR: IRR of a group of funds where their cash flows have been aggregated together before IRR calculation </li></ul><ul><li>Investment Horizon Return: IRR calculated with Net Asset Value as capital outflow at beginning of period, Net Asset Value at end of period, and actual cash flow in between </li></ul>Definitions:
  14. US Performance Benchmarks *Data through 6/30/2008
  15. US Private Equity Performance Index *Data through 6/30/2008