How to earn media space through integrated thinking

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Presented by Dan Pinch at Marketing Indaba 2011

Presented by Dan Pinch at Marketing Indaba 2011

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  • 1. How to earn media space through integrated thinking @danpinch May 2011
  • 2. About Atmosphere and +one
  • 3. Advertising = telling everyone you’re great
  • 4. Earned media = getting other people to say you’re great
  • 5. Paid, Owned and Earned media Paid: Advertising Owned: Websites Newsletters In-house magazines Facebook Pages Twitter profiles In-store
  • 6. On average people pay attention to editorial content six times more than its surrounding advertising (Ogilvy, back in the 70s) Word of mouth marketing is ten times more effective than TV or print advertising (Euro RSCG)
  • 7. The more earned media you have, the less you have to spend on traditional advertising 15% of US tech media coverage US Ad spend in 2009 $376 million 3% of US tech media coverage US Ad spend in 2009 $1.2 billion
  • 8. The new news cycle
  • 9. Traditional campaign thinking ATL campaign idea (based on TV ad probably) Promotion / P.O.S PR Microsite Web ads Bill boards TV Print Radio
  • 10. Traditional creative production line Strategy “the client wants to shift more XX” Channel planning “you’re using TV and billboards. (There’s a special on).” Everyone else “ok guys now repeat…uh I mean integrate the pay off line into whatever it is you fellas do.” “ We have an amazing 30 second spot concept for you.”
  • 11. Result = great TV ad, average, to sucky, everything else
  • 12. Integrated thinking Creative platform idea Customer experience PR Facebook Page Web ads Bill boards TV spot Print Radio
  • 13. Integrated team Strategy/planner Media planner Digital Social media PR Copy writer Designer The client The consumer
  • 14. Result = something more interesting
  • 15. kulula “you know what”
  • 16. Media coverage and Facebook
  • 17. Onboard giveaway
  • 18. Kulula offers to pay lobola for Kate
  • 19. PR coverage
  • 20. The story goes global
  • 21. Facebook tab
  • 22. Facebook poll
  • 23. Creating conversations
  • 24. On-board giveaway
  • 25. Results = R6 million+ in earned media space and a letter from the palace
  • 26. Capitec Bank – Live Free
  • 27. Sandcastle construction crew
  • 28. Events page acts as activity hub
  • 29. Le Budget Cafe
  • 30. Le Budget Cafe
  • 31. Creating talking points on Facebook
  • 32. Blogger drops
  • 33. Engaging consumers in the real world
  • 34. R 2 million worth of coverage (traditional and blogs) to date
  • 35. The brand your brand could smell like
  • 36. @danpinch [email_address]