Integrating social media into the marketing plan


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Presented by Dan Pinch at the Social Networking Summit in Cape Town on 3rd of March 2011.

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Integrating social media into the marketing plan

  1. 1. Integrating social media into the marketing plan
  2. 2. Traditional campaign thinking ATL campaign idea (based on TV ad probably) Promotion / P.O.S PR Microsite Web ads Bill boards TV Print Radio
  3. 3. Traditional creative production line Strategy “the client wants to shift more XX” Channel planning “you’re using TV and billboards. (There’s a special on).” Everyone else “ok guys now repeat…uh I mean integrate the pay off line into whatever it is you fellas do.” “ We have an amazing 30 second spot concept for you. Wait until you hear the pay off line!”
  4. 4. Result = great TV ad, average, to sucky, everything else
  5. 5. Integrated thinking Creative platform idea Customer experience PR Facebook Page Web ads Bill boards TV spot Print Radio
  6. 6. Integrated team Media planner Strategy/planner Media planner Digital Social media PR Copy writer Designer The client The consumer
  7. 7. Result = something more interesting
  8. 8. There is no such thing as an awesome social media campaign, only a great integrated campaign
  9. 9. Social media is about finding middle ground between what the brands wants to talk about and the consumers (don’t be boring)
  10. 10. “ Advertising” on social media sucks The official Steers Page It's the WEEEKKEEENNNNDDD Baby!! Celebrate Friday by treating yourself to Steers. It's that good !
  11. 11. Why you should love (and fear) social media Brand story
  12. 12. People talk about things online that happen offline
  13. 13. Facebook is the dominant social media platform
  14. 14. The largest fan page on Facebook (that’s over 15 times the audience of CNN prime time)
  15. 15. Majority of the content links to real world activities
  16. 16. The Happiness Truck
  17. 17. Twitter is great for reaching influencers and spreading content quickly (but becoming increasingly mainstream)
  18. 18. The largest brand on Twitter (probably) @wholefoods
  19. 19. Blog is used to host content into Twitter and Facebook
  20. 20. Kulula Facebook
  21. 21. Kulula “Not The World Cup”
  22. 22. The “not the world cup” campaign
  23. 23. Kulula - Cows4Kate
  24. 24. Kulula - Cows4Kate
  25. 25. Kulula - Cows4Kate
  26. 26. Kulula - Cows4Kate
  27. 27. Kulula - Cows4Kate
  28. 28. Capitec Bank – Live Free
  29. 29. Sandcastle construction crew
  30. 30. Events page acts as activity hub
  31. 31. Le Budget Cafe
  32. 32. Creating talking points on Facebook
  33. 33. Blogger drops
  34. 34. Engaging consumers
  35. 35. R 2 million worth of coverage (traditional and blogs) to date
  36. 36. For more visit us at And follow us on twitter @plusonesa