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GCM Tour Kick off ws synthesis

  1. 1. Synthesis of Workshops Kick Off of the GCM 2012 Tour rs ion s Ve res rog nPGCM Tour 2012 ork i
  2. 2. Workshops feedback Raise fund Transform organisations Before & After the Show (May 15th) Enrich Workshops (May 15th) Social Business Fans & Changemakers rs ion s Ve res rog nPGCM Tour 2012 ork i
  3. 3. RAISE FUNDS (1/3)Step ONE- WHO : institutional investors -Identify them -Propose the right tool : Sicav or FCPR? -Which message and medium? -How could we make them more « interested » in the fund : being part of the board of projects ? Being part of the gouvernance of the project ?- WHAT : an event in April w/ AmundiStep TWO- WHO : local networks (LCL) to animate them - We must share the stories and make them dream ( to spead emotion towards and towards their customers in agencies)- HOW ? - With tha GAIN study - With films - Invite key people in agencies (EFaber, projects managers…) - Organize charity « diners » (F. Riboud, M. Yunus rs ion s Ve res rog nPGCM Tour 2012 ork i
  4. 4. RAISE FUNDS (2/3)What has happened on May 15th ?- One Workshop led by Amundi - Subjects : - How to talk about the economy of the prjects? - How to make all the people at ease with the functionning of the Sucav ? - WHAT : - A film about the life of an € in SB - A leaflet with same information - A Booth, before and after the show, really visible (To invest, It’s HERE!)Other ideas ?- A mobile app or web 1. To get info 2. To print a suscription paper 3. To promise donations- Company saving schemes : to propose the Sicav, but it would be a bonus fund beause all companies propose one social fund to their employees.- Film’s subject : from you pocket to beneficiaries : the life of an € rs ion s Ve res rog nPGCM Tour 2012 ork i
  5. 5. RAISE FUNDS (3/3)Other WS subjects1.How to speak about social investments- TO : retail sellers- BY : people by amundi and projects managers ?2. Why an institutional investor should invest in a social fund ?- TO : institutional investors (the same from the event in April)- BY : ?3. From danone.communities to communities4. Imagine a large mutual fund that could gather all the companies social fundsWhat can be done from now ?The filmSubject : from you pocket to beneficiaries : the life of an €Messages : how to invest ? Testimonies from common investors (Danoners or others) . At each level, there is people to help the projects grow. At each level, we need you.Team projet : Amundi (M. Bourny-Thaumiaux) et dc (L. Saquer)Script : bothCut : differents cuts to make the film ok with the places it should be broadcoasted++ : we should start with what we already have. rs ion s Ve res rogGCM Tour 2012 i nP
  6. 6. TRANSFORM ORGANIZATIONS (1/2)What is it about ? Why important for SB ?Possible objectives of transforming organizations- (re) Align on mission & values- Transform leadership- Increase impact ( economic & social)- Enable step changes , open new strategic roads- Inspire, and lead into actions ALL internal actors- Re-open/ re-connect the organization to the external world to develop new sources of inspiration &partnerships- Adapt the organization to a fast changing world : ensure its sustainibilityDream for end of 2012- Danone together with other CAC 40 leaders , NGO co-build an event to share concretely on co-construction & organization transformation- Frank Riboud has inspired / touched some other CAC 40 leaders, who have asked him to share why hewanted to transform Danone, how he concretely did it, what worked, what dod not work, what are the 1rstresults- In parrallel, Didier Piard, the head of Red Cross has inspired / touched some NGO leaders, who haveasked him to share why he wanted to transform teh Red Cross, how he concretely did it, what worked, whatdod not work, what are the 1rst results- 2/3 schools/ universities have built some business cases around these 2 stories rs ion s Ve res rogGCM Tour 2012 i nP
  7. 7. TRANSFORM ORGANIZATIONS (2/2)What has happened on May 15th ?- Mix of testimonies & workshops- WS participants - 2/3 COMEX members from various CAC 40 organizations - 2/3 Social entreprenors -2/3 NGO - 2/3 generation Y - 1/2 schools/ universities - 1 challenger / Thinker/ journalist …- WS principles - same group through out the day or at least through out half day - 3 steps : 1. Inclusion (create the link, see & start overcoming preconcieved ideas on the different universes) 2. Visit 3. Co-building session with concrete outputsWhat needs to be done before May 15th ?1. Validate the dream & clarify WS objectives2. Select WS topics3. Target people to invite4. Launch a Qualified name dropping ( including individualized googlised approach)5. Benchmark some otherbig events (EVE, GSBS, SIL, Open forum…)6. Organize some pilot WS rs ion7. Prepare communication plan s Ve res rogGCM Tour 2012 i nP
  8. 8. BEFORE / AFTER THE SHOW (1/2)What is it about ?Before and After the Show of the D-Day (15th May)Before : 19h-20h; After : 22h-23hWhat participants would like to see, to feel, to do ? Who they would like to meet ?Idea 1 : Form and manage the communities before the D-DayThe participants should « prepare » their coming to the D-Day, and be more than spectatorsIdeas :- Inscription of the participants: via Linkedin connect + add information of their organisation (company,university…), some key words of interests, expertises and what they are looking for- Before the D-Day : possibility to see the list and the profiles of all participants, with a search module, andwith the possibility to contact a participant to get in touch (before or during the event)- During the D-Day : different badges with different colors (Ex: green = I am an expert; red = I am aninvestor…). It is very important to find the right ‘categories’ to accelerate networking and connections rs ion s Ve res rogGCM Tour 2012 i nP
  9. 9. BEFORE / AFTER THE SHOW (1/2)Idea 2 : A big market place after the ShowSeveral meeting points divided into two categories :-« Before the D-Day » : what have been done > One stand for each WS to present the outputs of the WS and how people can contribute to the next steps- « After the D-Day » : what can I bring now ? > Calendar of the following events > Stands for partner’s event (Convergence 2015…) WS output Next events with partners dc projects StandsIdea 3 : Transforming timeouts into valuable momentFor example during the entrance queue :- Animations : signboard « Who are you? » in the queue, people have to pass the signboard to theirneighbours in the queue… and consequently know at least two people before entering the Maison de laMutualité- Screens to retransmit the outputs of the WS of the day rs ion s Ve res rogGCM Tour 2012 i nP