Basic Fieldcraft Course: Outline & lessons.


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An outline of the BFC I teach, showing what's covered in each lesson and in what order. It's all based on the content in ACP16 - Manual of Fieldcraft Training.

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Basic Fieldcraft Course: Outline & lessons.

  1. 1. Basic Fieldcraft Course Lesson Plans.oo3 Fieldcraft Course Lesson 1 (2x40 mins) Stores Powerpoint Kit List, one Each Assembled & Packed Webbing with all Kit. Issue Items for Cadets. Housewife & Boot Polish/Dubbin Course Intro (PPT) Objective "To allow you to act as part of the squadron deployed force on exercise". "To learn leadership and millitary skills". "To have fun". 11 Lessons - What they Are Requirements from you: Pay attention Take it seriously Ask if something is not totally clear. We're all part of a team. Kit List and Demo of Kit plus Maintenance of Kit. Field ORBAT and Org in the Field. (PPT) What's a Platoon? What do we call them in the RAF/ATC? How does it Break Down: Squadron Flight Section Fireteam You Diagram Diagram 2, A Section What's required of a Flight Commander/2ic What's required of a Section Commander/2ic What's required of you? Day 1 Lesson 2 (1.5hrs) Stores All Cadets Field Kit. Ration Packs & Hexi, one Each plus one for Instructor One set of 58 webbing per cadet. One Water Bottle per cadet, plus one for instructor. One set of assembled PLCE Webbing. One set of disassembled PLCE Webbing. Kit & Uniform Inspection by Sect Commanders. Question on Maint. Rat Pack description & demo.
  2. 2. Fieldcraft Course Kit & Uniform Inspection by Sect Commanders. Question on Maint. Rat Pack description & demo. Webbing assembly & packing. Lesson 3 (1.15m) Stores Powerpoint Area of 20m Length. Range Cards, various. Rat Pack Box. Fig 11 Targets. Indication of Objects, Judging Dist & Range Cards (PPT) Judge Distance Unit of Mesure method Appearance Method Aids: Bracketing Key ranges Halving Example of all three Heights & the difference they make. Indication of Objects Axis Direct Method Reference Point method Clock Ray method Example of fire Control orders. Range Cards Intro Example of simple card Arcs, setting ray, ref points example What else to note: Dead ground, obstacles Notes on making / using a card. Practice: Making one for a landscape photo on the projector. Practice Above in Field. Distance Demonstration Judging Distances Indication followed by FCOs Making out Range Cards & reading Range cards Lesson 4 (30m) Stores Wash Kit Foot Powder Hygiene Practical How to wash & wash kit.
  3. 3. Hygiene Practical Fieldcraft Course to wash & wash kit. How Safe food & water drills Refuse & cooking Cold/Hot weather Toilets / Latrines / Hand Washing Lesson 5 (1 hour) Stores Ration Pack Hexi Stove Water Source Available Chili sauce / Woucster Sauce Practical Cooking & Eating Day 2 Lesson 6 (2hr 40m) Stores Powerpoint Area of Ground for Harbor Comms Cord Sentry Roster Routes, Harbor Areas & Duties of a Sentry (PPT) When to set routes? Short moves Long moves An ideal Route TRECH Keeping Direction Cover Obstacle Crossing Why Harbours? 1. Selection 2. Occupation 3. Clearance Patrols 4. Sentries 5. Work Routine 6. Security Whats a sentry? Kit Knowledge Challenging Night Sentries Summary Practical of above, plus Obs Crossings etc. Lesson 7 (1hr) Stores
  4. 4. Fieldcraft Course (1hr) Lesson 7 Stores Ponchos & bungees - one per student plus one for instructor Dental Floss Tent pegs and sticks/wooded area Poncho Shelters Lesson 8 (45m) Stores Various Camouflage paints Scrim scarves Webbing with Bungees Mk 6 Kevlar helmet with cover Practical Cam and Concealment. Lesson 9 (40m) Movement by Day and Night Hand Signals Practical Movement using hand signals, in formation etc. Lesson 10 Stores Area for Harbor & Suitable Hard standing Ponchos Rat Packs Move into Harbour Area Set up Stags lists / sentry posts. Set up Poncho Shelters Cook Dinner Demo of O Group with Model etc. Lesson 11 Summary and Debrief, with Briefing for BDE (PPT). Objectives. What you know know. Practice - BDE/Parade Nights Next Steps: FL1/FL2 Courses