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Website Developement Portfolio more info http:\\daniel-ethiopia.rhcloud.com for full details...

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Www addisafros com_new_index_php_option_com_content_view_art

  1. 1. Home | Projects | Teams | Board | Support Us | Contact Us Sponsors: Why to become a supporter? The sport of Basketball is experiencing an increasing hype all over the world! More and more people of all ages and both gender not only in Northamerica and Europe, but also in Southamerica, Asia and Africa are getting affected by the basketball virus! Partners: Support Basketball in Ethiopia and simultaniously promote your business by becoming a sponsor of the Addis Afros Basketball Team! Make use of the increasing popularity of the basketball sport and promote your business using the positive characteristics attributed to the sport and its players. Boys's Team Afros vs. Woha Girls Team Afros vs. Housing Why support a Basketball team? Powered by easy paypal donation News open in browser PRO version International experiences show that people find basketball a modern, dynamic and athletic game. The athlets are considered to be flexibel, Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.com
  2. 2. News Most successful season so far - both teams rank 2nd in the Addis Ababa Basketball League! For the first time in our club's history, both teams, men and women, made it to the finals. Though both teams were defeated in closely contested matches, we believe this to be one of our greatest successes so far. The fruits of years of hard work. We would like to thank all our supporters! strong, creative and good teamplayers! Make use of this positive image of basketball by identifying with a local team! We will help you to take the biggest benefit for you and your business out of your commitment! Why support the "A ddis A f ros"? "Addis Afros" is a fully privatly sponsored and run Basketball club. It's vision is to promote the sport of Basketball in Ethiopia and to give young players the chance to develop and play. The club offers private companies and organisations a most transparent and professional structure and working relationship so that they can become partners in achieving our vision! The club is working on a non-profit basis. All contributions are utilised to achieve the club's objectives only! The Addis Afros Basketball team offers you many options to advertise for commercial business:  1. Webpage: Place the logo of your company on our webpage and link it to your webpage or to a page with further information of your business on our site. 2. Namesponsor: Include your company's name in our team name and team logo and be part of the franchise. 3. Jerseysponsoring: Use the jerseys and trousers of our team to display your company's name. 4. Display on banners and posters during the games How to support the "Addis Afros"? Contact us and we will assist in developing a support concept which fits best. ©A ddis A fro Bas ket Ball C lub 2 0 1 0 . D evelopment by Y es akor T ec hnologies open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.com