Audience Survey For Music Advert & Digipak


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Audience Survey For Music Advert & Digipak

  1. 1. Audience Survey for Digipak and Advert
  2. 2. Do the images used in the digipak represent the themes of the video? Sales Yes Mostly Not Really Not Really
  3. 3. Do the images used in the digipak represent the themes of the video?• I am mostly pleased with the answers to this question, with over 80 percent of the people saying mostly. On further questioning;• The people who said ‘Not Really’ or ‘No’ Said it was because it lacked definition and could have overlapped into different categories and also that some of the effects being used had distorted essential things for this genre, such as facial expression• The people who said ‘Mostly’ or ‘Yes’ said that it was due to the clothing being used on some of the pictures, such as a grey hoodie, and the urban backgrounds in other shots, which made the genre of the music very clear.
  4. 4. Were the editing techniques used successful? Sales Yes No
  5. 5. Did the editing techniques used on the digipak, reflective any themes that appeared in the music video?• The majority of people who answered this question have said that the editing techniques are effective. This is very important because the editing techniques I have used say something about the artists in the picture.• The editing on ‘Ne-Yo’ have made the focus be on his hand in the air, showing him dancing. This represents the liveliness of the character.• The picture of Pitbull however is focused on his face. This shows his happy expression and shows his easygoing approach to everything which is essential to the video.
  6. 6. Is the digipak conventional or unconventional? Sales Conventual Unconventual
  7. 7. Is the digipak conventional or unconventional?• I am very pleased with these results as this was the reaction I was looking for. This proves that the new approach to urban music I was using was successful. My conventional approach came across very clear, I used typical backgrounds such as high buildings and typical clothing and props you would usually see such as big black jackets and cars. To the eye I wanted it to seem conventional and this proved it was successful, however I also added in an unconventional element you dont usually see in male urban music and this is the idea of friendship you see between the two main characters. Most of the shots on the digipak are of the artists separately but when you then see them together, they have a friendship clearly being shown, which is very important to the whole meaning of the song and the video. This data clearly shows that these intentions have come across in my final digipak.
  8. 8. What would you predict is the target audiencefor the music video and does the music advert make this clear?Target Audience Is It Clear 11 and Under 12 to 16 Yes 17 to 24 Mostly Slightly 25 to 34 No 35+
  9. 9. What would you predict is the target audience for the music video and does the music advert make this clear?• For this question I am pleased with the result because most people predicted the target audience for the video. However on the question of ‘Is this clear’ only just 20 percent of people have said yes, with 75 percent either saying mostly or slightly. When I questioned people further they said that you could only deduct age groups from what it wouldn’t be and not what the exact one would be. You could tell it was for over 16s because it was a very sophisticated and simple poster, also the effects being used meant that the over 35 category would also be excluded, but from there on in it is hard to depict the category.• I see this data as both positive and negative feedback. To start with, if the 17-24 age group see this poster and don’t think its for them, because it is too sophisticated and simple, then they may not watch the video. However, if the video can look to appeal to older people from the poster then this may mean gaining a whole new target audience that we weren’t even expecting.• If I was to do this again i think I may change the poster slightly to make the age range clearer, but not too much that it excluded other age ranges.
  10. 10. Would the music advert convince you to buy the cd? Sales Yes No
  11. 11. Would the music advert convince you to buy the cd?• These results have come back well for me with over 85 percent of people saying they would buy the CD if they saw the poster.• When questioning further on the 15 percent that said ‘No’ they said that there weren’t enough selling techniques being used, no persuasive language or tag lines. With this feedback I have mixed reactions, first of all i wouldn’t add in any persuasive language as the idea of the poster is to be simple and sofisticated, however i feel that if i were to do it again I would probably add in the tag line advised as not much information is given.• When I questioned the people who said ‘Yes’ they said that the effects on the image draws your eye as it is there alone. Also the ratings from other magazines makes you want to buy it as it has clearly been well reviewed.
  12. 12. Is the costuming right for this genre of the song? Sales Yes No
  13. 13. Is the costuming right for this genre of the song?• I am very pleased with the results of this question, with only two percent of people saying that the costuming is unclear. I made the genre clear from the clothing by, having one of my characters photographed in a grey hoodie and the other character (even after being cropped to just a head) wearing a baseball cap. Both of these items are iconic urban wear and I believe that this is why it has come across as clear as it has.
  14. 14. Is there any way I could improve my advert? (Audience Answers)• Add a tag line to make it clearer what the song is• Make it more eye catching by using brighter colours• Sell the CD better by putting product information on the poster, such as where it is being sold and how much for• Show who is in the video by having both of the characters on the poster• Don’t distort the characters face so much, so we can see the expression on his face
  15. 15. Is there any way I could improve my Digipak? (Audience Answers)• Have the same theme running throughout all of the images• Include such things like song lyrics on the inside• Brighten up the front of the CD more so it jumps out at the audience on the shelf• Change the font on the CD cover so its easier to read• Make the text on the CD more central or fill up the empty space left