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Social for Business March 2012
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Social for Business March 2012


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Take a peek as to where social is going, what is has already done and how it applies itself to your marketing strategy. Yes I said marketing you have one? I can help please contact me …

Take a peek as to where social is going, what is has already done and how it applies itself to your marketing strategy. Yes I said marketing you have one? I can help please contact me

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. social media for BusinessDanny Keith founderJack Wagon Agency
  • 2. Why doesn’t Social Media work for my Business?People often ask me about Social Media and how Ido it?I tell them…There is not any special sauce for Social Media.I continue with explaining how Social Media hasthe ability to specifically target the customer thatwill convert on your product based on contentprovided.This usually confuses people. Let me explain…
  • 3. This is a tag cloud, the purpose is toelevate the most used word to the top.
  • 4. Facebook would be the 3rd LargestCountry with over 900,000 millionusers…
  • 5. Mobile internet usage will overtake desktopusage before 2015. Companies are developingnew mobile commerce platforms, strategies, andmarketing efforts.
  • 6. By the end of 2014, eMarketer predictsthat Twitter will reach 37.6 million.
  • 7. Games on Social Networks Like FacebookForecast to Reach $7.5 Billion by 2016According to New DFC Intelligence Report
  • 8. This is what your living room looks like…
  • 9. Why does my Business needa Social Media Presence? Social Media is not any different than traditional media. It is the Second Internet. If used properly you can increase your client interaction. Social Media provides you a targeted voice for your Business. Social media is often times used to reference your Business communication with clients.
  • 10. Social Media and You Social Media gives you the opportunity to speak to the people that want to hear what you have to say. Involve clients in the process, identify what you can handle, then ask them for input. New Golden Rule:  You do not own your brand, your customer does.
  • 11. Creating a Facebook Page
  • 12. Social Integration By adding a Facebook “Like” button you allow the reader to virally share your content at will. Syndicating your blog into Facebook Fan Page and LinkedIN Profile creates a channel for your content. Connect business Twitter account to Facebook Fan Page. Connect YouTube channel to Facebook Fan Page.
  • 13. How will they find you?
  • 14. Why users hide your updates 3 main reasons:They lose interest in your product or updatesToo many updates, too frequentlyInsufficiently engaging content
  • 15. Status Updates Why are they there? What do they want? Status updates should embrace:  Consistency  Quality over quantity  What incentive are they given once they “like” you?
  • 16. Danny’s Contact InfoI manage 32 Fan Pages, 22 blogs…ARTICLES FOR REFERENCEDownload this presentation hereReference Lou Kerner from Wedbush PrivateShares Group