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Content marketing 2014 - From The Digital Marketing Show
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Content marketing 2014 - From The Digital Marketing Show



My thoughts and predictions for content marketing in 2014, including the new sites to look out for and how to get the most out of your content, especially if you are in boring niches or b2b marketing. ...

My thoughts and predictions for content marketing in 2014, including the new sites to look out for and how to get the most out of your content, especially if you are in boring niches or b2b marketing.
Predictions include:
- Image based social media - Imgur, Instagram & Flickr
- Second coming of Tumblr
- Paid niche models - Reddit and StumbleUpon
- The influence of instant messengers and marketing opportunties with whatsapp, Snapchat, Wechat, BBM & Facebook messenger
- Content news readers zite, flipboard, pulse, material, slideshare,
- Home entertainment systems PS4 and Xbox One
This deck includes top content marketing companies including (usual suspects) Red Bull, Coca Cola, TED & Google and the new breed including Nike, LinkedIn & John Lewis.



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  • Content marketing budget spend rose to $43.9 BILLION - CMO.com27 million pieces of content are shared socially per day - AOL & Nielson7 in 10 prefer to learn about a company through bespoke content not ads - CMI9 in 10 organisations market with content - CMI73% of digital marketers believe brands are becoming publishers - CMO.com
  • In house computer storeIn house financeAgency side - pharma Agency side - head of product In house - vouchercodes.co.uk 
  • www.trafficoptimiser.com
  • Types of content It's not just the two we always think of infographics and landing pages ArticlesNewsletters Infographics Videos Apps- could be mobile web or Facebook apps
  • My theories on content Great content worksCreate content for peopleUnderstand local tv to understand contentPass the mum test?Can you explain your content in one tweet?
  • Kings of contentQueens of data Chiefs of engagement Leaders of common sense Presidents of user signals
  • Red Bull are now a content marketing company which happens to make energy drinks
  • Coca Cola "The challenge is to ensure that all this real time content is relevant, entertaining and shareable. The creative message will remain king."
  • Increase visibility and content by introducing today now named pulse content, brought pulse app and slideshareLinkedIn updates with content gets 6x more engagement - worth looking at your updates. LinkedIn shares are powerful 
  • Compelling video content - think the impact of vine and Instagram Targeted social content Image first social think Oreo Super Bowl and xbox one releaseShort and to the point graphics - aka ainpleinfographicsInstant review and previews - the year of smart phones at concerts and uptake of micro blogging and video reviews. Blogger notes might be more powerful in 2014Personalised content - how advertisers can market to you in more smart ways not just visiting adidas and getting abused with adidas images and links
  • Think about how emails are now opened on mobile first Over 80% of twitter users are mobile first Over 25% of Facebook users are mobile only and don't use pcs 
  • Googles recent SERPS changesSocial networks want you to stay on their sites and networks and this will be more true in 2014. Changes to Facebook algorithms saw a huge surge in traffic for Buzzfeeds networks and I've seen across 5 European and global sites I had access to. 
  • Will it be go where the people are. Will it be target your demographics  as aggressively as possible? Twitter ads open to All
  • Instagram - Facebooks darling and major purchase. Facebook will aggressively try to convince its 1.2 billion users to Instagram.   Flickr - yahoos visual baby might have more impact and integration  on twitter IMHO Imgur - bets traffic numbers for top online publications. It's become more than just the place geeks and Reddits users using the service ?
  • 350 million pieces of content shared daily Buzzfeed mobile integration Did you know 90% + Spanish users have Whatsapp 
  • The network being fought over Facebook wants shared content data so was it worth $3 billion plus. 400 million shares daily. 70% of users are female 
  • Wechat - Chinese largest Im clientBbm - 21 million downloads in 3 days Facebook messenger - main conversation engine for many people 
  • Zite - personalised content chosen by you fed by zite Flipboard - 300+ million users Pulse - linkedins content appMaterial - daily content push. Not real time enough 
  • http://usvsth3m.com/
  • Pay for an influencer to share. Lucy towie power from a link shared on twitter Be careful. Can push huge traffic but uncoverting. Expensive and Oprah says no to Obama.
  • http://thephodiaries.com/ - Aka the holistic marketers. Partner and reward the right partners 
  • Mobile optimisedViewableShareable Actionable Remember-able
  • You compete against your friends babies, news and food. Make your content stand out Whatever your content there's an audience Seeding budget - if no sharing budget is your content not good enough to pay for Attention spans are short - 3 seconds to grab attentionWrite for your audience not your boss
  • Ensure all teams and involved. And they can use and reuse info Data will help turn marketing into a revenue stream Think of content as stock - don't just invest in one If your content is not mobile friendly and available in one scroll probably won't work An influencer or celebrity might draw eyeballs but won't turn them into customers 
  • http://www.twitter.com/dannydenhardhttp://plus.google.com/+dannydenhardhttp://www.dannydenhard.com – http://www.dannydenhard.com/linkedin

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