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Migrating To SharePoint 2010


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This presentation describes the different methods for migrating to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online

This presentation describes the different methods for migrating to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online

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  • 1. Preparing for Migration and Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 – Advanced Scenarios
    Dalton Knoderer
    Sales Manager
    Metalogix Software
    Danny Burlage
  • 2. Agenda
    Overview of getting to SharePoint 2010 using out of box upgrade
    Unsupported and advanced scenarios
    Metalogix SharePoint Site Migration Manager for SharePoint 2010
    Addressing the WCM migration scenarios
    Metalogix Website Migration Manager for SharePoint 2010
  • 3. SharePoint 2010How to get there using out-of-box – Option 1
    PreUpgradeCheck – stsadm cmd
    In-place upgrade
    All-or-nothing upgrade requires prep work
    Hardware / Software environment needs to be appropriate
    64bit Windows Server 2008 OR 64bit Windows Server R2
    64bit SQL Express 2008 OR 64bit SQL 2005 Express
    Consider this a minimum
    Source WSSv3/MOSS 2007 environment needs to have SP2
    Standard in-place caution recommended
  • 4. SharePoint 2010How to get there – Option 2
    Central Admin - DB Attach
    Content DB, Profile DB, and Project Service DB are all supported
    Supports both build-to-build (b2b) and version-to-version (v2v) scenarios*
    Scoped at the content database level – one at a time
    Includes visual upgrade
    *v2v is MOSS 2007 to SP 2010, it does not support WSSv2 or SPS 2003
  • 5. SharePoint 2010How to get there - Option 3
    PowerShell Cmdlets – DB Upgrade
    Supports both build-to-build (b2b) and version-to-version (v2v) scenarios*
    Similar to the Central Admin option
    Scoped at the database level
    Supports parallel db upgrades
    Upgrade many DBs simultaneously
    *v2v is MOSS 2007 to SP 2010, it does not support WSSv2 or SPS 2003
  • 6. SharePoint 2010Unsupported scenarios for upgrade
    No support for direct WSSv2 or SPS 2003 upgrades
    No support for side-by-side installs of WSSv3/MOSS 2007 and WSSv4/SharePoint 2010
    No gradual upgrade
    No support for 32bit environments (e.g. Virtual Server)
    Limited support for co-existence
    No support for migration to SharePoint 2010 Online
  • 7. SharePoint 2010Common scenarios
    Looking at pilots and POCs for 2010
    Plan new hardware or staging servers that meet all SharePoint 2010 requirements
    Split/re-factor large content databases (<100gb), site collections, and lists over 5000 items
    Leverage best practices for site structure and template usage – not there yet
  • 8. SharePoint 2010How does Metalogix help?
    SharePoint Site Migration Manager
    Direct migrations from MOSS 2007/WSSv3 and SPS 2003/WSSv2 to SharePoint 2010
    Granular/gradual migrations
    No service pack or hardware requirements
    Zero downtime migrations
    Co-existence supported (e.g., schedule updates)
    Re-organize or re-template sites
    Ongoing management of SharePoint
    Support for SharePoint Online (BPOS)
    Support for migration from existing websites, WCM and ECM systems
  • 9. Demo
    Migrating from MOSS/WSS/SPS to 2010
  • 10. SharePoint 2010Taking advantage of the publishing platform
    Every organization adopting SharePoint 2010 has some form of WCM investment
    Moving HTML content and related resources to SharePoint publishing sites is typically labor intensive
    Copy and paste is not viable
    You only want to move some content from a subset of pages
    Link correction is needed
    Metadata management
  • 11. Website Migration ManagerKey features
    Migrate any HTTP- or NTFS-accessible web content to SharePoint
    Comprehensive resource management
    Rich content analysis and reporting capabilities
    Automated link correction
    Delegated metadata management
    Migrate content to web parts
    Connectors for specific API-level migration of specific source systems
    MCMS, Vignette, eRoom, Stellent/Oracle CS, SiteScape…
    Fully extensible by service providers
  • 12. Demo
    Migrating an Internet Site to SharePoint 2010
  • 13. SharePoint 2010MetalogixVision: Content Lifecycle Management for the Microsoft Collaborative World
    Bring content into SharePoint
    From ECMs – Documentum eRoom, Oracle Content Server (Stellent), Vignette, Interwoven
    From Exchange public folders
    From other (or older) SharePoint sites
    From backups
    From the web
    From file servers
    From on-premise to BPOS (SharePoint Online)
    Manage content in SharePoint
    Manage permissions, content and users
    Identify and remove “dead” accounts
    Selective restore of individual lists and line items
    Archive content with single-instance and federated search
    From SharePoint
    From Exchange
    From File Servers
    Terminate content under data retention policies
  • 14. Metalogix Product Offerings
    • FREE Tools
    SharePoint Express
    WWS 2.0 / 3.0
    SP 2003, MSCM, NTFS
    Archiving Products
    Professional Archive Manager For Exchange
    Professional Archive Manager For SharePoint
    Professional Archive Manager For Files
    • Administration Products
    Universal SharePoint Manager
    • Backup and Restoration Products
    Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint Backups
    • Migration Products
    SharePoint Site Migration Manager
    FileShare Migration Manager for SharePoint
    Website Migration Manager for SharePoint
  • 15. Metalogix Software
    Founded in 2001
    Expanded in Q4 2008
    By adding of one of the leading Enterprise Archiving Solutions in Europe
    Nearly 100 employees and growing
    2000+ customers
    Offices in:
    Microsoft Gold Partner
    Technology Partners
  • 16. From the trenches
    Amsterdam RAI
    WSMM 2010 (beta)
    Sitecore -> SP2010
    Tried it by hand, with Metalogix and a 3th party tool
    Automated scripts
    Metalogix: 6 hours
    Lessons learned:
    Not only Migrations also staging and OTAP
    Ministerie van ...
    SSMM 2010 (beta)
    MOSS 2007 -> SP2010
    OOTB proces, useful for aligning content
    SharePoint Online
    SSMM 2007
  • 17. Wortell
    Founded in 1997
    Nearly 130 employees and growing
    300+ customers
    Currently 12 SP2010 beta projects
    Dedicated on the MS platform
    Microsoft Gold Partner
    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Beta and PEP Partner
    Microsoft Online Technology Partner
    Active member of the Microsoft S+S Partner Advisory Counsil
  • 18. SharePoint 2010Next steps
    Enroll in our beta program here:
    Download free trial software for WSSv3/MOSS 2007 today
    Get the book!
    Leave your Business Card or
    Visit Booth 19 – Wortell
  • 19. Your Feedback is Important
    Please fill out a session evaluation form drop it off at the conference registration desk.
    Thank you!
    SharePoint Site Migration Manager 15 day free trial
    Website Migration Manager 15 day free trial
    FileShare Migration Manager 15 day free trial
    Selective Restore Manager 15 day free trial