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Citation management   jan 14 updated
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Citation management jan 14 updated


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Citation Management Sampler An overview of popular citation management tools January 28, 2014
  • 2. Gumberg Library’s status • Our subscription to RefWorks will expire on June 30, 2014. • Variety of citation management tools available, both free and at cost. • We will offer assistance with transitioning to several in the coming months. • Which one should you use?
  • 3. RefWorks (Institutional Subscription) • The current citation management system supported by Gumberg Library • Web-based • Stores references • Formats them in hundreds of different styles • Generate bibliographies • Need to download and install the Write-N-Cite feature • Format a paper with in-text citations and bibliography
  • 4. Transitioning to Other Citation Management Tools from Current RefWorks Account • You CAN export your RefWorks database to other Citation Management Software. • You CANNOT export your Attachments; you will have to do that manually. • If exporting to a non-RefWorks alternative, you must take extra steps to maintain your folder structure.
  • 5. 4 Citation Management Alternatives • RefWorks (Individual Subscription) • Zotero • Mendeley • EndNote
  • 6. RefWorks (Individual Subscription) • Costs $100/year • Same features as RefWorks (Institutional Subscription) EXCEPT: • Attachments is NOT a feature for Individual Subscriptions • The Find It link to full text in Duquesne databases will NOT appear
  • 7. RefWorks (Individual Subscription) Pros • Most of the same features and strengths of RefWorks (Institutional) Cons • Cost = $100/year • No Attachments feature available • No Find It link available • Same weaknesses as RefWorks (Institutional)
  • 8. Zotero • Web-based with stand alone desktop download • Free • Download “connector” to your browser • Works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • 9. Zotero • Easy to add online sources with browser icon. • Features • Stores sources • Formats them in a variety of styles • Generates a bibliography • With a free account, can sync with your other devices
  • 10. Zotero Pros/Cons Pros • • • • • Free Web-based Easy to add sources Plug-ins for Word/Open Office Syncs with Zotero cloud and other devices Cons • Must install browser connector to capture database/DuCat citations • Not user-friendly with IE, which is the DU default browser • Must install Zotero Stand Alone software on personal computer
  • 11. Mendeley • • • • • • Free and web-based Focused on community, research sharing “Crowd sourced literature discovery” Tools for annotation “Find relevant papers based on what you are reading” Great for collaboration
  • 12. Mendeley Pros/Cons Pros • • • • • • • • Free Web-based w/ Desktop Version Web Import, Drag & Drop Ease of adding PDFs Social Media for Research Plug-ins for Word/OpenOffice Made to interface with Google Scholar Mobile access Cons • • • • • Syncing Exporting (catalogs & databases) Less intuitive than Zotero, RefWorks Renders citations poorly Cannot generate bibliographies independently
  • 13. EndNote • • • • • • Installed on desktop, but can access and manage from EndNote online Stores large number of sources Creates bibliographies in over 5,000 styles Can format paper with Cite While You Write (like Write-N-Cite) Opens, annotates, and searches PDF files Can share references
  • 14. EndNote Pros • Good option for storing large numbers of references • Formats papers and bibliographies in thousands of styles • Allows storage and annotation of PDFs Cons • Not web-based; has to be installed on computer • Cost • Some issues with how well citations render
  • 15. Comparison of Features • Comparison Chart handout • RefWorks and EndNote are citation tools • Zotero and Mendeley are research tools that include a citation manager as one of their features
  • 16. Demos
  • 17. Further Exploration • • • • RefWorks • Choosing a Citation Manager, University of Washington Zotero • Citation Managers: Comparison of Features, UWM Mendeley EndNote • Tool Comparisons, Harvard Library • Comparison of Reference Management Software, Wikipedia Check out Gumberg Library’s: Citation Management Guide
  • 18. The Right Tool for You • Review the different options available • Select the software that meets YOUR needs • Gumberg Library will be providing resources and training to help you make the transition
  • 19. Questions? Emily Cantin, MLIS 412.396.6133 Leslie Lewis, MLIS 412.396.5342