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Cse 615 design share

  1. 1. Goals:My goal was to create posters for my gym so students and parent wouldunderstand what was allowed and what was not allowed in the gym.Audience:The students and parents of my school are the audience.Message:Careless acts in the gym could cause harm so they should be avoided.
  2. 2. a ti on Ed uc ic al ysPh Rules, Procedures, and Expectations By navigating to the website; parents, students, and community members have access to all the necessary information regarding the rules, procedures, and expectations needed to be successful in Mr. Harmon’s classes. The rules and procedures found on the website are designed for safety and efficient use of time, while expectations are kept high to ensure student development. www.schoolwebpages.com
  3. 3. The changes I made to my design was to the color. For this design I tried using twocomplementary colors, yellow and purple. Since I was designing for my basketballgym I thought of the LA Lakers uniforms. The red title and black block of textchanged to purple and the white background was changed to yellow.
  4. 4. I made changes by trying an analogous color combination starting with yellow andexperimenting with the different tints and shades. The darkest shade of yellowreplaced the bright yellow background. I used orange for the title, changing frompurple. The subheading and website were change to a light shade of orange andthe purple block of text to the lightest tint of orange.
  5. 5. Trying to capture a "gym style" I removed the large basketball and replaced itwith a picture of a close up of a basketball court. I rotated the title vertically andplace it on the left side of the page. Changing my subheading and block of text Ialigned them with the basketball court line of the picture. I also added a coolshade of blue to contrast with the orange of the title and subheading but it isalso taken from the blueish-grey cinder block walls of my gym. I experimentedwith a fancier font for my block of text as well.
  6. 6. I made the title blue background slightly smaller in size and the subheadingtext was decreased as well to contrast better. I chose a font that was easier toread for my block of text and changed color and size of certain words I wantedto stand out. I repeated the blue of the title and subheading to help thosewords stand contrast. A tint of orange was used for a fill background behindthe block of text. Finally, I moved my website address over to the bottom rightas to lead the eye that direction.