The reason why I am writing this reflection it’s to provide the most important featuresof the text “Teaching vocabulary to...
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The reason why i am writing this reflection it 2


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The reason why i am writing this reflection it 2

  1. 1. The reason why I am writing this reflection it’s to provide the most important featuresof the text “Teaching vocabulary to advanced students: A lexical approach” which ishelpful to all future teachers and also to student of English to learn how to explain in aneffective way the English vocabulary giving some aspects of Lexis and at the same timeexplaining each aspect for a better comprehension. Moreover there is the opinion of acontroversial author “Lewis” which gave a lot of importance to the learning of newvocabulary and the process that the teachers use to give this information to studentswhich is also important to know.Firs to all, the author of the text gave us the explanation of several aspects of Lexiswhich are important to take into account at the moment of teaching new vocabulary, thisexplanations help future students of English, and also teachers, to realize that when youteach new vocabulary is not only memorize a few words and the work is really, there ismuch more beyond memorization. Teachers have to recognize and understand whatmeans to know a lexical item and give the opportunity to learners to apply and use thisitems that they learnt in a real context to make the storage of this information moreeffective. These bring us to the second item which is helpful for everyone involve orinterested in the English language, the memory and storage systems. Is inevitable tohave a good memory to storage all the new information which learning a new languagebrings with it. The text gives future teachers some advices and examples of howcreating mental linkages, applying images and sounds and so on which helps to have aneffective process of learning and incorporation of this new information. There isimportant to take into account the techniques and leaning style preferences which thetext named, such as: the visual, tactile, kinesthetic, aural, etc… because every studentlearn in a different way and it is necessary to use every style inside a class for everyoneto understand what you are explaining.Moreover something which is also important and that the text teach us is that everyperson is more receptive if the lexical item makes them feel a personal need to know it,or if they need to express something which are inside their own purposes. Neverthelessthese are not the only advices the text gave to us, the text also mentions how to chosethe material of a lesson, the group work, etc…Personally, and as a future teacher this text made me realize how important is to teachnew vocabulary, it is not just the memorization of a few word but something deeperthan that, also it made me think about the necessities of learners and what I have to doto make them have motivation to what they will learn.To sum up, this text will be helpful to students and future English teachers, due to allthe advices of how to teach new vocabulary, which aspects are important, what ateachers must be worried about in a lesson, the different aspects of Lexis, the memoryand storage systems and how to make a lesson effective to inquire, the use of the properlanguage , which are the motivations of the learners, etc… Dannae Del Campo Méndez.