Constitutional amendments
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Constitutional amendments

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Here is the information that some in the audience wanted on the Constitutional Amendments.

Here is the information that some in the audience wanted on the Constitutional Amendments.

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  • 1. Constitutional Amendments November 2012
  • 2. Amendment 1: VOTE NO“Extend payments to the Forever Wild Land Trustfor the next 20 years, ending with fiscal year 2031-2032.”If you vote NO on this amendment, the moneythat would have been used to fund this project willstay in the Alabama Trust Fund. That alone meritsa NO vote. In addition I’m tired of hearing ads saymistruths with the statement like “using no taxes”.
  • 3. Amendment 2 Vote NO“Allow the State to refund and repurchase generalobligation bonds at a lower interest rate, which couldresult in savings for the State”.If you want to give elected officials a revolving loanfor economic development then vote yes. If you thinkthat a group of people who say in the bill that they arelowering the interest rate without clearly telling youthat they are creating a revolving loan until the year2032 then you need to Vote NO.
  • 4. Administration of Government Amendment 3 Vote YES“Define the Stockton Landmark District withinBaldwin County and also prohibit local lawmakersfrom agreeing to any annexation of the property”….I’m only suggesting that you vote YES on thisbecause my good friend Agriculture CommissionerJohn McMillian says that he supports this bill. Inormally stay away from this type of amendment butI trust John and if he says that the people of Stocktonneed this then I believe him.
  • 5. Civil Rights Amendment 4 Vote YES“Remove language in the Alabama State Constitutionrelating to racial segregation in schools and theimposition of poll taxes”.The top reason I say Vote YES is because the AEA isagainst this amendment, but set apart from that withinthe bill is a clear declaration that Education is not aConstitutional Right of every Alabamian. It’s not thatI’m opposed to education. I’m really opposed to thejudicial system telling us that we aren’t fundingeducation properly.
  • 6. Natural Resources Amendment 5 Vote YES or NO“Provide the transfer of assets and liabilities ofthe Water Works and Sewer Board of the City ofPrichard to the Board of Water and SewerCommissioners of the City of Mobile”.This basically is a local amendment that doesn’thave an impact on us. I leave this to the locals.
  • 7. Health Care Amendment 6 Vote YES or NO“Prohibit mandatory participation in any healthcare system”.This is a reaction to the Affordable HealthcareAct. I think you should vote YES if you want tomake a statement about “Obama Care”. If youwant to leave a door open for the state ofAlabama to solve Alabama’s healthcare issuethrough state mandates then I suggest you voteNO.
  • 8. Labor Amendment 7 Vote YES“Guarantee the right of individuals to vote forpublic office, public votes on referenda, or votesof employee representation by secret ballot”.A secret ballot is the law and the tradition inAlabama. This amendment would stop any unionleader from knowing how a member voted. We area “right to work” state and this just helps to keepsome potentially bad union players from workingin the state.
  • 9. Legislative Pay Amendment 8 Vote NO“Repeal existing laws regarding the compensation andexpense reimbursement of the members”.On the surface this amendment seems to solve aproblem that many of us have had with the legislative“Pay Raise”. I think we need to keep the legislators onthe hook on this issue by voting NO and letting thisbe an issue in the 2014 election. If you vote YES youlegitimize their compensation. If you vote NO youmake them address this issue in the 2014 election.Either way they are basically paid the same amount.
  • 10. Taxes Amendment 9 Vote YES“Replaces outdated language concerning the categorizationof certain corporations”.I have looked at this bill and I don’t see a problem but letme add this caveat. A committee has been formed to makerecommendations on portions of the state’s constitutionthat need to be updated, amended or completely removed.This is to avoid a constitutional convention. I’ll have totrust that this group is presenting amendments that aresound. If they don’t then the only course will be aConstitution Convention. Bad for the elected officials andbad for us.
  • 11. Administration of Government Amendment 10 Vote YES“Revise and recompile the sections of theConstitution concerning banks and banking”.Again, I have looked at this bill and I don’t see aproblem but let me say again, I’ll have to trust thatthe constitution review committee is makingsound judgments. If not a price will be paid by theelected officials that created the committee.
  • 12. Recommendations on Amendments1 Extend payments to the Forever Wild Land Trust Vote NO Allow the State to refund and repurchase general Vote NO2 obligation bonds Define the Stockton Landmark District within Vote YES3 Baldwin County Remove racial language in the Alabama State Vote YES4 Constitution Transfer of assets and liabilities of the Water Works Vote YES5 and Sewer Board of the City of Prichard
  • 13. Recommendations on Amendments6 Prohibit mandatory participation in any health care Vote system. YES/NO7 Guarantee the right of individuals to vote for public office, public votes on referenda, or votes of Vote YES employee representation by secret ballot.8 Repeal existing laws regarding the compensation and expense reimbursement of the members Vote NO of the Alabama State Legislature.9 Replaces outdated language concerning the Vote YES categorization of certain corporations.10 This amendment will prohibit the state from becoming a stockholder in any bank or Vote YES banking corporation.