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What does Catechumen mean? Sometimes I hear the word catechumen used especially around Easter. What does the word mean?

What does Catechumen mean? Sometimes I hear the word catechumen used especially around Easter. What does the word mean?



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    Catechumen Catechumen Presentation Transcript

    • I hear the word “Catechumen” used at church, usually around Easter, but I don’t know what it means can you help? Saint Paul Ministries www.saintpaulministries.net
      • The word catechumen has to do with baptism.
      • The reason you hear it around Easter is that it is a special time when members of the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) are baptized and become members of the church in a public ceremony typically called the Easter Vigil.
      • Baptism is the sacrament by which a person becomes a Christian.
      • The person becomes a son or daughter of God, and a brother or sister to Jesus.
      • The person becomes an adopted member of God’s family and meets with other family members at Church.
      • Our mothers gave birth to us and as a result we became members of our biological family and humanity then we began living a temporary life in the world.
      • Baptism is a second birth, a birth into a new and higher life and we become sharers in the life of God himself.
      • Baptism for adults is not something to be taken without willingness,
      • thought, and preparation.
      • On occasion we hear of someone being “forced” to be baptized.
      • Typically this pressure is applied when the individual is about to marry and the future spouse demands it as a condition of marriage.
      • If this is found out the Church will not baptize the adult no more than they would validate a
      • marriage if they discover that one of the parties to the marriage is being pressured into making the marriage contract.
      • If the adult freely desires to become a Christian there logically needs to be a time of preparation and instruction in the faith.
      • This time is called the catechumenate and the
      • person who desires baptism is called a catechumen.
      • There is a powerful incentive for people of all ages to be baptized and is found in the Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 5.
      • 5 Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
      • As you can see from the passage baptism gives immeasurable benefits and as a result Christian parents want their infants baptized as soon as possible.
      • The baptism of the infants are both desirable and a duty of the parents required by church law (Canon 867).
      • Clearly, a baby is not able to participate in a time of preparation and instruction until later in life.
      • The church also requires an after or “post-baptismal catechumenate” (Canon 1231) for the child.
      • Their preparation and instruction will begin at home with their parents.
      • Parents, the child’s first teachers, will naturally instruct the child in right and wrong and by their example living out the Commandments.
      • Being baptized as an infant or as an adult logically requires instruction beyond that which is commonly known.
      • In time the people will ask these new Catholics
      • “ How come you Catholics believe . . . .” it certainly would be nice to give them a clear and convincing answer wouldn’t it?
      • The answers are found through the time of instruction called the catechumenate.
      • And the students being instructed are called the Catechumens.
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