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Based on brief user input, LincDoc EE engages its advanced business logic engine to swiftly fashion complex documents from a repository of pre-approved language, addenda, paragraphs, sections or other types of business critical data. And with LincDoc EE's granular version tracking, authorized editors can track the entire lifespan of documents and never publish an incorrect version. All documents work together with Laserfiche, can be routed in multiple formats and their data can mesh easily with existing databases.

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LincDoc Enterprise Edition brochure

  1. 1. C O M P O S E C O N S T R U C T C O N N E C T ™ A virtual document factory, LincDoc EE offers a sophisticated document assembly suite that quickly changes the pace of productivity that can be used by all levels of personnel. Users fashion complex documents easily using pre-approved subject matter, language and content while assisted by the software's highly cognizant business-logic engine. Thus, documents are compliant to any industry or enterprise regulation. Not only is risk substantially reduced and subject matter expert approval a thing of the past, LincDoc EE produces eForms and complex documents that virtually walk an end-user through completion, requiring no additional instruction. Field information comes back complete and correct. Every time. LincDoc EE's version-controlled template repository ensures the integrity of all documents and its ability to automatically integrate with Laserfiche and existing databases reduces the litany of additional steps needed to harness document data. And like all LincDoc solutions, LincDoc EE creates visually tight, presentation-ready documents that reflect your brand and technological expertise. Do your employees spend countless hours preparing similar documents? Are you dependent on a handful of subject matter experts (SMEs) to approve all documents before turning them over to customers? Do all of your generated documents comply with corporate or regulatory policies/procedures? LINCDOC@LINCWARE.COM • 585.563.1669 WWW.LINCWARE.COM EE “If only our company knew what our company knows.” (Enterprise Edition)
  2. 2. LINCDOC@LINCWARE.COM • 585.563.1669 WWW.LINCWARE.COM 4EASY STEPS TO BUILDING YOUR DOCUMENTS 2 1 3 4 Features Document/eForm authoring using MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Secure login MS Active Directory/LDAP integration Document level security (secure PDF options) Dynamic web interface Save data to database Search and retrieve Version controlled document template repository Business logic engine Conditional logic embedded in source document templates Multiple document source types (PDF, DOC, ODT) Document output types (DOC, HTML, ODT, TIFF, PDF) Unlimited eForms Database integration (data mapping from external DB) Scanning Signature capture (Topaz signature pads) Bar coding Laserfiche interface Clustering/high availability LincDoc EE ✓ ✓ O ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ O O O O O O ✓ = Included O = Optional Laserfiche is a registered trademark of Compulink Management Center, Inc. © 1996-2009 Compulink Management Center, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Most importantly, no document automation product on the market offers an ROI like LincDoc EE. It can... • allow users to assemble and automate documents that smartly consider the content that will drive them • help organizations fully embrace a true green effort • quickly turn-around customized documents to keep pace with business • give full control of the document automation process to your personnel, with permissions and secure log-ins • make the most complex documents seem elementary • significantly enhance your workflow by managing the entire lifespan of related documents • decrease the time it takes for the data in a critical document to disseminate through the organization • go from need to document to results quicker than ever before • provide rapid ROI