How Enterprises are Using Mobile Devices and Mobile Capture


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Do mobile devices have a real purpose in the enterprise other than playing angry birds? How do you leverage consumer technology like the iPad to not only consume information, but to capture it as well. In this session, Dan will show you how customers are building out an enterprise framework with applications on the iPad and other mobile devices to capture data without ever creating paper.

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  • What do people use mobile devices for? – other than walking down the hall pretending you are on the phone Leverage- aka how you get your boss to buy you toys
  • Hi I’m Daniel O’Leary. From my Aiim Bio: Daniel O'Leary is the Director of Inside Sales for CloudShare. CloudShare is a cloud computing company that makes it easy to build, manage and share any business application on-demand, in the cloud. CloudShare provides remote access to virtual machines - all you need is a web browser. You can connect instantly to environments for development, testing, training, and demos. He is an AIIM Ambassador, Distinguished Service Award winner, and an active member of the AIIM PAC. You can follow him on twitter at . Yes, I cut out my wife to make room for the monkey.
  • Source . I’ve had the joy of working on many sides of the cloud and content management industries. Most of my experience comes from living and working in Silicon Valley, and consulting with companies around the world.
  • Source As if there was any doubt that Apple is the innovator here, here’s an amusing graphic showing the design of tablets before and after the launch of the iPad. In 2010, the iPad led a fundamental shift in how people use technology. I remember the first time I saw it, my thought was “I already have a smartphone, laptop, and desktop, why do I need an iPad?”. That was of course until I used it. That changed everything.
  • 111% increase in iPad sales year over year. , source iPad sales are staggering, with Apple reporting that “the new iPad” already passed 1 million preorders, and at the time of this writing the wait to purchase is expected to be 2-3 weeks. To date, over 55 million iPads have been sold. In it’s wake, Apple has left HP, Palm, and Blackberry reeling.
  • Box 2010 to 2011 mobile, 49% iPhone, 26% iPad, 3% android tablet . But 8x growth for android phones YOY Forecasting 10x Android growth in tablets Source One of the reasons Android tablets have not been as accepted is the fragmentation of the Android space. Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is available and the enterprise tools are ready, more users might embrace Android tablets. The lead will have to come from consumers, for from a compelling cost differentiator versus the iPad, for example the Amazon Kindle.
  • Source Biggest change in Windows since Win 95, even the start button is gone Arm and x86. No start menu, unifying tablets and computers. Will it be vista all over again? Consumer preview released on March 1 st , so far the results are positive Leverage the massive amount of Windows developers, and embrace touch screen devices Show of hands, how many are planning on purchasing it?
  • Source One of the things I hear from disgruntled IT admins is that if they purchase devices or allow employees to use them, all they will do is play Angry Birds and chat on Facebook. This argument is like saying I gave my employees a computer and all they do is play solitaire, or I gave them email and all they do is send jokes. It’s a fallacy. If users are having fun and engaged, expect tools to be used in a variety of ways, that’s the point. Users aren’t robots. @ berkun : "An  #iPhone  today has more computing power than NASA did in 1969. They put a man on the moon, and we throw birds at pigs"
  • Examples: Dropbox and Box for file management LincDoc Mobile for electronic forms GoToMeeting, WebEx Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, Jive VMWare View for iPad, CloudShare DocuSign Ink for digital signatures SharePlus for Microsoft SharePoint access Source iTunes screenshot The iPad is becoming the standard for a mobile work force. Look no further than an airplane or a train to see how many people are hard at work using the devices. Having integrated wifi and 3g / 4g makes this mobile reality possible.
  • It’s often a situation of “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.” – this often applies to how people bring their own devices into the enterprise. This bottom up approach works for many organizations, and often they are coming in via the C level. The way to drive adoption and ROI is to make the tools not only easy to use, but fun. How many of you ever received formal training on how to use Facebook? Source- friend’s personal photo
  • “ As for tablets , there simply aren’t any good Windows-based choices, so the iPad is a natural pick. But Windows 8 tablets are on the way, and there will be no need for iPads in the enterprise.” Preston Gralla, Computerworld, 13 Feb 2012 Is a tablet always the best tool for the job? Almost always, no. But it does work as a Swiss army knife as a great tool for a variety of situation. Source-
  • The biggest issue for IT managers when it comes to deploying the iPad, according to Freimark, is ceding control “ IT workers have been trained to want to control systems. There is a limited amount of control you can have on the iPad.” For example, when you connect an iPad to a Microsoft Exchange server account and ActiveSync, an IT manager can remotely wipe the device, enforce passcode policies to add security and turn off the camera. Those important basics, which have been available since the iPad’s debut, help managers sleep easier. If a work-issued iPad full of sensitive data goes missing, the IT department can at least completely erase the thing. Source
  • Source Enable access to email, social networking, CRM, customer data, help desk tickets, and other tools. The benefit here is also the biggest drawback, you can work virtually anywhere, at anytime. Customers and employers have a perception that you are always connected which can create social strain. If you do get hit by techno stress from time to time, make sure you take time to unplug at least once a week for a few hours.
  • Source “ Is it true you spend more time using your iPad than you do working” – I actually asked my wife this question. This changes everything, from how we as knowledge workers get things done, to how products and services get delivered in a digital economy.
  • Source- personal photo. The dog’s name is Henry, and yes he is this cute. Even the most sophisticated organizations often resort to gluing and taping receipts to letter paper, and filling out spreadsheets to reimburse employee expenses. The process can be challenging, even when you have a puppy helping.
  • Source Expensify does "expense reports that don't suck!" by importing expenses and receipts from credit cards and mobile phones, submitting expense reports through email, and reimbursing everything online with QuickBooks and Direct Deposit. Expensify's unique design suits everybody from individuals tracking their personal finances to companies with a thousand employees, and everywhere in between such as churches, non-profits, and small businesses worldwide. Expensify is free for individuals and small businesses, with premium upgrades available for receipt scanning and shared expense policies. By the numbers Founded in 2008 Used by over 90,000 organizations and 650K individuals Processing almost 10K receipts and $2M in expense reports every day
  • Source Totally amazing app- connects directly to your personal bank information and credit cards, and matches data from receipts and transactions to automatically fill out your expense report. It can also be tied into GL codes for larger organizations. For any receipts over $75, you should take a picture to upload and attach the original. For me my reports can be done in minutes instead of hours. One of my friends returned from a 3 week trip to Tel Aviv, and he used this app to not only capture all the data, but handle the conversion into $USD.
  • Source, yes that is a bread bag in her hair. Signed documents have historically played a vital role in how business transactions get done. 10 years ago it would have been inconceivable for you to sign a contract, open a bank account, file your taxes, or complete an agreement without resorting to paper. But think for a minute, when was the last time you stopped to print out an order form when shopping online? DocuSign is not the only tool, but it is certainly popular with over 13 million users in 50 countries.
  • Source “ Need to sign a permission slip for your child’s school? An estimate from the plumber? No problem. You no longer have to waste time printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing. Simply open your email attachment with DocuSign Ink, sign it, and send. It’s that easy” DocuSign Ink allows you to open any document, sign your name, fill in forms, and email it back anywhere in the world without printing, faxing, or mailing—all 100% secure. – it’s amazing for people on the go to complete transactions and do transactional work without stopping to find a business center.
  • DocuSign Ink is for signing document, and DocuSign is for sending documents to be signed. One of the cool things about Ink is that it can use your actual signature, or a prebuilt one. Either way, the entire process is easy.
  • Now that storage space is cheaper than toilet paper, what do you do? How do you handle things like versioning, backups, sharing, collaboration, and do it all securely and on the go? Case study- The goal was to share content without having to use email.
  • They got tired of emailing files, and much of their work is in the field.
  • Source
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  • Image and content source American Outcomes Management (AOM) is a physician-owned provider of in-home IV (intra-venous) therapy and infusion services seeking to continue to improve its industry-leading level of patient care. Field nurses and company employees were using a paper-based process for its primary account management tool, the multi-page, 3-ply Patient Visit Record form. Information collected is vital to patient medical charts, pharmacists, insurance companies, drug labs and company billing and payroll departments.
  • Use of this form involved manually collecting data from patients in the field, which triggered an enterprise-wide process of faxing, scanning, e-mailing and physical filing. Completed forms, often up to 50/day, were routed through several stakeholders, including billing and clinical staff. This led to illegible handwriting, lost/confused pages, duplicate versions, redundant tasks and the need to excessively verify patient information. Source- patient intake form
  • Patient Visit Record form approval time decreased from weeks to hours LD-Mobile time stamps patient vital sign recordings and any instance of eForm use Patient Visit Record and data automatically dropped into CRM system workflow Eliminated challenges to workflow from illegible handwriting because of faxing and scanning All patient data automatically input to electronic medical chart Nurse visit information time stamped to authenticate relative to medical records, human resources and payroll No more lost forms or confused pages Entire billing process simplified, staff and patient billing completed rapidly Substantial time savings in general workflow from reduction in manual handling, correcting and verifying information Electronic signatures now used for Consent to Services form, bolstering risk management efforts Company brand enhanced in marketplace through embrace of mobile business Eliminated time drag of multiple people handling a single form Source – application screenshot
  • Source- Application screenshot
  • Kirk Graham, IT Director American Outcomes Management: “ LincDoc has become the primary “Linc” between our patients, data, and employees. LincDoc allowed us to turn our familiar paper forms into mobile e-forms increasing our efficiency, eliminating human error, and speeding up our billing processes, all while saving time, money, and best of all, being green.” “So far everyone is blown away by the system, I can’t keep up with all of the forms they want created”. Image source-
  • How Enterprises are Using Mobile Devices and Mobile Capture

    1. 1. #AIIM12Enterprises Are Already Using Mobile Capture: Here’s How Daniel O’Leary @danieloleary
    2. 2. Agenda What do people use mobile devices for? Leveraging consumer technology Increase productivity Case studies Answers #AIIM12
    3. 3. Who are you!? Hi, I’m Dan (@danieloleary)#AIIM12
    4. 4. My Job is Director at a Cloud Startup Project leader …Cat photos, bacon, soccer #AIIM12
    5. 5. Remember 2010?#AIIM12
    6. 6. Why iPad? 15.43 million iPads sold Q4 2011 93% adoption in the Fortune 500 Windows 8 , Android looming #AIIM12
    7. 7. But I <3 Android#AIIM12
    8. 8. Coming Soon!#AIIM12
    9. 9. #AIIM12
    10. 10. … & Tons of Enterprise Apps#AIIM12
    11. 11. So how do you do it? Make it easy! #AIIM12
    12. 12. Is the old way better?#AIIM12
    13. 13. Poor IT Guys#AIIM12
    14. 14. Reclaim lost time from employees #AIIM12
    15. 15. PFFFFT Sleep is Overrated#AIIM12
    16. 16. So how are enterprisesACTUALLY doing this? #AIIM12
    17. 17. Expense Reports#AIIM12
    18. 18. Expense Reports –The Old Way#AIIM12
    19. 19. What is Expensify?#AIIM12
    20. 20. Life AFTER Expensify#AIIM12
    21. 21. Digital Signature#AIIM12
    22. 22. Before DocuSign Ink“You want me to print and FAX something?!” #AIIM12
    23. 23. DocuSign Ink#AIIM12
    24. 24. Paper? LOL#AIIM12
    25. 25. Content Management#AIIM12
    26. 26. Let’s “Share Files”#AIIM12
    27. 27. Six Flags – Hit it out of the park“Compared to email, Box hasreduced the time we spendsearching for and sending materialby 50%. And everybody – both ourinternal teams and externalvendors – finds it exceptionallysimple to use.”Sean AndersenDirector, Interactive ServicesSix Flags Entertainment #AIIM12
    28. 28. Content that goes where you do #AIIM12
    29. 29. The new world of Box#AIIM12
    30. 30. Virtualization and Legacy Apps#AIIM12
    31. 31. Before CloudShare#AIIM12
    32. 32. Take your infrastructure with you #AIIM12
    33. 33. Document Automation#AIIM12
    34. 34. American Outcomes Management #AIIM12
    35. 35. Before LincDoc Mobile#AIIM12
    36. 36. Migrating to the iPad#AIIM12
    37. 37. What Nurses See#AIIM12
    38. 38. The Real Outcome? Happy Nurses #AIIM12
    39. 39. More Info?  Community  Webinars  Training “Four Steps of Automation” by Joe Budelli #AIIM12
    40. 40. Questions? ANSWERS!!!!! @danieloleary #AIIM12