Questionnaire for the survey of electronics market(for school/college projects)

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This is a Questionnaire for survey related to electronics market(for school/college projects).

This is a Questionnaire for survey related to electronics market(for school/college projects).

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  • 1. QUESTIONNAIREName:____________________ age:______Gender:________ occupation:_____________Please spare a few minutes of your valuable time to answer this simpleQuestionnaire.1. Are you a satisfied customer of consumer electronic market? Yes No2. Are you interested in knowing more about the current trends in electronics? Yes No Haven’t Thought About That3. Are you interested in purchasing the latest models of electronic gadgets? Yes No Some times4. Which of the following is the gadget that you bought recently? LED T.V Mobile phone Tablet Other5. Which among the following is your favourite brand? SONY APPLE SAMSUNG OTHER6. What do you think is Samsung’s position in the world electronic market? 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH7. Are you a frequent buyer of Samsung products? Yes No
  • 2. 8. When did you last buy a brand new Samsung product? Less than a week ago Less than a year ago 1-3 years ago 3-5 years ago9. How long have you been using Samsung? I’m a first time user About 1-3 years About 3-5 years Over 5 years10. Which among the following Samsung products have you brought recently? Tablet Laptop Mobile phone Camera Other11. Do you think Samsung Tablet can win over Apple ipad? Yes No Maybe12. Are you satisfied with our ‘after sales service’? Yes No Not Always13. Will you buy it at once when Samsung launches its next digital gadget? Yes No Not Yet Decided14. Do you think Samsung always brings out its best? Yes No Not Always Some times15. Do you think Samsung will be triumphant over all its competitors? Yes Maybe Haven’t Thought About That Never