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The kooks
The kooks
The kooks
The kooks
The kooks
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The kooks
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The kooks


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Published in: Investor Relations
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  • 1. Nirvana – The Kooks ‘Ooh La’
  • 2. Lyrics and Visuals • In this music video The Kooks have a small amount of Lyrics matching with the visuals, however they are not clear. The only time the lyrics match with the visuals is on the chorus where the lead singer talks about a life of a girl : • In the chorus which is shown bellow , the music video related the lyrics to the visuals by showing the girl which matched to the lyrics. • Below are some screen shots of the images which the go along with the chorus showing that she was a ‘good girl’ , with clips of her being happy . When it says ‘ the world just chewed her up and spat her out’ the word ‘her’ will show footage of the girl and then cut to the man/artists being referred to as the ‘world’ who actually ruined her life and she ended up dying, as she ended up getting ‘spat out’. This is the chorus And ooh la, she was such a good girl to me And ooh la, the world just chewed her up and spat her out And ooh la, she was such a good girl to me And ooh la, the world just chewed her up and spat her out
  • 3. Lyrics between Music and Visuals • The relation between the music and visuals is shown in the lead singers performance. The lead singer sings in time with the music but also plays the guitar in time with the music. No other musical instruments are used in the video , but the singer performance is matched with the visuals as shown in the images bellow.
  • 4. Genre Characteristics • The characteristics of the genre is clear that is a indie rock band. • Costumes: The costumes of the artist and characters in the music video are very unique and vintage. A style in which is associated with indie rock, they are wearing skinny jeans and leather jackets with long messy hair. These are characteristics which are associated with this genre. • Narrative: Another characteristic for indie rock genres. These music video tend to have a narrative about the band or about a story in which they are telling. • Instruments: The instruments is a key characteristics as that is what symbolizes the band , a indie rock band focus to sell their unique style of music in how well they perform together where as a boy band focus on just vocals and tend to not play instruments. • Effects: The effects indie rock genre use is to dull the music , they create a vintage feel to the video by playing around with the coloring. In this video they made it black and white.
  • 5. Narrative and Performance based • Like mentioned previously the music video is a mixture between Narrative and have performance based in-between. They tell a story through lyrics and visuals about a girl who got caught up in fame with a boy and ended up getting killed. The performer was previously a ex boyfriend or just a boy who liked her as he is singing about her , and he ends up going to visit her at her grave. The story is a emotional story attracting the attention of the audience through attracting the audience emotions and thoughts of the story.
  • 6. Star Image • This music video doesnt sell the image of all the band members. Only the lead singer. Through out the music video the lead singer is dominated mainly in close ups , trying to engage the more female audience through females finding him attractive , and then showing him in a long/wide shot when playing the guitar to ensure the music video shows the match between visuals and music but also his skill, which girls find attractive.
  • 7. Overall • Overall , The Kooks follow some concepts of Godwin's Theory which have been analyzed previously. The reason I choose this video , is that with indie rock bands, they sell their image through being ‘unique’ and ‘independent’ . To do this , they don’t have to follow all the stages of Godwin's theory but yet still brought out a successful music video which engages the audience/fans with the star image and story line.