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Digipak Analysis

  2. 2. Nirvana – Digi Paks • This is a digi pak of the band Nirvana. What I like about this digipak is the casing it comes in . The product is sold in a aluminum tin case with the digi pak inside. This make the digi pak appearance more special for the super fans to go out and buy. The digi pak , comes across as a collectable item for the fans to go out a buy. Furthermore , the alumunim case is unique and stands out from other digi paks, standing nirvana out from any other bands or digi paks.
  3. 3. Rhianna • Rhianna Digipak , is dominated with Rhianna herself. Following the connotations of the genre with many artist similar to her . The female artist dominates the album cover , and Rhianna shows this with her digi pak. This suggest that with this digi pak or artist , that Rhianna is the selling point , catching the eye of the audience with her beauty. • Furthermore , this digipak has a lot of the color red standing out for the audience , this signifies what the theme of the songs of her digi pak are about , suggest themes of ‘love’ and ‘hate’. And the love connects with the roses which are in the image of the digi pak. • In additon , the feel of the digi pak itself gives a calm impression , suggesting the tone and type of music the artisit is. The digi pak , communicates with the audience , about Rhianna and her music , if you didn’t know her.
  4. 4. Watch the Throne • Watch the Throne was a collaboration of a digi pak released by Jay z and Kanye West together. The first thing you notice are the two images of Jay z and Kanye, used for star appeal as they are both world wide known for the music they create. The Images are seperate as you need to remember that they are not a double act/band. They are two individual artists joint together specially to produce music. So they are on 2 separate pages for there fans. • The images also have been edited to make them look like ‘animals’ . Animals are a key feature to this album , in the music videos the animals shown are great white sharks , lions and tigers. Very aggressive animals , suggesting the type of rap they are producing in this digi pak. And the animals they trying to look like is ‘lions or tigers’ to make themselves look dominate artists and dominate or are the lions and tigers are know as the ‘king of the jungle’ Jay z and Kanye have made them look like these animals as they believe they are the king of the music industry or rap world. Furthermore , the animals are shown in their live performance. • There is a American flag which shows where the two artists are from and they patriotic for their country , and it has a connection to their music video ‘oitis’ which was one of the fans favorite songs when release. The lay out of the digi pak , is different from others. It is in a shape of a cross , and there is a angel on the bottom side of the digi pak. Which suggest they are religious and believe in their religion.
  5. 5. Kaiser Chiefs • Kaiser chief have shown they are a unique indie band by the packaging of the digi pak. Just like nirvana , they have made their digi pak like a box. The look/style of the box is old and vintage to suggest the style of the boys in the band. Indie is connected with vintage , so the appearance of the box links with the genre. The bright color yellow box , makes the font and name of the band and digi pak stand out for the audience. • This digi pak , is very very unique, which indie people do like. This digi pak comes with extras , for example , they have fake money , a instruction booklet and poster. These are special add ons , which the true super fans love and will keep as collectors items , giving this digi pak a special feel. • The money , is used as a theme of gabling , this is linked in with the design of the disk as its of a roulette wheel and one side of the poster is a game board. The gambling reflects the lifestyle possibly of the band , and their rebellious life style that many similar bands have.
  6. 6. Take That • Take that digipak is very focused on the band as a group through the art work . They are no Individuals and are shown as like a family type bond as the photos are all taken with them together. The digipak , is very artwork dominated , all the sides are of images, suggesting the band is the selling point. • Furthermore , the images seem very calm , like Rhiannas. This gives the audience a sense of a feel about the type of music take that produce and what the music is going to be about , which also links in with the title ‘beautiful world’. Through the images and name of the title and the feel the digipak gives off , it suggests It could be about love and what love brings.