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  1. 1. Drake
  2. 2. About Drake • Drake, the world's only black Jewish-Canadian rap star, was born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. Drake grew up with music in his blood. His father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer for legendary rock star Drake's parents divorced when he was 5 years old, and he was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, an affluent and predominantly Jewish Toronto neighborhood.
  3. 3. Started from the bottom…. Room For Improvement • Drake started his music career by releasing his first mix tape online in 2006 called ‘Room for improvement’. • In the mixtape it featured artist such as Trey Songz and Lupe Fiasco. • The mixtape achieved modest sales of around 6,000 copies sold. Comeback Season • This mixtape took drake into the light , by releasing his first music video and hit single ‘Replacement girl’ • 2008 – Lil Wayne got given Drake music from a Rap-A-Lot founder and called Drake to come to Houston to join his tour and then joint ‘Young Money ‘ Lil Waynes crew with artist such as niki minaj. So Far Gone • February 2008 drake released his third mix tape ‘So Far Gone’ • This mix tape was for free to download on his blog site. • The mix tape got over 2,000 downloads in the first 2 hours. • This mix tape reached and was played around the radio , giving Drake more recognition. • It went onto to being released as an EP • MTV named it the ‘Hottest mixtape of 2009’
  4. 4. Now we here… Signing with Young Money Entertainment… First Album - Thank Me Later • June 2010 – ‘Thank Me Later’ was released. • 447,000 copies was brought on the first week. • Reached number 1 in billboard charts. • He holds the record for the most records for any hip hop artist in a week. Second Album – ‘Take Care’ • From the success of his first album , Drake released a second album called ‘Take Care’ in 2011. • His album won the 2013 Grammy Award for best rap album, among several other honors.
  5. 5. Website
  6. 6. The tabs/links go down the side of the page Allowing the background image to catch The audiences eye. Drakes has a links To his social network Pages. Showing he Has a fan base and that His audience is more of A younger generation. The homepage is very simple and plain , but unique too. Most websites will have their name on the homepage However drake doesn’t. He just has a image of him , which can show that he doesn’t Need a name along his homepage as everyone knows him by His look. The background of Drake website Is his album artwork of his latest Album. This will help promote the Album for the public when they Visit the page. On Drakes homepage He has information on his Most successful album ‘take care’ The text talks about how Drakes album is a similar Meaning to Marvin gayes . This is to help promote His best album which won A Grammy.
  7. 7. These are the other pages on drakes homepage where you can buy products associated with Drake himself. The first link his the store , where the link takes you straight to his iTunes page Were fans can buy his music and albums. Its not complicated so it can be used for any age. However , drake has a link to his clothing store , which is definitely for a younger audience. Here drake sells his clothing range ‘OVO clothing’ which the super fans will buy as Drake designed it. You can tell its for the younger generation as the clothing he is selling Is hoodies tshirt ect and the design of the clothing is for a younger generation.
  8. 8. • These are other links on Drakes website. A link to his youtube page to watch music videos , a link to buy tickets for when he is touring and a link on his biography about him. Again its simple design , for example the biography is the same as the home page with just a text box about himself but the main focus is the same image of his new album cover just like the home page.
  9. 9. Album Artwork
  10. 10. • Drakes album artwork is dominated by images of himself. Each album that he has released has himself on the front cover. Showing that he is the main selling point .
  11. 11. Drakes Album Promotion • http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/drakenothing-was-the-same-promo-clipvideo.18375.html
  12. 12. Album Promotion • Drakes albums have been promoted using different techniques like shown in my previous slide. The print promotions are of the album cover itself , making the image stuck in the audiences mind. The posters and videos , also have the release date so the audience know when it is released. Furthermore , you can tell the album is for younger generation as it been advertised through social media sites and apps such as instagram. Drake used his instagram for photos to advertise his latest album.
  13. 13. Music Video – Drake ‘ Find your love’ • This music video is story told by drake about a girl who he liked but she was already owned by a man who is a leader of a gang in Africa. The girl plays around Drake and in result Drake feelings get stronger and wants to try and save her from this man , but she leads him on with him ending up in getting killed by the girl.
  14. 14. Music video – Camera Shots/Angles • There a loads of close ups and extreme close us used in this music video to show the dominance and power both men ( Drake and the girls owner) have or believe they have. • Drake believes he has power as he believes he can set the girl free and stronger than him. • However the owner , has power over the girl as he owns her like a slave, as part of his gang.
  15. 15. Music Video – Camera Shots/ Angles • The camera angles differ when Drake is shown with the girl. They both together on the beach or in bed or in the club. The wide shot shows the romance between them as they are a couple. Furthermore , on the beach the sun setting in the background gives off a romantic love atmosphere.
  16. 16. Music Video - The Lighting • The lighting in this video differs for each character. Drake is shown in brihgt light , suggesting he is kind and loving and in love towards the girl. • The man , who owns the girl, is shown in dark rooms with shaddows suggesting evil and nasty. • The girl who is playing drake about , is shown in mix , when she with drake drake is the light but there is still darkness in the shot as she creating trouble playing him around suggesting evil with in her but yet drake is in love which hints half the shot being in light.
  17. 17. Close up on the artist through out Godwin's Analysis The music and visuals – connected through edit cutting the beat and increase in pace as he starts to think about the memories when the girl going to kill him. Cinematic story line Lyrics go along with the visuals - Drake points to his heart when sings - The line ‘ I better find your heart’ about the girl he likes