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  • 1. Annotations Of
    Music Videos
    This presentation consists of 2 music video analysis / annotations. The music videos we chose to analyse are:
    • Look what the cat dragged in
    • 2. Don’t go there
  • Party
    • The party consists of a mixture of male and females. During this video when he is sitting down we see him surrounded mostly by girls while the guys are behind the girls. The party scene for this video compared to a hip hop or r&b video is different because of the way the females are portrayed. They are often portrayed as sex objects. This is by wearing underwear and at times they may wear nothing. But in this music video, Giggs shows us girls clothed moderately.
    • 3. Secondly the party scene makes use of the actors/actresses drinking what the audience assumes to be alcohol.
    Freestyle Dancing & choreographed dance
    Look What the Cat Dragged in
    This is common through most music videos of most genres. In this video guys dance individually. This shows they individual dancing skills such as brake dancing. On the other hand girls dance as a group. This is often what guys like to see.
    The choreographed dance consists of both genders in uniformed dance cloths.
    Expensive jewellery & empty car park
    Giggs and his target audience like big jewellery like the one on his neck as they believe it symbolises some level of wealth.
  • 4. Cars + Costume
    This is associated with wealth. Even though the audience do not see the brand name of the car, they can conclude this through the interior design of the car.
    The driver has been cloths specifically in big fur coat. The aim of this is to make him look like a pimp. This is also added by placing girls in all the passenger seats. This reminds me of an American artists - Fat Joe. In his video’s he is often seen wearing big fur coats surrounded by numbers of females.
    Look What the Cat Dragged in
    Low Angle shots
    This makes the artist seem tall and superior. Therefore it singles the artists out from the rest of the cast in the video.
    Dark Lighting
  • 5. Their Home Towns
    The video shows the home town where the artists comes from. So that the viewers can identify where it is, the name of the local car wash is shown
    Don’t Go There
    In most of his music video, Giggs is usually seen with a group of boys. They all dress similarly wearing branded trainers, tracksuit, hoodies (hooded up to hide their image from behind), hands in pocket. All of these are codes and conventions of people living in the ghetto
    With Friends
  • 6. The use of black and white effect makes the video look more grimy. It seems as if black and white effect is currently very popular in the music industry. Examples of artists that have created music video’s with black and white include Jay X, Beyonce, Alicia Keys. This link shows some examples
    Don’t Go There
    Black & White
    A quote from this website that I think is important is “...A simple way to make a music video look cooler than it is, is to have it in black and white...”
  • 7. Cars
    Close Ups
    Don’t Go There
    Like in the previous video, a flashy car is used
    Close up captions are used to show the accuracy of the rapping. It is also used to show facial expression.
    Handheld camera
    Hand-held camera is used so that the viewers can feel like they are in the same perspective to the person being show.