The Boggard


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a movie activity to promote talking about a scary situation

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The Boggard

  1. 1. Movie activity How much do remember of the scene? Take a movie quiz to find out!
  2. 2. 1. Inside the wardrobe there was a: a) boggard. b) werewolf. c) vampire. 2. They are intriguing creatures because they’re: a) shape shifters. b) blood fed. c) menace to mankind. 3. They are terrifying because they: a) take the shape of what the person hates the most. b) take the shape of what the person fears the most. 4. There is a charm to expel these creatures that is very: a) funny. b) simple. c) terrifying. 5. To repel the creature: a) incantation alone is enough. b) keep your nerve and say the incantation. 6. The first student says that what frightens him the most is: a) frightening snakes. b) professor Snape. c) boring classes. 7. The teacher tells Ron to: a) concentrate and face his fear. b) get really frightened. c) scream at the top of his lungs.
  3. 3. Take a look at the description of the scene. There are four mistakes. Can you find them?
  4. 4. At first, the students look a little apprehensive because they know there is something scary in the drawer. After discussing what a boggard is, the teacher explain how to cast a spell to repel one and demonstrates it with Neville. The teacher asks the students to stand in line; now the students are terrified; they know they are about to face what they fear the most. Even the teacher himself is scared. The fourth student in line is Harry Potter; the boggard takes the shape of a terrifying spider, but Harry makes it go away by laughing at it. The third student is a girl; the boggard becomes a snake.
  5. 5. Analysis Copy the table and complete it with four sentences from the quiz and the description. Sentences with adjectives ending in ‐ed Sentences with adjectives ending in ‐ing 1‐ 1‐ 2‐ 2‐ 3‐ 3‐ 4‐ 4‐ What is the difference?
  6. 6. Think of a frightening, scary, embarrassing situation that has happened to you or that you have heard of. You are going to tell your partner about it. Choose from the list the things you want to talk about. Think about what you’ll say and what language you’ll need. What happened. What the weather was like. Who was with you. What you were wearing. Where it happened. If you had been in a situation like this before. What the occasion was. Any consequences it brought to you. How you reacted. Any consequences it brought to the other  people involved. How the people with you reacted. How the day ended. If you knew the people involved. Choose the most interesting story in your group and tell your teacher and the rest of the class.