Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10
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Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10



Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10

Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10



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Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10 Russian federation.сулейманов д.и. уб09 10 Presentation Transcript

  • Russian Federation Российская Федерация
  • Russia – country of regions
  • Crossroads of Religions and CivilizationsIvolginsk, Buryatia Novgorod Kazan’, Tatarstan
  • Largest* Country in the world• 7th Most Populated Country (142.7 mln)• 10th World Economy** (1.57 bn)• Mt. Elbrus – highest peak in Europe• River Volga – longest river in Europe …* - by territory**- by GDP (PPP) in 2006
  • Statistic information• Capital - Moscow• Official language - Russian• Currency - Ruble• Population density - 8.4 persons per sq km 22 persons per sq mi (2005 estimate)• Urban population distribution - 73 percent (2003 estimate)• Rural population distribution - 27 percent (2003 estimate)• Chief religious affiliations - Orthodox (Russian) Christian, 52 percent Muslim, 8 percent Atheist, 5 percent
  • …Not quite European…• 77% of territory of Russia basically is in Asia• Almost all oil and gas deposits are in Siberia• Most of the investment in next 20 years will be made in Siberia and Far East …But not Asian as well…• 73% of Population lives in Europe.• More 80% are Christians• Russian language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages• European Union – main trade partner (45%)
  • Government of RussiaForm of governmentFederal republicHead of statePresidentHead of governmentPrime ministerLegislatureBicameral legislature (Federal Acting Russian president Assembly): Dmitry Medvedev Council of the Federation, 178 members State Duma, 450 membersVoting qualificationsUniversal at age 18Constitution12 December 1993Highest court Acting Prime minister,Constitutional Court Vladimir Putin
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Nation’s trade
  • Educational InstitutionsSiberian Federal University Moscow state university Ural state university Tomsk state
  • Olympic champions Olga Pileva(Medvedceva) Yelena IsinbayevaBuvaisar Saitiev Evgeni Plushenko
  • Winter pastime winter swimmerssnowball fight Rolling on sleigh Rolling from hill
  • Diverse Russia – Kamchatka Volcano Geyser
  • Diverse Russia – Siberia Forest Lake BaikalLake Baikal
  • Diverse Russia – Central part
  • Diverse Russia – Kavkaz Mountains Fortress Derbent
  • Diverse RussiaPlateau G’uzeripl’ – West Caucasia
  • DiverseDiverse Russia region Russia – MoscowMoscow region – near river Oka
  • Krasnoyarsk MY NATIVE TOWN
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Fountains in Krasnoyarsk
  • Sights of Krasnoyarsk
  • National Nature Reserve Stolby 1-st stolb Height: 80m Perimeter:640m
  • National Nature Reserve Stolby Mountain “Ded”.(like Grandfather) Sight from this mountain
  • National Nature Reserve Stolby Mountains “Peria” (like Feders).
  • THE END• Thank for your attention!!!