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Expanding the "Right to Life" concept to cover life extension and cryonics

Expanding the "Right to Life" concept to cover life extension and cryonics



Legalization of cryonics:

Legalization of cryonics:
- creating an HRO to protect the rights of cryonicists
- clarifying the right to life as a positive right
- expanding the right to the extension of life



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    Expanding the "Right to Life" concept to cover life extension and cryonics Expanding the "Right to Life" concept to cover life extension and cryonics Presentation Transcript

    • Expanding the “right to life” concept to cover life preservation and life extension specifically
      Danila Medvedev, KrioRus, Russia
    • First a Present for You
      Thank you for coming! I have a gift for you. It’s a book:
      Medical-Legal Aspects of Cryonics, G. P. Smith (1983)
    • Part I
    • I Want to Say That
      Cryonics can be legalized.
      We should begin by defending our rights to practice it. This may eventually lead to recognition of the right to extend life.
    • Status Quo
      Cryonics is de facto legal
      Legally it’s not cryonics
      whole body donation, funeral, embalmment, etc.
      Cryonics is not protected
    • What We Want
      Cryonics is de jure legal
      Protection for cryonics…
    • The Approach
      Hijack “Right-to-life” term
      is important
      is undefined
      means bad things right now
    • Right-to-life
      Everyone has it.
      But what is it?
      It’s a hugely complex legal and philosophical question.
      As immortalists we are in the unique position to answer it!
    • The Idea is to Raise
      Hell… defend our rights!
      Awareness… what the heck is “right to life” after all?
      The Issue… cryonics should be legally protected!
      The dead (TBD)
    • Part II
      Human Rights Org
    • Framework
      HRO: International Human Rights Organization for Life Extension
      Scientific Council
      Lobbying Group
      Radical (militant) Front
    • This Is How We Begin
      An office in Moscow (a backup office in the EU)
      A website for the HRO
      Open a Life Extension Hotline: +7 800 LIV-MORE
    • +7 800 LIV-MORE
      Protect the rights now!
      But how? (Defense mechanism)
      For example?
      Euro cases
      Air transport
      Fast [legal] access
    • Defense Mechanism
      Legal advice (24/7)
      Direct action – get people to protest
      Media – do not just tell about cryonics, tell our story
      Other PR
    • Potential Projects
      Euro cases (Germany, etc.)
      Normative acts in Latvia
      Cryogenic air transport
      Demand fast [legal] access
    • How you can help
      We need:
      International partners
      Office in the EU (Brussels, Hague, Strasburg, Geneva)
      Legal assistance
    • Part III
      Right to Extend Life
    • Up the Ante (concept)
      2010: A Conference. A Declaration.
      Talk about the missing definition for “right to life”
      UN, EU, Russia, media, experts.
    • Get on the Agenda
      Right to extend life must be gotten on the agenda.
      Our framework:
      problem + policy + politics
    • The Problem Stream
      Life extension gets more attention every day.
      PR can focus that attention on the right-to-life issue.
    • The Policy Stream
      We can start locally
      Sanitary regulations in Latvia
      Cryotransportation norms
      Cryonics industry best practices
      Extension to funeral laws
      A separate law on cryonics somewhere
      International laws on cryonics and life extension
    • The Politics Stream
      Let’s hope some politicians will “get it”. Nazarbaev?
      Co-operation with pressure groups can help. We need legitimization* for that.
    • *Legitimization
      Partners and stakeholders
      Insurance, bank, cryobank
      Integrated RecoverySM
    • What We Expect
      Life Extension is not just right.
      It’s a right.
      See the 1st Amendment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • Part IV
    • Summary
      We start an NGO, it opens a LE hotline and protects the rights of cryonicists
      We try to clarify the “right to life”
      We get right to extend life on the global agenda
      We work to get support for it
    • Conclusion
      There is a feasible strategy to legalize cryonics starting with human rights defense and ending with legal recognition of the right to extend life.
    • Next Actions
      If you can help with the office/advice/involvement, email kriorus@gmail.com
      Financial assistance for the initiative is welcome
      Stand up for your rights!