Assignment 1 part 2


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Assignment 1 part 2

  1. 1. FIGURE OUT English 2 (ENGL 0205) Assignment 1 Part 2Compare & Contrast Essay Daniel Yap Chung Kiat (0309100) Lee Chee Ming (0308958)
  2. 2. The Figure Out was an art exhibition which located at Suria KLCC, PetronasTowers, showed 65 figurative artworks from some of the most established and renownedMalaysians artist curate by Professor Dr Zakaria Ali, a man of arts himself. There werefew art pieces attracted our attention. Yet, we had chosen two art pieces to compare andcontrast. Two of the art pieces which attracted us were “Hujan di Jalan Pahang, KualaLumpur” by artist Raja Azhar Idris and “Sam Pek Eng Tai” by artist Datuk Mohd NorKhalid. It was drawn by artist Raja Azhar Idris. Raja Azhar is a full time professionalartist and creative director of his own gallery, graduated with a degree in fine arts fromthe prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. He had receivednumber awards such as St Kilda Art Prize, Lord Mayor of Melbourne and The Victorianartist society of the year award between years 1980 to 1981. “Sam Pek Eng Tai” is an artpiece produced by Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, who also known as Lat. He was born in 5March 1951. He works as a Malaysian cartoonist. He had published more than twentyvolumes of cartoons since he was thirteen years old. Among all of the cartoons heproduced, the best known work is The Kampung Boy (1979). His works mostly illustrateMalaysia’s social and political scenes. In the year 1994, he was honored with the titleDatuk. He won the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2002. The “Hujan in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur” was drawn by Raja Azhar Idris. Theartwork shows the outside view of a car by a driver or passenger during the raining day.He had used his painting technique to show the realistic raining scenery viewing from acar by applying the blur effects. The artwork shows the incident of traffic jam during theraining day and many vehicles were stuck in the traffic jam. It shows that there were fewcars, motorcycles, bus and lorries in front of the artist’s car. Every driver and
  3. 3. motorcyclist drove carefully because the road was full of water and to prevent them fromaccident. There was a motorcycle beside the artist’s car and the passenger behind huggedthe rider to prevent any accident. The artist mostly used the brighter color to contrast thebuilding, vehicles and the weather around. He used the darker color to show the shopsslot beside the road and also the motorcycle that was near to the artist’s car whereasbrighter color to show the other vehicles that had some distance apart in front of the artistcar during the raining day. The artist also used the brighter color to show that some partof the road was covered by rainwater. Yet, we still can easily differentiate the water onthe floor and the shadow of those vehicles due to the applied technique of color. “Sam Pek Eng Tai” presents about a Chinese Bangsawan Play of the twentiethcentury. The play was about a beautiful but sorrowful love story between a pair ofChinese couple in China. Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid had presented the love story in thestyle of comic strips. He divided the paper into half to obtain enough space for the lovestory. The story runs from the left side of the paper to the right side of the paper. Thereare eleven scenes in the art piece. The starting of the comic strip showed a beautiful girlwho named Eng Tai was dressing up in a male costume to disguise as a young man.When she was studied at the school, she met a boy who named Sam Pek in the school.They often played together and soon, they became good friend. They stayed together in aroom. One day, Sam Pek suddenly discovered Eng Tai’s identity as a girl. Since theyalready had a good feeling towards each other earlier, they fell in love. One day, EngTai’s parents suddenly summoned Eng Tai to return. They ordered Eng Tai to marry to abusinessman who came from Shanghai. Eng Tai refused to take the order. She was lockedup by her parents. When Sam Pek heard the news of Eng Tai was going to marry to other
  4. 4. people, he was very sad and fell sick soon. The sorrowful emotion had led Sam Pek todeath. Eng Tai received the news of Sam Pek’s death. She pleased her parents to let hervisited Sam Pek’s graveyard. She was very sad so she ended herself up by knocking herhead to the grave. The scene of the play of this story is shown in the ending of the comicstrips. The “Hujan di Jalan Pahang” is drawn by using oil painting on the canvas. It isdrawn on year 1994. The drawing is based on scene that during the raining day andeveryone is stuck in traffic jam in their daily life. The artist fully used the space on thecanvas such as the road is cover by rainwater and vehicles’ shadows. The texture of thedrawing is a bit rough because it drawn on canvas. The artist uses the depth of color tocontrast the building, vehicles and surrounding environment. For example, the artist usesbrighter silver and white color to show that the weather is raining and the view in front isgetting blur because of the heavy rain. He also uses the darker color to show the hop slotclearly beside the road. From the drawing we can knows that the vehicles is movingslowly because of traffic jam and prevent themselves from involve in accident. Thedrawing in the sense is imbalance because the objects drawn mostly focused on the leftside of the drawing and the color used are deeper. Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid had used the ink on paper as the media of this art piece,“Sam Pek Eng Tai”. This art piece was produced in the year 2003. As common, he hadpresented the characters, the background and the action in cartoon style. The proportionof the art piece is irregular. The left side of the paper was divided into four to show theflow of the story but the right side of the paper is divided into seven, which six smallspaces on top and a big space at the bottom of the paper. The lines drawn in the art piece
  5. 5. were not perfectly straight to show the characteristics of the cartoons. Besides that, DatukMohd Nor Khalid also applied the depth of the color to show the shadow of the peopleand the object when light was directed in the comic strips. This art piece was seen to berough in texture because of the characters and the incidents presented in the art piecealthough it is just smooth in surface physically. The art piece was not totally balance inthe sense of the composition of the comic strips. Besides, Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid hadapplied the color black and white in the comic strips. In a conclusion, during this gallery visiting, we have learnt more about the artpieces in the galleries, the artists and the elements and principles of design. We noticedthat although the art pieces were the initial ideas of the artists, the processes of the artpieces are based on the elements and principles of design. Different art pieces containdifferent design elements and principles. We should appreciate the art pieces produced bythe artist because they are the handworks of the artists.
  6. 6. Reference: 1. petronas-drawing-inspiration-and-patriotism-as-expected/ 2. 3. m
  7. 7. “Hujan di Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur” by artist Raja Azhar Idris“Sam Pek Eng Tai” by artist Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid