Making Social Media Work
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Making Social Media Work

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A presentation given to the Main Street Maryland organizations.

A presentation given to the Main Street Maryland organizations.

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  • 1. Making Social Media Work
    Presented by:
    Daniel Waldman
    Tracy Gosson
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. What Is Social Media
    Online media designed for social interaction
    Two-way communication
    Sometimes crowdsourced
  • 4. Social Media vs Social Networking
    Social media = content
    Social networking = the network through which content is published and shared
  • 5.
  • 6.
    • Facebook: 600 million
    • 7. If Facebook were a country, it’d be the 3rd largest in the world.
    • 8. 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    • 9. 700 billion minutes/month on Facebook
    • 10. Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
    • 11. Twitter: 190 million
    • 12. 95 million tweets/day
    • 13. LinkedIn: 75 million
    • 14. Executives from ALL Fortune 500 companies
    • 15. YouTube: 2 billion views/day
    • 16. 24 hours of video uploaded every minute
    • 17. Avg. user spends 15 minutes/day
    • 18. Blogs: 133+ million
  • vs.
  • 19. Why does this matter?
    Happy Customers Tell 3 Friends,
    Unhappy Customers Tell Google
  • 20. Trends: Mobile
  • 21. Trends: Mobile
    Networks are available anywhere any time
    Makes everything more instantaneous
    Makes sharing information faster & easier
    We are always connected
    Thoughts, images and videos can be shared in REAL TIME
  • 22. Trends: Social Shopping
    Combines social networking with shopping!
    Offers group deals, group coupons, product reviews and discussions, recommendations
  • 23. Trends: The “Check In”
    Social sites that allow a person to “check in” & often coupled with special deals.
    Location Based Services
    TV, Movies, Books and more!
  • 24. Trends: Live Streaming
  • 25. 5 Steps for Using Social Media
    Plot strategy
    Execute strategy
    Manage resources
    Measure results
  • 26. Plot Strategy
  • 27. Execute Strategy
  • 28. Manage Resources
    Have a champion, empower that person
    Choose your channels wisely
    Do what you can, then build on it
    Look for efficiencies
    Set a policy
    Experiment and evaluate
  • 29. Measurement
    There are hundreds of ways to measure. Here are ten:
    Volume of Re-Tweets (Twitter)
    Volume of shares (Facebook)
    Volume of social mentions
    Growth in followers/friends
    Growth in interactions
    Number of conversations sparked
    Depth of conversations sparked
    Growth in website traffic
    Impact on real-world events
    For a list of 100 ways to measure social media, visit:
  • 30. Measurement
  • 31. Measurement: Analytics
  • 32. Facebook Tips: Complete your “Info” Tab
  • 33. Facebook Tips: Custom URL
    • Must have 25 fans
    • 34. Go to and choose the page in the dropdown menu.
    • 35. Enter a username (this doesn’t change your own login).
  • Facebook Tips: Create a Custom Landing Page
  • 36.
  • 37. Facebook Tips: Provide Interesting Content
    Create a poll
    Post pictures of events
    Import content from your blog
    Import content from YouTube
    Ask questions
    Promote others (businesses in your area, events, people in your community)
  • 38. Twitter
  • 39.
  • 40. Twitter Tips
    Determine who your audience is and follow them
    Search for relevant keywords to find conversations & people to follow
    Keep your followers organized with lists
    Don’t read every tweet; don’t expect everyone to read all of your tweets
    Don’t tweet selfishly—post things that are interesting to your audience
    Ask & answer questions
  • 41. Publishing Platforms:Wordpress
  • 42. Publishing Platforms: Tumbler
  • 43. Publishing Platforms: YouTube
  • 44. Publishing Platforms: YouTube
  • 45. Location Based Services: Foursquare
  • 46. Social Shopping: GroupOn
  • 47. Social Shopping: Living Social
  • 48. Livestreaming
  • 49. Social Media Clients & Resources
    Hootsuite (
    Co-Tweet (
    Seesmic (
    Tweetdeck (
    Other resources
  • 50. Closing thoughts
    Great planning gets great results
    Become the expert or hire one
    Constantly evaluate and retool strategy
    Stay up on trends / build your network
    Invest in what works
    Don’t overestimate the reach of your communications
    Take time to think BIG but pay attention to the SMALL things