Unc318 microsoft communications server “14” lync 2010 what's new in conferencing experience and backend


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Lync 2010

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Unc318 microsoft communications server “14” lync 2010 what's new in conferencing experience and backend

  1. 1. Roadmap for Conferencing Design Tenets and Scenarios Web Conferencing Experience and Demo Web Conferencing Drilldown Audio Conferencing Experience and Demo Audio Conferencing Drilldown
  2. 2. Office Communications Microsoft Communications Server 2007 R2 / “13” Server “14” • Communicator • Communicator • Audio Conferencing • Richer Audio Conferencing • Desktop Sharing • Desktop & Application Sharing • Live Meeting • PowerPoint Presentations • Audio conferencing • Whiteboard • Desktop & Application Sharing • Polling • PowerPoint Presentations • Live Meeting • Whiteboard • Available during migration to “14” • Polling, Q&A, etc. • Use for very large meetings
  3. 3. SIMPLE “It just makes sense” • One click scheduling • One click join from meeting reminder or invite • Two click sharing RELIABLE “It works all the time” • Strong investments in reliability for voice, video, data • Improved notifications – voice quality warnings, lobby • Greatly improved diagnostics for admins ESSENTIAL “It increases my productivity.” • Collaboration is a natural extension of Voice and IM • Valuable tools that make online meetings critical • Browser based client allows cross platform collaboration
  4. 4. Rich conference calls Work with people anywhere Effective Team Meetings Professional Presentations
  5. 5. Consider Voice and Web Conferencing scale as part of front end planning Plan Server Roles & Capacity 250 active desktop/application sharing users (5 per conference) per machine Plan/improve network capacity based on Voice/Video/Desktop Sharing usage Consider Network usage Plan in-band settings to enable/disable features based on needs, network capacity Plan client features Edge server required for outside (authenticated and anonymous) users Roll out Cumulative Updates Apply CUs to W13 Front Ends, Communicator and Live Meeting to current desktops Deploy Servers Step-wise migration from previous server version to CS “14” Users continue with current clients until ready for next step Migrate Users Can migrate previous content using resource kit tools Deploy clients Push clients, or use version check and allow users to download (on-prem or WU)
  6. 6. Ideal for Large enterprise Data center deployment Scalability Browser Up to 80,000 users W14 Front End Reverse Proxy 250 user large conferences Servers Conferencing functionalities W14 BackEnd Audio/Video Conference Office Servers Communicator Web Conference (slide sharing, W14 A/V application sharing, whiteboard, etc.) W14 Edge Conferncing Servers PSTN dial-in (requires mediation server and PSTN gateway) Outside DMZ Data Center/Internal Network Group IM Corporation CWA Inside Corporation
  7. 7. Ideal for Medium size business Regional Deployment Scalability Browser Up to 10,000 users Reverse Proxy 250 user large conferences W14 Front End W14 BackEnd Office Servers Servers Communicator W14 Edge Outside DMZ Data Center/Internal Network Corporation Inside Corporation
  8. 8. Ideal for Proof of concept Large branch office Scalability Browser Up to 5,000 users Reverse Proxy 250 user large conferences W14 SE Server Office Communicator W14 Edge Outside DMZ Data Center/Internal Network Corporation Inside Corporation
  9. 9. Front End Server Audio Video Conferencing Server Focus Web Components (IIS) AV MCU Focus Factory Join Launcher IM Conferencing MCU Reach Server Backend SQL DB Server Web Conferencing MCU Conferencing Database App Sharing Conferencing MCU Machine Boundary Process Boundary Web Application Audio Conferencing
  10. 10. SQL Backend SQL 2 4 5 Conferencing App Sharing SQL C3P/HTTP Server Factory Conf MCU C3P/HTTP IM Conf MCU Focus Factory Focus 6 Web Conf MCU CCCP/SIP CCCP/SIP 1 3 AV Conf MCU (S)RTP PSOM Scheduling Client Communicator Client SIMPLE/SIP 7 RDP/RTP
  11. 11. Pre-requisites for Users migrated to W14 Users get new migration pool Communicator •Apply necessary Cumulative •Move users to W14 Pool •New clients: Update (CUs) •Users have either W12 or •Users start migrating to •Latest CU for Outlook Add- W13 clients use W14 clients and In and Live Meeting to all •No CVC check admins support them users •Communicator Attendee •MVMPOP •Latest CU for W12 and and Web App •W12 and W13 clients still W13 •Training/support when supported •Latest CU applied to all first pool rolls out •CVC check to force upgrades W13 frontend servers •Web Access Server W13 •Leave as-is for web based IM/P support
  12. 12. Users migrated to CS Users get new Live Meeting W14 pool Communicator client • User has W13 addin • Existing meetings on • Works as expected only calendar continue to • Conferences and work Meetings scheduled • User now has both with W13 addin W13 and W14 addins continue as normal installed, but sees only W14 addin • New meetings use W14 HTTPS links • Can’t schedule new on-prem Live Meetings
  13. 13. Users migrated to W14 pool Users get new Communicator client • Migrated meetings continue to behave • New meetings: like W13 meetings: • Everyone joins with HTTPS link • No Lobby • The Launch page: • Federated users • Launches Communicator “14”, or • Existing access numbers and Communicator Attendee “14” if conference IDs migrate and work as installed expected • Otherwise, auto-join using Communicator Web App • Admin setting to allow CONF: join with previous client versions • Access numbers: • Anyone can call any access number to join any meeting • Users get a new conference ID
  14. 14. 85% <10% <5% • Reservationless calling • Operator assisted • Managed event, external • 25 or fewer participants • Roll call, polling • Transcription, high touch, • One-off or Weekly staff, ½ - 2 hrs, usually with • 25-100 participants large audiences Web attached, intl. participation by company Biweekly/monthly with • 100+ participants, Web attached Quarterly, Web attached Our target Stay on ACPs • Features needed for small/med.meetings • Simple and reliable join • Best in class UX on both the PSTN and soft client side
  15. 15. Provide all the features needed to handle small/mid-size meetings • DTMF controls • Entry/exit announcements Make join simpler and more reliable • Lobby support for restricted meetings • Name recording for unauthenticated users • PIN improvements: default no expiration, e-mail notification, increased visibility Provide a best in class UX on both the PSTN and soft client side • Control entry/exit announcements at schedule time and during conference • Recording of reservationless meetings
  16. 16. Client Join Client Join Client Join PSTN Join PSTN Join Company Federated Anonymous Anonymous Company (authenticated) Invited Not Invited Invited Not Invited Everyone IN IN IN IN IN, once IN IN meeting type one company user joined Company IN IN Lobby Lobby IN, unless IN IN meeting type. bypass is off Default. Invited only IN Lobby Lobby Lobby IN, unless IN IN, unless meeting type bypass is off bypass is off Locked Lobby unless Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby unless Lobby meeting type organizer organizer
  17. 17. Front End Server Audio Video Conferencing Server Focus Web Components (IIS) AV MCU Focus Factory Join Launcher IM Conferencing Server Reach Server Backend SQL DB Server Web Conferencing Server Dial-in Conferencing Page Conferencing Database App Sharing Conferencing Server Conference Auto Attendant Conference Announcement Service Personal Virtual Assistant Group Virtual Assistant Machine Boundary Process Boundary Web Application Audio Conferencing
  18. 18. C3P/SIP PVA/GVA 5 SQL Backend SQL Conferencing C3P/SIP SQL Server Factory CAA C3P/ HTTP 2 CAS Focus Factory Focus C3P/SIP 3 4 C3P/SIP C3P/SIP AV Conf Server 1 (S)RTP Scheduling Via PBX/GW Mediation PSTN phone Client Server SIP
  19. 19. +1 206 … Your Conference Conference Announcement Service +1 425 ... English Group Virtual Assistant Personal Virtual Assistant Conference Attendant Personal Virtual Assistant +33 791 ... French Group Virtual Assistant Personal Virtual Assistant
  20. 20. Plan Numbers and Capacity •Add DID numbers and PSTN trunk capacity Configure Dial Plans •Configure dial-in conferencing regions Deploy Gateways •PSTN gateways or configure SIP trunking •Globally or per site* Configure access numbers •Order of access numbers per conference region (PowerScript cmdlet only)* Configure DTMF commands* •Globally or per site Configure PIN security settings •Complexity, expiration, etc. •Populate correct phone numbers for users (msRTCSIP-Line property) Enable users for PSTN dial-in •Generate PIN and send welcome email via script * New in CS 14
  21. 21. Problem: All Conference Attendant (CA) access numbers globally available User can call 2007R2 CA trying to join a conference hosted on W14 pool. OCS 2007R2 CA cannot handle lobby (disconnects call) Solution: “Inter-pool transfer” transfers the call to W14 CA after conference ID has been entered, preserving language selection On OCS 2007 R2 front-ends, requires cumulative update #5 or higher CA will only accept transfers from another CA, will only transfer if meeting homed in W14 pool Call picked up by Conference homed in other 2007R2 pool Conference homed in other W14 pool OCS 2007 R2 CA No transfer Transfer W14 CA No transfer Transfer
  22. 22. Getting to coexistence Coexisting phase: Decommissioning state months or years W13 pools • Deploy latest CU to all OCS • W13 access numbers • Migrate COs so that 2007R2 FEs still around they point to a W14 • Move data from OCS • W14 access numbers pool instead of the 2007R2 WMI to W14 starting to be added W13 pool, using SQUID using PowerShell • Any user can call any PowerShell cmdlets cmdlets access number to join • Meeting invites • Move users to W14 pool any meeting that still have W13 (their meetings are (interpool transfer) access numbers will automatically migrated • Some meetings have now be handled by also) old invites with W13 CAA14 access numbers • Decommission W13 • New meetings have pool W14 access numbers
  23. 23. RGS / CPS CAA CAS RGS / CPS CAA CAS AS AS Front End Front End Pool (up to 10 FEs) Back end
  24. 24. session UNC316, today, this room, 1:30pm
  25. 25. Monday 4:30PM UNC320 CS “14”: What's New in Communicator “14” Experience & Backend Amit Gupta 9:45AM UNC311 CS “14”: Architecture Mahendra Sekaran 1:30PM UNC313 CS “14”: Voice Architecture and Planning for High Availability Jamie Stark Tuesday 3:15PM UNC312 CS “14”: Network Considerations Neil Deason 5:00PM UNC314 CS “14”: Voice Deployment Jamie Stark 8:00AM UNC318 CS “14”: What's New in Conferencing Experience & Backend Cameron & Tim 9:45AM UNC317 CS “14”: Management Experience Anand & Cezar Wednesday 11:45AM UNC321 CS “14”: Interoperability: Voice, Video, Conferencing, IM, & Presence Francois Doremieux 1:30PM UNC316 CS “14”: Monitoring and Reporting Jared & Arish 5:00PM UNC315 CS “14”: Setup and Deployment Peter Schmatz Thursday 9:45AM UNC208 CS “14”: What's New in Devices Avi & Sachin
  26. 26. TechEd Online microsoft.com/communicationsserver Technical Library NextHop DrRez on Twitter Communications Server Exchange Server Partner Link Customer Link Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta download
  27. 27. www.microsoft.com/teched www.microsoft.com/learning http://microsoft.com/technet http://microsoft.com/msdn
  28. 28. Sign up for Tech·Ed 2011 and save $500 starting June 8 – June 31st http://northamerica.msteched.com/registration You can also register at the North America 2011 kiosk located at registration Join us in Atlanta next year