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KBB Social Media


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Presentation from KBB exhibition February 2012

Presentation from KBB exhibition February 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social MediaPresented byDaniel Rowles
  • 2. Who Am I? Econsultancy Trainer and Consultant Trainer/Consultant for IAB and CIM 14 Years experience in digital marketing Both client and agency side Clients like Vodafone, BBC, MasterCard, Boots, DuPont, Warner Bros, Lego, Tesco, John Lewis
  • 3. Domestics 1 Hour • Social Media in Perspective • Risks and Opportunities • Social Media Up Close •Facebook •Twitter •Blogs • Social Media Monitoring Handouts Questions
  • 4. Show of Hands? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google+? Pinterest?
  • 5. Digital Marketing in Perspective8 years of video are uploaded to YouTube every day ?Average view time of a YouTube video is 2.5 seconds ?The average Facebook user creates 90 pieces of content ?each monthUsers are joining LinkedIn at the rate of 100 per minute ? ?92% of US children have some sort of web presence bythe time they are 2 years oldAll Stats from
  • 6.
  • 7. Growth of Audience No. of Followers (Thousands) When problem occurred8 Days
  • 8. Impact of Search
  • 9. Multi tasking• Laptop, Netbook, TV, Smartphone, iPad... All at once
  • 10. What is Social Media?Social media and Web 2.0 have created a lot of buzz….Social media describes the online technologies and practices thatpeople use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences,perspectives, and media themselvesSource - WikipediaSocial networks , Social bookmarking, User Generated Content,Wiki’s, Blogs,etcNot a new technologyAbility and reason to engageContent is key
  • 11. Source : 2011
  • 12. Introducing ZMOT – The Traditional Moments OfTruth
  • 13. Social Proof
  • 14. What’s your objective? 21,335
  • 15. EdgeRank
  • 16. Great web content examples Repeat and engaged audience is the
  • 17. Social media up close andpersonal
  • 18. Blogging
  • 19. BlogsMajor influence on SearchEnginesAttract very high trafficBloggers key : Blogs and Feeds
  • 20. Wordpress Highly flexible Hosted or custom build Plug-ins Templates Wordpress.org
  • 21. To blog or not to blogTransparency is keyContent is KingRemember personal toneBuild personality brand
  • 22. Social
  • 23. Why social networks?Users of social networking sites are becoming imperviousto traditional ads and turning instead to their friends andcolleagues for information and product recommendationsFacebook became most used website worldwide overtakingGoogle
  • 24. Business objectivesGet found by people who are searching foryour products or servicesConnect and engage with current and potentialcustomersCreate a community around your businessPromote other content you create, includingwebinars, blog articles, or other resources
  • 25. Pages vs. GroupsGroups limit of 5000 “fans”Reflect on you individually – listed as AdminCan’t have Facebook AppsCan send messages rather than updates
  • 26. Facebook pages
  • 27. Vanity URL’s least 25 fans (likes)
  • 28. Act As Your Page
  • 29. Facebook Advertising
  • 30. Design your adTitle related to targetingDon’t’ try and sell!
  • 31. Set up targetingBe specificKeyword targetTest, test, test
  • 32. Targeting
  • 33. Instant Personalisation
  • 34. Google +
  • 35.
  • 36. TwitterGreat for driving trafficLinks from Twitter are NoFollowNot building link equity?Social Signals
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39. Considering Objectives
  • 40.